Nexus 5

The link is dead(ish) now, but there it is, folks. The Nexus 5, for $349.

The tag line, as you can see, reads:

"Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $349."

That's a pretty good sign that we'll see more than one SKU (aka retail version), meaning we'll (obviously) see more than one storage size. The defunct link took us to a 16-gigabyte version, so that's a pretty good starting point. The URL also points to a "black" version — a pretty good indication we might see other colors as well. Figure white, of course.

Thanks, @BWFfeldy!

Nexus 5 on Google Play


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Nexus 5 makes a brief appearance on Google Play, listed at $349



(Don't mind me just piggy backing so people can see my comment) any offers on one of my kidneys? I need this in my life!!!

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That's why it's so awesome of him to offer his kidney to someone in need, plus he get's a Nexus 5 out of the deal!

I mean, I'd rather just pay the $350 for it, but if this dude is willing to donate a kidney, he's going above and beyond!

(No, you should not read this comment with 100% seriousness)

I like it, especially the non-glass back. I love the Nexus 4, but that glass back scares me into using a case, which I generally don't like since they add bulk to the already large size of phones today.

Check out dbrand skins for the back. No case needed and protects the back great. I use it combined with the bumper case.

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The BodyGuardz carbon fiber skins are also great. I have one on my Playbook, and it's saved it a whole lotta gouges in the soft-touch back.

Beautiful and very smart phone but reasonable price but unfortunately, this device will cost at least over $500 in my country. The Nexus 4 now costs around $430 per unit, much higher than Lumia 920 and S3

Where are those fools who were so convinced it would be called the Nexus 4 2013?! Probably hanging out with the people expecting 3000mah and Verizon support?

The requested URL /UQYHZcpsmxgsyRFcvfcsX2x_xo1r-4lnFcBlU0L7j7vnw-Rp15f7hgJfZ6q6CqVV8cA=w2000 was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Pretty sure someone just got fired lol. But then again they weren't doing a very good job controlling the leaks in the first place

Controlled leaks. Its all a publicity stunt designed to build hype and steal thunder from [insert anything that possibly has some thunder to steal].

The price is sure right.
Wish the memory was bigger, 16 is kind of hard to live in, unless you really like the cloud.

Seems more than enough for me, if you do the occasional back up, you should be good

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It can be, depends on what you do on your phone. I like sync Spotify songs on my phone because I get spoty service when I drive. Spotify songs ONLY store to the internal storage and not on SD. So, only have 16 gigs of space (which is what I have in my S4) isn't enough to store more than 3 or 4 gigs of music.

16GB isn't even close enough for me. I had a 2012 16GB Nexus 7 and upgraded to the 32... It's enough if I really watch my space. But then again, why should I have to watch my space that closely? I mean sure, if I were to leave a dozen movies on there, I could see someone criticizing me for it, but just normal usage means that I can barely have a few movies on there.

Get another device? Use OTG storage?

Only reason I may buy the 32GB is for resale. I have a ton of content in the cloud, never have a problem getting it since I anticipate being off of the grid, I have plenty on my device to last a few days anyway (music/games/movies), keep one nandroid backup of my rom/data, annnnd I have 6GB to spare on a 16GB N4. There's plenty of devices that cater to the minority of people who feel the need to have 64+GB of their content on them at all time. Even GE devices...

N5 = SEX! Nerding out here!

I've never had a big music/video collection so I can't relate with anyone that "needs" more than 8gb. I feel like these folks could take some time to sort through there current favorites and store 80% of there stuff. Nonetheless, I'm making a lot of assumptions so who knows.

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16 is definitely enough for me, but I would drop the extra hundred(ish) to have that 3200 mAh battery that supposedly comes with the larger capacity version. Not sure why theyd manufacture them with differently sized batteries like that (assuming its true), but having had the N4, I didnt find its battery to be reliable enough--enjoyed it otherwise though.

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Actually, 32GB is NOT enough storage for me because I won't have access to all 32. I currently need around 32 total. It is nearly 2014, having 48GB or 64GB of storage should be an option and it won't be that expensive either.

Options are great, but there's a reason the least storage option of any device sells the most units. The 8GB N4, for example, was always OOS before the 16GB.

16GB is plenty (I have 4-6GB avg. available on my Nexus 4 currently), but I'll pay extra for 32GB. 64 and 128GB!? How much stuff are people keeping on their phones? Secondly, I don't want to pay the $500+ for this option and I surely don't expect Google to sell an option like that for a stupidly low price (as it seems a lot of people expect).

WiFi is literally almost everywhere, so stream that stuff - don't want to pay for it on a plane or in a place with no/little service?
KEEP your back up phone and cram it full of movies/music and bring that -ish with you. My Galaxy Nexus serves well for gaming/movies/music on long trips...

32 needs to be the start, not the end

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I still have the Galaxy Nexus from 2011 with 32GB and it is plenty of storage for me. Since I use play music all access, no huge library of music to worry about. All files are stored in Google drive. I consistently have 7-8GB free.

It has plenty of memory- 2GB. But 16GB of storage is weak. Remember that we expect there to probably be a 32GB storage version also.

Y'know, you don't have to carry all your porn with you everywhere you go.

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Let's get those cards ready people! Android FTW!!! Here's to a bountiful stock of bots to sell without running dry.

via ACapp njo¡!

Hasn't anyone told you yet? Verizon sucks! Still using a gnex for work, my employer provides service. I wouldn't give Verizon a penny of my money. Be lucky to get updates next spring.

I know.

Yet despite the ravenous justifiable scorn Verizon overwhelming derives in these forums, Verizon added nearly 1 million new customers in the most recent quarter essentially rendering the opinions of this virulent subgroup irrelevant.

Go figure!

Verizon has an extremely reliable network, the only thing that sux about them is their tendency to try and control the end user's life! Lol Fortunately for some, we are still grandfathered in with unlimited data and can still use 50gb + per month without being penalized. Yes, I understand that it's people like me(and not Verizon's sheer greed) who are the reason Verizon got rid of unlimited data plans, but I'd say my $250/mo bill gives me reason enough to squeeze as much out of them as I can. :-P

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The crappy bloatware, device restrictions and OS update delays aren't the only reason VZW sucks... There's also their exorbitant pricing and nickle-and-diming.

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But it isn't "people like you" that cause the problem. It is the number of users at a given time that bogs down the network. High data numbers are just an easy scapegoat. Jerry posted a video about how the TCP IP allocates bandwidth a couple months back.

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Go buy a Moto X. That is the closest to stock or nexus you're likely to see on Verizon. And it really is a great phone.

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I have my fingers crossed... an LTE Nexus 5 with my unlimited data plan would be a great upgrade to my current GNex...

The Note 3 was a great update to my gnex...

Oh who am I kidding. I didn't own one of those.

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Just about any newer phone is a great update from the Gnex, as much as I loved it "back in the day."

So looks like the telus leak earlier was real. Really liking the new look

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Those capacitative buttons appear to float over the home screen instead of eat up their own dedicated 8 mm on a black bar. Do we already expect this of KitKat or could this be news? Sure would be nice for video playback and picture viewing.

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It's just a transparent bar underneath the buttons. Other phones do that already, and presumably they act the exact same way as on-screen buttons do now.

Indeed. My Nexus devices have looked like that, minus the white icons, since a few weeks after the Gnex lauched on AOKP. So nice it's now bone stock!

I have a gnex and the buttons always receed for youtube and go dark for using the gallery.

720p mobile youtube was quite the thing 2 years ago.

Man o man...can't wait...probably gonna be $399 for a 32gb I'm all in!

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Looks like those rumors of 349 and 399 pricing may be true. Wonder if it will be 16gb and 32gb or 8 and 16 again?

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Queue Ron Paul "It's Happening!" gifs

If past is any indication, Google will have like 9 of the available. All others will be back ordered for 4-10 weeks.

Unless the whole site crashes under the load. Which in Googles defence, makes sense. They don't have much expertise in heavy web traffic

16GB = $349
32GB = $399?

the 16GB model is good enough for me assuming they both have the same battery. if the 32GB has the rumored bigger battery i'll suck it up and buy the 32GB. i can use the larger battery - but i don't need 32GB of storage.

I actually think the battery rumors may in fact be accurate. The leaked battery photos, etc. Who knows. If they have the same battery I will get the 16gb.

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The FCC doesn't have a 3000mah battery. Don't worry until it's reviewed. I won't be surprised if the N5 running KitKat on a 2300mah battery does just as well as the 3000man on the heavily skinned 4.2.2 G2. Even 4.3 made a noticable improvement on battery.

I love my moto x. Great form factor, amazing device, serious software optimizations. That said I will still gladly add the new nexus to the lineup. Looks like a great phone.

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Moto X is a damn nice device, especially on Verizon (sans moto maker), but I find it ridiculous (in a good way) that you could sell it to buy a N5 and still have some money left over.

We don't have enough info to know either way.

I'm usually a stealth black kinda guy, but I might go for white if available.

Soft touch white looks terrible like 2 days after it comes out of the box. It'd have to be glossy, and at that point I think this design would lose some of its style...

Also, we've seen nothing to indicate that there's a white version. But hey, it could happen.

Yeah and I always have grubby hands too.. I was actually considering getting one of those Google experience cases from Cruzerlite, and I am NOT a case guy.

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Haha same here. I'm saving for a vacation but I don't know if I can resist this. I love my n4 but I feel I've caught the nexus fever.

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hey everybody just settle. We know its coming just not quite when exactly. Let not go all fanboi like the other lot.

Any particular reason? I've always wondered why people like them transparent. It seems more cluttered to me but it doesn't bother me too much.

What color do you think it will take when apps are opened? Will it become part of the action bar? Will it just go black?

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Phones with on-screen buttons that have a transparent navigation bar just go black when you enter apps. Presumably that'd happen here also.

I personally think it looks kinda tacky — I'd prefer if the background of the nav bar just stayed the same.

You mean stay the same color as the home screen wallpaper? (Edit: I think you mean you wish they didn't make it transparent in the first place.) I may agree with that. I do like the status bar.

I'll have to try it out to form a better opinion. I saw some cool renders of apps where the status bar took on the color of the app's action bar. That would be cool if Google opened that up through the SDK.

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Right, I'd prefer if they just left it how it is in 4.3 -- keep the nav bar black. Its too jarring to switch between black and transparent over and over again.

There's a conspicuous Hangouts icon where the messaging icon should be. That's a great sign. :-)

Yeah kinda Telegraphed it

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

It's a sign that the user put a hangouts icon there. We really need to stop over-interpreting things here folks. I mean, back in APRIL they said that SMS would be integrated soon. That was 6 months ago. I would hardly consider that soon. I doubt we'll have new SMS until later this year. It might even be a separate update from KitKat.

Mahahahaha this does look like the telus leak.....but it says LG on the back if ya look closely. LG did a good job with the design cause this phone is gorgeous!!

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Looks really nice.Where's the slot where the stylus goes?If it doesn't come with a stylus,then I'm not buying it.Especially if it gonna rock 4.1.2.My Note 3 is rockin 4.3,Come on MAN!!!!

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

#1 It will have 4.4 and some of the versions after it.
#2 Why would you need a stylus for a 4.96" phone?
#3 Why would you ever give up a note 3 this early in the game?
And I agree with the full retard thing

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

LOL!!!, I knew I would get someone to bite.Seriously though,it is nice phone.I would've waited for the N5 but with it rockin 4.4 and my Note 3 rockin 4.3,I felt like I could wait for Samsung to push 4.4.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Amazingly beautiful phone. I see a huge backorder for this beauty. Definite purchase on this phone.

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is it just me or does the 5 dots between app icon grid and bottom row with the app drawer remind you of touchwiz? are there other manufacturers that utilize dots to indicate which homescreen a user is on?

Yeah I like lines better. The dots kind of match all the round icons and folder though.

Assuming somehow the phone works on Sprint from the Play Store, why would you want it free on contract when Sprint now gives you a discount for bringing your own phone?

Sprint doesn't offer a discount for bringing a phone. The discount is part of the One Up program when you get a device from Sprint and make installment payments on it. Discount after the last installment payment.

Hmmm, a deliciously tempting upgrade...16gb storage space on the n4 is getting quite tight

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Can't wait to see the specs on that beauty. Hope the $349 for a 16GB will be worth the money.

Main devices page says "The best of Google in three sizes" with a significant space for the N5.

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Mattias has done good. Love the consistency of semi-transparent white elements (app launcher, folder background, screen indicator dots, searchbar)

Also, the integration of the status and softkey bars into the homescreen is just gorgeous. Not just slapped on top like an afterthought. I'm so excited to see what KitKat has in store for us

I remember when she was born...

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Might just buy this for my lady and use it on the dl a week prior to giving to her... Just wanna make sure everything is on the up and up. :-$

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

Haha, you're a good boyfriend. Heaven forbid, she gets excited and ends up with a lemon, lol.

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SOOOO beautiful!!!! I want I'm selling my nexus 4 anyone wanna buy here for 220

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Google knows how to tease!! Looks beautiful, except the ugly phone icon. Just doesn't go with the rest of the other icons.

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I think it goes with the camera icon on the other side. They both have a cartoony look and have matching colors anyway. I'm sure there are more icons that are redesigned that fit this theme.

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Yes, but MIUI sucks. Most ROMs I've ever run on my Nexus devices have the option to make both the status and nav bars transparent (exactly to your liking too).

Now this is a leak! I'm getting this baby. So I'm assuming that 32 GB will be $399? Good bye Sprint......hello T-Mobile.

Maybe a midnight release and someone got a little trigger happy? I wish!!!

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Can someone tell me if US Cellular will carry this one, if not will it work with straight talk, those are basically the only carriers on this area!

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Straight Talk carries an AT&T Sim card that will work. Not sure about us cellular.

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Thanks, I'm as frustrated as some of the others. I really want this phone but'I don't think USCC will carry it and they claim in this area that ATT doesn't get good coverage and TMO is no good so that means that I'm too between a rock an a hard place. they claim Sprint has decent coverage but from what I understand that means CDMA so might try that if it has this compatibility. Really want of these phones.Am tired of contacts and waiting for carriers to update the software. Love the Nex7 but use it on wi-fi.And still need it for voice, thanks again I'm going to figure something out. even if it means dropping some calls!

If T-Mobile and ATT don't have good coverage, then StraightTalk won't either. ST uses their networks.
Who is telling you that ATT and TMO don't have good coverage where you are?

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Nah, that doesn't sound the least bit suspicious in a Top Gun way at all.

Posted via sheer force of will

Not likely that USCC will get the Nexus 5 but it will work with straight talk.

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Chances of US Cellular being able to run it are slim, but it may be possible due if the Sprint talk is confirmed.

Straight Talk uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks depending on the sim you get, so you should be able to use AT&T or T-Mobile prepaid themselves.

Awesome. Going to get this :D. Now all we need to know is what this baby is coming packed with or is that already released?

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I just went on Google Play and it still shows the Nexus 4???

Posted from my AT&T Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2 with the Android Central App!

> Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways.

i really hope this means the camera is incredible!

> Starting at $349.
> That's a pretty good sign that we'll see more than one SKU

yes, it should mean a 32gb version. i can dream and hope it also means a 64gb version.

Well, I see this is where the party is! Must admit that I'm intrigued by this device. That back certainly looks removable to me.

I was also thinking that. Plus this render shows none of the FCC mumbo-jumbo you see on phones without a removable battery door. Nexus 4 renders on the Play Store show the FCC writing faintly. Signs that the back panel is removable and the battery is hopefully replaceable...

Scratch that - the FCC stuff is there... Bummer. I don't think the back is removable anymore. Womp wah

okay, I'm on AT&T and I want to switch back to Verizon, can I buy this phone off contract and use it on Verizon? I don't care if you make fun of me I need a solid answer.

Update: Leaks so far suggest there will be at least two different Nexus 5 models. The model leaked last week (called LG-D820) had wireless radios that could support AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile LTE. The Nexus 5 photos above are part of a separate, updated filing for the LG G2 (LG-VS980), which mention support for LTE band 13, which is used by Verizon in the US. If the Nexus 5 photos weren't mistakenly included as part of the G2's older filing, the new Google device would appear to be a largely modified version of the G2. For now, it isn't clear what Google and LG's plans are for this new Nexus device, but these filings suggest that there is some possibility that all four carriers could get the smartphone. (Note: This update has been modified from its original version to clarify the relation between the "LG-D820" and the "LG-VS980.")

There is no possibility that VZW gets this phone, it does not support VZW bands.

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Well there are plenty of phones that support both CDMA and GSM, and can be switched between the two with a SIM swap. But that doesn't mean that Verizon would approve devices on its network that it didn't sell. 

First of all, The Nexus 5 won't support Verizon. And second, you're talking about switching from one technology (GSM) to a different one (CDMA). It won't work.

Indications are at this point that it won't be compatible with Verizon. And beyond that, Verizon would have to approve it to work on its network even if it has the tech specs to work on its frequencies.

F**K Verizon. They overcharge their customers; treat them like shit; and sell their personal info to BIG BROTHER...AND their phones are CDMA, which means you can't change the SIM card and go with another carrier. I'd rather go with T-Mobile or a T-Mobile MVNO!

It looks solid that there will be multiple versions, and I sure hope a previously rumored 32GB/3000 mAh battery version will be one of them. That would ice it for me, and I definitely would be switching back to ATT from VZW, when my contract expires in March.

Damn it looks just like the Nexus 7 almost identical. $400 isn't bad considering Note 3 is $700-ish contract free. I'd rather see more info about 4.4 but it does look like a beautiful phone. Tough choice.

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No, it's not confirmed. It looks optimistic, but don't read too much into a render.

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Loving my G2 but if this gets 32gb and the 3000mah battery the same as the G2 I will sell it for $500 and buy a nexus 5 hoping the 32gb comes in at $399

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I'm EXCITED FOR THE NEXUS 5. Based on the FCC filings, it will support all of Sprint's LTE bands (800, 1900, 2500) :D

Those of us who bought the GNex on VZW on launch day are now near the end of our 2 year contracts and many people are commenting on almost every tech blog/forum, even VZW's own community forums, that they are willing to leave VZW in order to get this phone. Even grandfathered unlimited data isn't enough to keep them from missing out on this awesome device. How dumb is VZW to lose a large portion of its Android enthusiast customers because of their own greed and incessant need to control their customer's cell phone experience and not let them have a real Nexus device that gets EVERY update from Google and hasn't been crippled/desecrated by their bloatware and disgusting carrier branding?

You know what I hate about droid? All my damn friends don't know the difference between it and Android!

Jokes aside, I'm an original Droid user, it was my gateway to Android.

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I know what you mean. I cringe every time someone says they have a Droid and they own like an S4 or something. I had and loved the OG Droid as well.

The latest three Droids are actually quite nice.

But either way, no matter how good or bad you think they are Verizon is going to push them harder than any other phone (except the iPhone, depending on the time of the year) because they're important to Verizon's overall branding.

I am one of probably many who are leaving vzw. I'm all set up to join T-Mobile in a few days. I even got hooked up and tmo is paying my etf fee. I just hope this phone comes out soon or I'm getting the note 3.

Posted with my S4 via Android Central App

How is t-mo paying tour etf? That sounds amazing. I want this phone to come to vzw but I know chances are slim to none

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

Actually we are off contract as of September. I called to check. Got my gnex on launch day. Gonna leave for Aio Wireless. $55 per month for unlimited talk text and data with no throttle up to 2 GB. Plus we just got at&t LTE here so even better :)

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I'm one of those people. Only problem is my contract is up on Dec 24th. I'll be hit with an ETF of about $145 if I bail before then. What a dilemma!

Don't worry, the N5 will be hot for a year ala every Nexus. Not to mention you may not even be able to actually buy it until 2014 lol. I've been part of the lucky few the last couple of years. Hoping that continues...

Plenty of people who bought the lte gnex on launch day, like myself, left VZW unlimited data plans for the Nexus 4 and prepaid and have been happily saving money on a much better phone accross the board and getting faster speeds HSPA+ vs VZW LTE. Tmobile LTE on my N4 smokes anything I've had since the Tbolt on VZW LTE too (gnex/sgs3/gn2).

hold up. i thought the new nexus 7 lte version was compatible with at&t, tmobile, and verizon? correct me if im wrong. also, i would lean towards the assumption that nexus 5 will not be available for verzion. however, should there be a glimmer of hope with the situation of the nexus 7?

lol Verizon botched LTE support with the new Nexus 7. The Nexus 5 won't support VZ ever since they screwed up the Galaxy Nexus

Sorry to tell you but the FCC filling documents don't list VZW's frequencies as being supported on the Nexus 5. The N7 does work on VZW but you have to trick them into giving you a SIM card for it by going into one of their stores with another "supported" LTE tablet then swapping the activated SIM card into the N7 the first step just outside their store. They won't officially support the N7 because they don't want any of their customers to have a real and pure Nexus device.

It's times like these where I really hate being stuck with VZW..even if they do get it, it ll probably be 299 on contract or something stupid.