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S_C_B says:

Good job, Phil and Jerry. Are you guys that bad that Ashely had to leave? j/k

Are you kidding me? Jerry's beard was an incentive to stay! :)

Fairclough says:

Ashley inform us to your new job :)
Edit found in comments below, goodluck!

On2Vegas says:

Farewell Ashley, you'll be missed. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Thank you so much for watching the show, and thank you for the lovely comment. :)


wollewotz says:

I just hope that you leave because you WANT to leave ... I will miss you :-(

I did choose to move to a new position at a new website, so I'm not fun-employed. :)

I'll miss it, too!

SoCalBIGmike says:


I think we met way before MN, but I wanted to say thank you.

You're a good person and I will miss you here at AC/MN.


Hogosha says:

Wow. That was a shock. I didn't even see anything leading up to this on Twitter or Facebook. Good luck in all your future endeavors Mrs. Esqueda! Will there be a new host?

ericrangel76 says:

Mondays won't be the same but I've enjoyed the MNMB. Good luck Ashley!

pmjj says:

I am so going to miss your Monday Briefs!! You just don't know how that smiling face and you sense of humor helped to get my work week started!! I do wish you well in you endeavors!!


Thanks for all your hard work Ashley, Mondays wont be the same without you!

Ronzdaname says:

Good luck in your future endeavors, Ashley! Monday mornings won't be the same. You will be missed!

S-Doo-1965 says:

Sad day for the Nation. God speed Ashley. You will be missed.

greydarrah says:

That's it...I'm no longer getting out of bed on Mondays.

Don't go Ashley. You're the brightest tech news out there!

larry greg says:


kitster says:

Ashley was great, and I wish her good luck in her future endeavors.. but it's time for a refresh.. paging Cali Lewis!!

dorelse says:

Best wishes Ashley. I've enjoyed watching the Monday Brief, its always nice to have some tech humor to start off the work week. Best wishes for your future!

flighinhigh says:

Monday mornings will not be the same without you Ashley. I know your next endeavor is the best yet and you make a big difference. Keep having fun and enjoying what you do...

abtxpress says:

Good luck with your new gig Ashley. You're gonna be missed here.

jscarano says:

Good Luck Ashley!

kemifo says:


Good Luck Ashley.

Jacques says:

If it wasn't for Google I/O, your departure should be the main part of the news on the Monday Brief! Good luck to ya, Ashley!

roninksb says:

A said day in Mudville. Good luck to you!

kenc3dan says:

It's amazing to me that you weren't assimilated by the Nerdist Empire. I'll still be checking out the Techfoolery podcast and some other web thing that I heard of somewhere that will have you on it...something that is an anagram of "ChaletBuffoon".

plunder says:

First of all, many thanks for all your work bringing us the mobile news with such style. Naturally I'm sad and Monday's will have an empty feeing for some time. I hope you have a great time with your new project and will still be part of this crazy technological world we share.

Honestly Ashley, best wishes for your future - and stay crazy!

moradroid says:

Good luck Ashley. You will be missed.

jean15paul says:

No! You can't leave! {Falls on the floor and grabs Ashley's ankle to stop her from walking out the door.}

Ashley you'll be missed around here. Anyone can read the news, but your personality, sense of humor, and unique perspective made you an irreplaceable adjunct member of the Mobile Nations team. This place won't be the same without you. Best of luck on your new endeavors.

I'm not living without you!... (no stalker)

two_wheels says:

^^^what they said! Your show was definitely a Monday morning bright spot, hate to see you leave!!!


Good luck with everything!! Take care, Ashley!!!

popologuy says:

It is said that if you love something, let it go. If it returns, it was meant to be yours. Bullpoops, says I!

I say we lock Ashley up and she can do those Monday Briefs "hostage style", from an undisclosed location that resembles a cave or basement.

Ashley leaving means that Phil is the new hottie?! Oy veh!!

nighthawk700 says:

I watched this one since it mentioned that Ashley was leaving. Sorry to see you go. But I have to ask... When did you start including captions?!?! If I had known that, I would have been watching much more!! Are all the Mobile Nations videos going to be captioned now? That would be great!

Best of luck to you Ashley!

garmiblis says:

Are you gonna have Renee pad a bra with some water balloons and do the Monday Brief from now on?

Goodbye and Goodluck

Jonneh says:

How sad & sudden :( I immediately thought back to the April Fools joke. Now it's a reality. I wish you luck with your future projects at the new site, Ashley. Thanks for all of your hard work with the Monday Brief. I hope you will still stick around and be a part of the Mobile Nations sites in some part, at least! And, on behalf of all of the douchebags that posted stupid and rude comments (mainly here at AC; much less were posted at places like CB - shows what kind of users Android users are I guess), I apologize for their behavior in the past. You didn't deserve any of it.

Hope to see you around still!