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Microsoft has launched a public beta of its Outlook Web App (OWA) webmail service for Android devices. The company previously announced its plans to launch such an app in late March.

OWA is used mostly by Office 365 business subscribers or by Microsoft Exchange Server customers. Indeed, the requirements for the new Android app state that it can only be used by Office 365 business plans at the moment. It also needs Android 4.4 KitKat or later to run and is recommended for use by devices that have small or normal sized displays. In other words, phablets and tablets are not meant for this first release.

Among the many features in this first beta is the ability for the user to use his or her voice to look up a contact or check out the schedule. The Calendar and People features in OWA have also been optimized for the Android app. Microsoft says it will be taking feedback from this first beta release and will be adding features, along with support for more Android devices, in future updates.

Microsoft previously made its other Office web apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint free to use for Android devices. There are rumors that the company will release full featured Office apps for Android sometime before the end of 2014.

Assuming your Android device will work with this first beta, will you be trying out Outlook Web App?

You can download the Outlook Web App right now from Google Play.


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Microsoft launches Outlook Web App beta for Android


Well it won't install yet on the HTC One M8 so I'm assuming it won't work a S5. It'll be interesting to see what phones can actually install this beta. Maybe the only thing Microsoft will be testing with this first release is our patience :)

Won't work on GS3 I could actually use this app for my work email if it was compatible... Hopefully soon it will be compatible

Posted via Android Central App

After switching back from WP I can honestly say I'm not missing anything from Window Phones.

Posted via Android Central App

LG G2 on AT&T also says not compatible with device. I wonder what it is compatible with?

From my LG G2 via the DeathStar

Not compatible with Note 2 running 4.4.2 stock. Neither will it work with Note 3 running 4.4.2 stock. Both unlocked international versions. What will this work with? Nokia devices?

Posted via Android Central App

Got it running on my Nexus 5. Looks like a packaged HTML5 app. Would be nice if it were native and worked with the system calendar.

I have the Nexus 5 and use Windows but I really don't care to use Outlook at all. It doesn't give me anything I don't already have. I guess If it was used at work or something it might make a difference to me but I doubt it because I don't like mixing work email with my own and in fact probably can't because of security reasons. So I don't care about Outlook on my phone, tablet or my PC

Works on the Moto X. Am I missing something, or does this app not have the option to display notifications when a new email arrives?

Well I don't see the point in this app if it can't even work with previous versions of Exchange as my company is still using 2007 Exchange servers and has only just begun the process of switching to 2013. I don't even think they are doing Office 365 subscriptions.

Edit: App installs and launches on my unlocked(tmo) Moto X

Looks clean on my Nexus 5. But no widget. Why is it so hard to have a widget like Gmail where I can just scroll through my emails right on the screen?

Installed fine on my Nexus 5, but alas I cannot get it to work with my company's Exchange server.

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this release of the app is for use with Office 365 only. MS have no plans to allow the app to connect to local company Exchange servers.

For professional email, probably a ton. My company uses Outlook, and I would much rather have an official Outlook client on my phone than the Good Messaging service that we use for mobile email now.

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It says it is compatible with 4.4 or higher. I have a moto mini (hate my phone) on 4.4 and the play store says "not compatible". WTF?!

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No go on G2. After reading the comments it doesn't look like we're missing much

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Works on my ATT LG G2 with 365 student subscription. Anxious to see whether or not this will drain my battery.

posted from LG G2

I run exchange so no use in trying this app yet. However, the only thing my current exchange connected email on my S4 can't do is display shared folders.

I can access my dual personal calendars, mail, contacts and task with no issues. Using the default email app. Integrates with everything without issue for me.

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No luck on the Droid Maxx with 4.4. Of course I'm not a 365 Pro user so it will not do anything anyway. It has no joy for Hotmail/Outlook.com users.

It has a terrible interface. They tried to mimic a Windows Phone interface, but then forgot to implement some features such as horizontal swiping between tabs...

You can horizontal swipe the bar across the top. It is sluggish right now, but it works. You can also horizontal swipe on any email and get a menu that allows you to mark as unread, mark as read, move to folder, delete and I think something else.

Yes, it needs work, but it does function. Not sure I like the Windows Phone interface and think it would be better with an Android type interface, but I understand MS wanting to and consistency between all apps, Outlook 2013, Web App, etc.

Works on Galaxy S5. I can use my own calendar. I also can activate a shared calendar, but can't see the items of this calendar. Anyone else got this problem? Because of Beta?