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MediaFire has launched their cloud storage app for Android today, offering new users 50 GB of storage for free. Files can be easily shared via e-mail, social networks, SMS, and just about any other avenue you could need. There are a whole bunch of subscription tiers if you need to host more files, or need more flexibility with your hosting. 

MediaFire had to dodge a few accusations once it got lumped in with MegaUpload as a focal point of illegal file sharing, but they've done a good job clearing out any offending content. Now MediaFire is right up there with and has a web interface that's easily as nice as DropBox's. Though the Android app is fairly bare-bones for now (the lack of uploading from the system Share menu is a little tough to swallow), the website has a great photo viewing interface, smart keyboard shortcuts, and simple drag-and-drop functionality. If nothing else, the mobile app will be a fine spot to access files that you've been uploading from the desktop. 

Which cloud storage service do you use the most? Is Google Drive good enough, or do third-party options offer you something else?

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dwain77 says:

I have a Box account because they had a free 50GB thing going, but I don't care for their limits. At the time you couldn't upload a file larger than 100Mb and couldn't download more than 1 file at a time with the free account.

On the other hand my Dropbox is up to just under 10GB now and I use it almost exclusively. I've had a great experience with them and if I was going to pay for a cloud service this would be the one based on previous experience.

SamOliver says:

I think it's best to pick just one, and Dropbox is the way to go. It's camera uploads feature, link sharing, desktop app, android app, UI, navigation, etc. are all top notch. Plus, you can pay someone 5 bucks on fiver to max out your storage. I have 75gb of storage now, too bad my upload speeds are too slow for me to ever take advantage of all of that.

commonplace says:

Not compatible with the Nexus 7... yet it IS compatible with the Nexus 10. Oookay.

Play Store showed it was compatible and let me send it to my Nexus 7.

commonplace says:

I e-mailed them and they've already pushed a new version, which is compatible with the Nexus 7. Pretty impressed with the turnaround on that!

mstrblueskys says:

I use Box for little files, but lately I've been using ADrive. I hate the UI, but I love everything else! This may get me though... I am a sucker for GBs

icebike says:

I expect ES File Explorer to have a plugin for this in 3, 2, 1 ...

I'd rather use that approach than adding yet another client to my phone.

The combined amount of drive space I can get for FREE on various cloud services exceeds the storage on all of the computers in my house.

dwain77 says:

Good point. I use ES to navigate both my box and dropbox accounts.

Suntan says:

So what kind of access limits do they have on this? Box is generous with their 50GB handout, but it is practically useless with their limits on per file sizes.

Personally, I use Dropbox (I have about 8GB for free) for all my day to day transfers, and I wouldn't look to switch from it, but I would entertain the idea of streaming ripped videos from MediaFire if they actually supported streaming of large files.


Suntan says:

Update, their website says that "MediaFire basic" accounts have an upload limit of 200MB per file. FWIW.


dwain77 says:

That's better than the 100MB box offers. Unless they've changed it, I've not used them in a while.

commonplace says:

Box is 250 for the free plan now, at least according to their site. (I don't use Box anymore myself.)

dwain77 says:

Oh, nice...guess I should have checked that. That might cause me to use them a little more often, although dropbox is still my daily go to service.

jbuggydroid says:

Box now has a 200 mb limit on upload size. dated that a couple weeks ago

Edit. Guy above beat me to it. That's cool they have our at 250 now

someguy01234 says:

I don't use cloud storage regularly, but I do like to use MediaFire sometimes. They generally don't take down files that generate lots of traffic compared to dropbox. Not sure if you can do this with dropbox, but MediaFire let you customize your own url, even with a free account. 200mb limit is okay because I'm not uploading anything illegal, and there is always 7zip for that.

bassmig says:

I use DropBox since I got 48GB from Samsung with my S3. I'll look at other options once that has expired.

abtxpress says:

I use Google drive for documents and dropbox for photos. Of course I use pi casa for photos too but its the combo of the two.

sigsen says:

I use a variety of cloud storage options, but the really cool apps are the ones that facilitate file sharing off the internet connection required. HitcherNet is the most recent addition to the app store....This is what we need, no more bending over to the telecoms!

DasinDavid says:

Copy is definitely a better service. You will get 5 GB for every referral. I already have close to 200 GB (!) of free space and I believe there is no individual file size limit.

Sign up using this referral code and you will start out with 20 GB:

(And I will get a 5 GB bonus :-)

Yup I'm a fan of Copy, the referral method got me up to 70GB for free and the interface is acceptable. Like GD but 15GB is a pain but the 20'000 tracks for free is massive news, already up to 7'000 tracks so far so my music is 'relatively' safe