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We're coming at you live — as in right this second — from the inaugural Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco! Today and Tuesday, following today's keynote and a multitude of developer sessions, we'll be chatting with ourselves about the day's events — and, more important, with some of the key players at the conference. 

We're kicking off any second now, so ease on past the break for the live show and live chatroom.

Update: That's it for Day 1, folks! We'll be back live at 1 p.m. PDT (4 p.m. EDT) on Tuesday!


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Watch day 1 of the Android Central Live show from SDC 13 all over again


Just about every other launcher beats touchwiz. Touchwiz is really ugly and laggy.

Also the HTC one beat the S4 as the best current smartphone.

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See, I can do that too!

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This is becoming a case of blah blah blah, Laggy not in my experiance, is it ugly thats down to personal taste, for me its just not being able to customise the icons ect ect and Novo and smart launcher do have the better appearance.

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Is that Wisconsin congressman and former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan standing behind you Phil? Always figured him to be an Apple guy...

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All white people look alike. Seriously though, look how pissed they look because they just found out they were wearing the same outfit!

Note 3 is the best SmartPhone period, nothing comes even close IMO. I own them all. Note 3 just does it all and does it very very fast.
Thanks Samsung and T-Mobile.

My GS2 stayed in one piece, despite being dropped twice; and never seems to crash in 30 months plus. That makes me want to get a Samsung next time. I hope the event goes well - have fun.

Awesome A C