Samsung SPH-L300

Here we see an image of what is claimed to be the Samsung SPH-L300 which, based on its product code, appears to be destined for Sprint in the near future and the folks over at BriefMobile got the first look at this rumored device.  If it hadn't already struck you as looking familiar with it's big silver chin, the HTC Nexus One comes to mind for us but the internals are a definite departure from that original Nexus phone.

Rumored to sport a Qualcomm MSM8960 processor (the Snapdragon S4 chip) which is the same unit as in the LTE enabled HTC One X and Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE, this phone should pack quite the punch should it come to fruition.  Other features and specs this device is reported to have include 1 GB of RAM along with 4 GB of ROM, 4G LTE, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.0 all underneath Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.  However, the display resolution is quite disappointing at only 480x800.  With all that hardware inside, we'd hope to see a 720p resolution display or at least a qHD display, but keep in mind this is still an unconfirmed device and that means things are subject to change.  We'll bring you more info on this as it rolls in.

Source: BriefMobile

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Xbbfan73 says:

Forget this phone...I want confirmation that they are getting the Note.

This is yet another low end little bitty phone.

I want a Note too. Go Big or go home.

garciaop says:

1++++++++++ to the note coments
i also want the note or something with ahuge screen like the note

will only replace my galaxy s 2 with a note

Tedium says:

"Go big or go home" sounds like something a morbidly obese person would say.

The Note is way too big, normal people make fun of it.

tommydaniel says:

If it had a 720p screen what would be the point in releasing this and the GSIII?!

SlimJ87D says:

This one will probably be free with contract and it's a 4" screen for all those babies that keep complaining the screens are getting to big for them.

Benchmark wise it'll be more powerful due to powering a lower resolution screen.

But I bet the SGS3 will still come out.

jeffrok says:

Babies? Compensating?

Some people just want a good pocketable phone.

Bishounen says:

Agreed. A 4 in screen is PLENTY big for a phone. I could see wanting a bigger screen for a tablet, but I wouldn't be trying to carry a tablet in my pocket. My GNex is plenty big, almost too big with a case on it, even though I chose a really thin case.

I actually can't comfortably keep it in my pants pocket for an extended period of time, and I'm not a hipster wearing skinny jeans. I tend to wear looser slightly baggy jeans with large pockets, and it's still not comfortable. In my work pants it's even more uncomfortable as they tend to have smaller pockets.

As far as this unit goes, take a look at those hardware buttons. I suspect we are looking at an older pre-production unit from last spring that has only leaked out now. I would be very surprised to see any new units coming out with hardware buttons unless they intend to put Gingerbread on them.

cyko says:


aewatsonsr77 says:

Galaxy Note or nothing else.....I have one and it's amazing! Go AT&T!!!!!

boiker says:

+1 more for the Galaxy Note.

Sprint. Get the Note! NOTE!

rocket321 says:

Looks like a great phone as long as they launch it as a midrange phone with a low price to match. Maybe a nice upgrade for all the people toating an optimus s

icebike says:

Note to person sneaking blurycam pictures: Try to keep the reflections out of the shot.

DWR_31 says:

Galaxy Note = Galaxy Journal on Sprint.

Hopefully in June.

Cubfan says:


dakidd says:

That's probably a boost mobile/sprint phone

If this is Sprint's GS3 variant, I will laugh until I puked!!!

303kush says:

The phone looks great just needs a better resolution but the build looks awesome!

objdadon says:

Sprint, stop playing games and get the galaxy Note!!! We want the note!!!

poosh2010 says:

why would Samsung launch a mid range phone with the same S4 processor as their flagship phone?? This could mean that the sprint version of the SIII will get the quad core Exynos 4 or maybe even the dual core Exynos 5 (crossing my fingers!)...

kitchin says:

Why doesn't the photographer have the back of their phone on? Looks like gsii but it would funny if they did a video and you see the battery come loose right as it cut off

aristarchus says:

Galaxy Note with the s4 chip.

shaneispic says:

Galaxy Hero?

garciaop says:

we should all start posting on sprint face book page that we all want the note well most of us

jnl813 says:

This should have been the Galaxy S3, it already looks like better hardware than that!

Eric Rossman says:

On a 4" screen, 480x800 resolution is perfect.
1. There is no useful gain in having 720p resolution on a 4" screen.
2. Less processing power is required to support 480x800 resolution, leaving more processing headroom to provide a responsive user experience with a lesser (or under-clocked mid-range) SOC solution.
3. Our Apple friends look like fools squinting at (or constantly zooming text on) 4" 300+ ppi screens. Magic marketing for sure..

Eric Rossman says:

I really hope this "mid-range" device is featuring a 4" 480x800 super "SAMOLED plus screen" (@~216 PPI). Samsung has already shipped over 20 million 480x800 "super SAMOLED plus" screens via the SGS2 family of devices (ranging from 4.27" to 4.5" diagonal).

On my SGS2-i777, the 4.27" 480x800 screen does not show even a hint of pixel artifacts to the naked eye till I reduce my viewing distance to closer than 11". Try it, you will feel silly arguing about high resolution phones when you experience how awkwardly close that is to your face.

I say a mid-range device with 480x800 4" display is perfectly acceptable.

bohiti says:

I've got this strange hunch that this is going to be Sprint's SIII, allowing EVO to reign supreme...

DrDoppio says:

If this is a 3.7" screen (gauging from the battery), then 480x800 is adequate.

Edit: upon reading the comments before mine, I realize many have already expressed the same sentiment...

Grahaman27 says:

Give us the release date! looks like a great, speedy, modest-sized phone!