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All the rumors and murmuring came to an end today, as Google unleashed Google Drive on the world. Some of the rumors were right, some not, but in the end anytime someone wants to give us more, we'll take it. I hope in the end Google gets things a bit more unified, but that's another story. I'll use it, so I set mine up.

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Late-night poll: Did you set up your Google Drive?


I still use Dropbox for my pictures because it has a decent image viewer on the Android app. And a passcode lock. But I'll use Drive for everything else now.

Controlled releases are common with any "new" service or product. Though I don't see how this applies with what is basically an upgrade to Google Docs.

I set it up. However, I will continue to use Dropbox. It is missing too many features. Why can't I share a link? It only allows sharing via email, and that person has to sign in to see it. As already stated, it is just Docs, with a new UI.

I had really high hopes, but it looks like DropBox still has the better feature set (and UX for now, although bound to change). I like the idea of google integration, but I know they can do better than this.

yeah,thats the problem.we all know it could/should be better,but they still releasrd it as it is.
you probably know,as will loads of other people that they probably know a group of 15 year old youfs who produce better software,are they realy sure that google i.o weekend project could not do better ?

ntmore useless google crap product.
buggered it from start by tieing it to docs, which is crap.
what people want is one account where you can upload ANY file that wont over fill account capacity, does it simply and quickly and is shareable if you want need to and has a simple sync setup.
look what we actualy got.
am seriously considering dropping android and all other google products including g mail and will go back to windows mobile 6.5 and hotmail.
bored with google still releasing product that is not ready for use, tjey use to call them beta but of course new google dropped beta least you knew it wasnt you find out after you try to use it.
bored.bored.bored with late, fussy,crippled google products,dont give a shit what they MAY do with g drive soon
it MAY turn out eventualy to be exactly what i want and need but as released its not even close,rather like voice etc.
as i said yesterday,google are a usa biased company with delusion that they are a true world wide enterprise,but too much dont work outside usa !!! are going to eat google in near future if the big G dont get their act together.
already closed instagram account,getting ready to close dropbox or box account when fu..kbook buy one of them next week.

all you dropbox users,i hope you like facebook, they will next target for,if they actualy have ANY cash,noone would do deal solely for stock.unless of course their american.

Dropbox is still more polished overall but Drive's pricing makes it very very attractive... I'll probably use both in the long run but since my free Dropbox account is up to 23GB I'll probably use that the most and avoid upgrading my G Drive space for now...

I was planning to renew my Amazon storage account ($20/yr for unlimited music storage and 20GB of data storage) but I'm now reconsidering that. I mean, I've got 23GB on Dropbox for free, 25GB on Skydrive for free, 5GB on Google Drive for free, and space for 22,000 songs or whatever it is on Google Music for free. It seems silly to pay Amazon for any storage in light of that, specially when it's a storage only service with no sync etc.

OTOH I buy all my music on Amazon and their cloud player works pretty well... It also allows me to easily re download music I've uploaded, I don't believe Google Music does that? I know you can pin it offline and even make it so other apps can access it but I don't think it makes it easy to re-download specific songs? (specially on a desktop) I kept reading Google Music often mishandled tags for uploaded files too...

I'm very surprised they didn't integrate Google Music storage with Drive.

Set it up as soon as it launched!
The Android application definitely needs some work..the context menu looks poor..and the app doesn't show up in my recent apps list for some reason!

I've been hearing about a comparison of Terms Of Service between it and Drop Box.
I think Bing would have it.
I'll wait a while.

I realize this is ver 1.0 but it has a ways to go before I give up dropbox or box. Uploading images seems to take a really long time. And sharing links isn't exactly easy.

Everybody keeps conveniently leaving out this paragraph from the TOS: “Some of our Services allow you to submit content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.”

Actually, the link provided by kilgoreflux contains that paragraph, in addition to the three parallel statements for Dropbox, Skydrive, and Drive. All this one says is that you're stuff stays yours, which is really just stating the obvious, because even so, by using the Drive service, you submit to a perpetual license for Google to use your files as they fit, by the terms of this agreement. So your stuff stays yours, AND it stays theirs too. That's the gripe.... Even if you delete things you no longer want in their cloud, they still retain rights to use them how they see fit, even if you no longer want them to be available. All the while, your files do, in fact, remain yours. Clever wording in their TOS to make you feel safer just giving control of your rights to your own stuff to them, with no fear of reprimand for any way they choose to use them.

The Google Drive app is apparently "Not compatible" with my Droid Incredible running the Gingerbread 2.3.4 OTA. What's up with that?

This is not meant to be a Dropbox competitor from what I've read so yes, all you people saying you'll keep your Dropbox, y'all just go ahead and do that mmkay.

I've been using Google Docs for some things for quite a while, and will continue to do so. Changing its name to Drive means nothing to me. I've also been using DropBox, and will continue to use that.

The Linux client for DropBox makes it much more usable than Drive for certain things, like sharing my KeePass database (or any file) between my desktop and phone.

I set it up and uploaded a few pictures. One thing I noticed is that some of the pictures come up so big I have to scroll to see the whole thing. They need to improve their picture viewer. I didn't see a way to shrink the image down to make it more viewable.

If anyone has found a way to fix this, I'm all ears.

Wish I could choose what folder to upload files to from my Android phone.
Seems as though all files are uploaded to the main directory.

I'm a pretty heavy docs user, and I've been waiting for Drive for months. Sadly, I'm still on the waiting list. Sad, sad, sad panda.

Operated my own server since the 90's. Shared files before it was called "cloud"... I **personally** have zero interest in any "free" service... There are actually and thankfully some android apps that let me use my own servers for "cloud service"..

I'd be curious to know what software you use for your setup on the client and server side. I never found any file sync software that seemed to meet my needs.

For my life and usage, I have no need for Drive. I still signed up (waiting to be notified), thinking maybe down the road I'll use it. Don't need it at the moment though.

Just a thought. Google is working on driverless cars and stuff... I would have thought maybe they'd keep the "Drive" title for their car/transportation stuff. *random thought before caffeine kicks in*

My manuscripts are automatically uploaded to SugarSync. Titanium Plus backs up to Dropbox and everything else, I funnel to Box. Unless Google will let me store the wife's spare junk somewhere, I don't have any use for their space.