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Issues downloading album through app 'disheartening,' says rapper

If you tried to download Jay-Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail through the free promotional app for Samsung phones last week, you may have run into issues. Around launch time on Jul. 4 many users reported that the app was slow, unresponsive and crashy as servers became overwhelmed with fans trying to download the album.

And the app problems haven't escaped the attention of Jay-Z himself. According to the NY Daily News, the artist mentioned in a radio interview that he was aware of the launch-night issues, saying the situation was "not cool."

"It's not a great problem because you want the fan to get that experience.” Jay-Z reportedly told Power 105's The Breakfast Club. “The people that waited and downloaded it you want them to have that experience right away.​ That was the thing that was disheartening to me."

As part of a promotional deal with Samsung, the electronics giant snapped up 1 million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail for owners of Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 smartphones, to be distributed through a free app on Google Play. 

Jay-Z was mostly philosophical in his remarks about the problems, rather than laying any blame at the door of Samsung or the app's developers — "The next person now knows how to go into it better, which is cool and that's my job. I took the hit for that," he told Power 105.

Source: Power 105, NY Daily News


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Jay-Z: 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' app issues 'not cool'


Magna Carta is "not cool" the album is shit IMO. Blueprint 3 vs Magna Carta is night and day. I could listen to BP3 all day.

I think it's completely different than BP3 but, for me, I need to give it a few more listens. That Tom Ford song can go though, completely pointless.

That was my point of reference out of his current work. I'm not going to bring into question his earlier work because music especially hip-hop evolves and changes, so you can't really compare 10+ year old music to nowadays. But BP3 (2009) to Magna Carta (2013) can't be compared.

Anyways, it's my opinion so who gives a fuck. Right?

T-Mo Note 2 download and app worked perfectly on day 1. The album is the pooh, and some the best tracks Jay has ever made are on this album. The Rick Ross track is HOT!!! Beyonce track HOT!!! Just to mention a couple.

Unfortunately I had no issues downloading the album. Took me longer to find the tracks to delete them after I had listened to it.

I downloaded the app then downloaded the entire album. Worked fine. Never really messes with the app other than just to download. That being said, I thought this album was terrible compared to many of his previous albums. I remember listening to other of his albums for days and hearing it everywhere I went by numerous different friends. Tailgates this friend had it bumping. Barbq at another friends he had it playing. Shit, would hear it parked at stoplights from people I didn't even know. This album will not be like that. I understand some of you may think this is the best ever, your entitled to do so. However, this album will not be on the level of sone of his other albums. I'm glad that the billboards voting thingy did not count these million albums as sells because if it were not free, I would not have it. I sure as hell would not have bought this album.

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Many people were complaining bout only being able to here the album through the app well if they go to the music folder on the your internal storage you'll find the tracks so stop whining

There are a few other albums that were either not available on All Access or only had 2 - 3 tracks . I am hoping that this is a timing issue to drum up higher sales. Hopefully after a short delay, the full albums will be there.

Day of release the app installed fine, albumin downloaded fine and found tracks in my internal memory and transfered them to SD without issue. BUT, the app to this day will still not play any of the tracks of bring up lyrics. Videos even play like shit.

I'm a Hip Hop artist and I know a few DJs in my area so I was able to get my hands on it, however I did get the apk to the app and tried it on my Rezound. Failed miserably.
As far as the album you either hate it or you love it. I loved it. I think it was a fun album and didn't expect a serious "masterpiece" like everyone else did. I just expected a fun experience and that's what I got.
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Lol at the reviews in these comments. Especially the guy comparing it against Blueprint 3 as if its the pinnacle of his career when it isn't even one of Jay's top 3 albums. And to the guy talking about hearing the album coming from everyone's cars..... Sounds like you need new friends if not one of them can find this album at least halfway decent. I guess my question should be if this album is so TERRIBLE then what hip-hop music are you listening to right now that I should be? I mean it one's thing to say you don't like the album but to say its complete trash or terrible....C'mon now.

Why can't I like this comment? Seriously, this is closer to the top of Jay's work than BP3 could ever imagine and the word "terrible" does not belong in any review of the album. Hell, you couldn't even justifiably call the album cover or marketing scheme terrible. As for whether or not you'll hear this from "random people's car stereos" I was sitting outside eating at a restaurant on the 5th and heard someone bumping "F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit" down the block.

I downloaded app... then there was an option to download whole album... and then I uninstalled the app.. but songs were still on my phone... sooooo..... ionno

tried at 12:30am and it wouldnt download, which is expected when something first launches no matter what it is.... always going to encounter some server based issues, woke up the next morning at 8:00am EST and it downloaded just fine. Jay shouldnt be disappointed or disheartened... He still got his platnium status either which way.... as far as the album, im not a big fan of Jay-Z but i enjoy a couple songs on the album like Holy Grail.

Been bumping my #MCHG for more than a week now. Downloaded it just fine when i woke up the morning of the 4th. As for the Album, who cares if its not like BP3 or any other Jay album? I like it. He's definitely showing his range in terms of subject matter.....Can't talk about drugs and hustling forever.

I been listening since 7/4/13 12:15am (took me 15 min to get connected) and is a top 3album from Jay catalog. I did warn my friends that the app would have problems cause its the 1st of his kind and like he said he took the hit so they can be prepared next time. Samsung will probably go way left with the next artist, maybe a Taylor Swift, Bruno mars or timberlake.

That's the key here. Jay-Z is far from stupid. I'm not a hip-hop/rap fan, but when Jay-Z does something, I take notice because he is an innovator. He knows the pros and cons of this venture. The fact he is putting his name on it and willing to take any hits for it shows how much he cares about the future of his industry. Once the bugs from this get worked out, I bet other artists in his circle may go this route. With the star power of wife Beyonce, I would expect her to venture into it.

I didn't bother with the app, and I'll listen when it's on All Access. It's good to see Jay-Z being apologetic and not slinging blame around, though.

I downloaded the app and downloaded the album on the Verizon gs3 a little hiccup in the beginning but it downloaded I've been rocking it from my music player ever since with no problems.

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Jay Z is just a piece of crap.. illuminati junk.. I miss 2pac.. the legend and boss of all bosses!! Westside!

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"Crashy?" "Crash-prone" works just as well, and has the added advantage of being actual English.

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i had issues with the album downloading, but it was typical of any midnight launch... took me until around 1:30 to actually get it going, but it downloaded fast and the album is decent.

No problems with the app. Big problems with the album; it's garbage. Jay Z must have been laughing his tits off when Samsung gave him a big wedge of cash to get their hands on this trash.