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You begged. You pleaded. You yelled at us. (More than usual.) And so we now present you with the Android Central Android Application -- or ACAA for short. (Hey, it's better than Sideload Wonder Machine.) It's developed by Notice Software and powered by the same people who bring you your daily dose (and then some) of Android news every day, free of charge. We'll walk you through it and provide download links after the break.

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Android Central AppAndroid Central App

Come for the news, stay for the app reviews. Flip on through the categories and tap to read the stories.

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Android Central App

Also included is the recorded version of the weekly live Android Central Podcast. You can listen directly from the app and follow along with the show notes.

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Looking for a particular story? Just search for it, and you'll find it.

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Just like it sounds -- a handy cloud of popular topics.

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We couldn't do this without you. And now it's easier than ever to send tips and pictures -- straight from the app!


App Widget

Of course there's a great looking widget for your homescreen as well.


Android Central App

And, of course, no app is complete without settings. You can turn off any of the categories -- news, apps, podcasts, tips -- if you don't want them.

Suggestions, bug fixes

Have a suggestion for the Android Central app? Having an issue with it? Let the developer -- Notice Software -- know in the Android Central Developer Forums.


Reader comments

Introducing the Android Central App


Why don't you guys make a mobile-optimized site? It seems a bit odd that a site dedicated to a mobile platform doesn't have its site optimized to display on mobile devices... I mean, Gizmodo and Engadget are mobile-optimized -- the cool kids are doing it!!

I must be a special case because I HATE mobile sites. If you've got a browser that can render full web pages in the same glory you can see them on your desktop, why limit yourself with a dumbed-down interface?

Which begs the obvious question, why even bother with an app? If the site is so good why is there the need to add 1 more app that only does 1 thing?, show me a website! At the rate we're going the market will be flooded with "useless" apps that show us content from a website that we can already view the content from without installing anything.... With that said, it looks nice but I'll pass.

Because a mobile site is there for all browsers (iOS, Android, webOS, etc.). You don't get everything necessarily optimized to how things work for your operating system. Look at everything the app does and then go to the mobile site and do every single one of those things. It's a very well done app, glad it was finally done. because those full webpages don't look all that great on a tiny screen. A good mobile version of a full blown website will cut out most of the big obnoxious ads (Gizmodo) and let you get to the heard of the site...the stories.

While I think the introduction of an AC android app is great, the fact that it was obviously developed by an iPhone developer makes me a little nauseous. The "info" icon is clearly taken from the iPhone, and the "back" button is even more of a dead giveaway given that it's completely unnecessary in any Android app. Not tryin to hate but.... well, yeah, I guess I'm hatin just a little bit ;)

Yup, that whole bottom menu should disappear into, well, the MENU key.

But look at it this way, maybe they will release it into the App Store so those iPhone fanbois can read about what they are missing.

I think you guys should make an iPhone app for AC as well. Now that they have "multitasking", you could even have it run in the background and pop up every time a new android phone comes out

I think you guys should make an iPhone app for AC as well. Now that they have "multitasking", you could even have it run in the background and pop up every time a new android phone comes out

...or iPhone app developers are looking ahead and realizing that developing for Android might be more lucrative in the future, than iPhone.

I was just thinking about a day ago that I wanted to ask for you guys to make have some sneaky ninja monkeys reading my thoughts don't you! hmmm

Where's the code to scan? Are you really making us go to the market and search for your app? :P

Grabbing it now!

I'm surprised there's no login/commenting on the app as far as I can tell. Otherwise it looks good. Not great but good.

FYI the alert service starts in the background whether you have the alerts working or not. Otherwise its a GREAT looking app, even if it is a bit icloney. I like the options and overall interfaces. Great work! (I have been waiting for this for a while, I just like apps more than mobile sites)

edit: its just the mobile site with a fancy interface, lame - good start, but maybe you should look to the engadget app designer for help. There needs to be a commenting login also.

double edit: uninstall. the alert service is always kicked back on. I went from really excited to really disappointed......

I don't understand why so many people complain about that layout (even on other apps)... it seems the most intuitive. Did Apple patent that as well?

agreed, I could care less if it looks like apple's apps as long as they look pretty and function. Doesn't mean I'm going to by an iPhone, but if the aesthetics are what sold so many iPhones to begin with, they must have got something right.

I am not seeing a download link. Oh, have to go to the forum link, its in the "Android Central App Is Available" thread :)

Ever since Tosh.0 ran that skit on "First" I laugh at morons that come on here and any site for that matter and post "First". Nice app by the way.

Absolutely awful! Runs at startup. Runs a 17MB alert service in the background. Awkward ad placement. Slow. You guys know better than to try to pass this off to us as a good app. Shame on you! The mobile site is awesome though! : )

I really don't want to have to have a different app for every site I read, and every forum I visit. I guess this is great for those who don't mind that, but where's the limit for them? How many different apps you gonna clutter your app drawer with that read a website?

I guess I'm spoiled with never having had an Android device with smaller than the Nexus One's 3.7" screen, so I think a site's just fine on the browser...

Last point: someone's asking for an AC forums access... please DON'T. Just make the forums compatible with tapatalk or some exisiting forums reading software. ;-) One of the stupidest things I've seen done yet are the forums that make themselves tapatalk compatible as long as it's their own exclusive version of tapatalk. How many versions of tapatalk you gonna need? LOL.

Hey now I have two apps that are the same just different colors. This is just about identical to the Droid-life app. I like it

I'll just write down the stages of android app acquisition and save myself some time:


Automatically runs in the background using 17Mb even though I opted out of alerts? Uninstalled less than five minutes after installation. Shame on AC for promoting such bloat.

Sorry AC, this app is just pure junk. There are ads all over the place, the alert service always runs, the option to play a podcast force closes my evo right away, and it hardly provides any function over the mobile site. Fail

Bloat App. 17 MB background service. We root to get rid of less bloat from stock apps. Come on AC, get real!

Don't like how there are ads everywhere. The engadget app is great because it has no ads whatsoever. Makes it look like a cheap revenue service just trying to gain whatever it can. Plus it makes the app look crappy.

1) Ads are too obtrusive
2) Topics tab makes no sense
3) No landscape mode
4) No offline/non network mode
5) Back/Share buttons look like they came from and iPhone.
6) Next/Previous buttons don't work when viewing an article

I'll stick with just using the full site, thanks.

Nice summary, but I'd add:
7) Alert background task runs whether alerts are turned on or not.
8) Articles are posted only up to the "After the break" point. (This is the drop-dead killer for me.)
9) Menu items should be in the, uh, menu.

Epic fail. Uninstalled. Which is disappointing, because this is one of the few sites I visit daily, and the only one of them I don't read on my phone - it's just too difficult.

Oddly placed ads and unnecessary iPhone-like menu elements make the layout less friendly to read, I'd rather just use even the full version if the site. Commenting from the main site while on the phone is also pretty easy so I see no reason to change.

Sweet, definitely gotta check this out.

edit: wait ... wait ... wait ... no landscape mode? are the ads really that bad? I gotta see this to believe it.

No landscape would be ... I dunno ... a huge omission?

Ahh, getting landscape in articles ... at least THAT works.
Ads are a bit too much, I mean, couldn't that have been handled in a different manner? They really do stick out, like a sore thumb or whateva the hell they say.

And I can't see comments and / or comment?

C'mon son!

Nice idea - I wanted to love it --- but WHY the "fine access to location"? It starts up my GPS as soon as I start the app and then when I exit out - it keeps trying to connect to my GPS. I force stop and the GPS connection stops ... so coming from this app. I uninstalled as I don't need something that does not need my location constantly running down my battery for no reason. Remove that requirement or give me an option to turn it off and I will come back.

I was about to add this app until I saw it wanted access to:

Phone Calls
read phone state and identity

Why, exactly, does a news app need this?

Suffice it to say, I didn't install it, and don't plan to.

OMG I've never heard such bitching and complaining! Thank you for this app, Android Central!

Enjoy your battery-sucking, memory-hogging app. Have you even looked at running services? A lot of people root to get rid of less than this mess. Besides, the mobile site is much better. Are you reading/writing comments from that great app? Didn't think so.

OMG, has AC not even studied the app permissions? A glorified news reader app does not need gps location or the ability to read phone state (i.e. your phone number). This has to be spyware. Stick with the Android Central Widget.

Ugg. This app sullies the reputation of this site. I feel dirty even having downloaded it and given it a try.
So, I'm guessing you caved to the folks in management looking to further monetize the site and created an app whose sole purpose is to present ads and gather information about your readers. Find a better way.

This app is great! I check this site many times throughout the day! I would love to pay for an add free version of this app. I believe in supporting developers as much as I can especially when they develop quality apps like this.

The widget is lacking because it only shows one story (the latest, I presume) and after I dragged it off one home screen and tried to reload it on anther, it doesn't even show up on the widget list at all; only the old RSS reader widgets are available. The obtrusive banner ads appearing a half-dozen times in a story are ridiculous and make it look like a Geocities site from 1997. Every other app manages to keep the lights on with a ad along the bottom; why not this one? I'll wait for an update to pass final judgment, but I'm apt to ditch this for the old widget. Sorry.

Stock EVO.

Personally I like this app. I absolutely love the notifications. They come through on the notification and sound. Why the hell can't the Facebook app take a page from this app and make it work?????

I have had no battery issues with this app so far. I don't require every app to be absolutely perfect, just work, notify me and I am a happy new Android user.

Great job!!!

Silly Android Central! The Droid Incredible has HTC Sense! The status bar isn't white! (and the battery icon doesn't look like it's about to explode)

Here is what I use...

Google Reader (One app to update me on everything I read)
Opera Mobile 11 (This beat out Dolphin when they added flash)

So I use two free apps, don't have to put up with ads, smaller footprint, etc. Really, I don't know why sites feel it necessary to make an app other than to make money.

1. App size is huge
2. Cache fills up like a mofo
3. ugly design (colours etc.)
4. very iPhone-ish (back button on screen... you serious?)
5. more permissions than it should need

what a pity

please update this app for honeycomb, maybe a double paned interface. that would look really great. and some nice resizable widgets for honeycomb.