Ben Dog

Yes. You fell for it, too. Every last one of you. HTC today managed to troll pretty much everybody (OK, everybody who fell for it) with a cutesy little picture on Facebook about a super secret dog voice translation app. An app that doesn't exist.

HTC's been showcasing pets for a week now. But we played along, too. (My instructions were "Have fun with it.") So we'll raise a glass to the boys and girls in Bellevue and say "Well done, folks." Thanks for making us chuckle on a Friday afternoon. And to add one into the mix, there's my dog, Ben, as a puppy. Awwwwwwwww. Isn't that cute.

Repeat: There is no super secret HTC voice translation app.


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sebianoti says:

It has such a nice interface, it could be used for their own siri like service,

xemtra says:

lol he deleted my post. oh well. dont talk about a Man's dog. lesson learned Phil so sorry :).

Today was "Bring Your Pet to Work " day. Maybe that was the reason HTC posted this.

icebike says:

So this whole Story is to debunk a twitter post from somebody that nobody follows in the first place?

And, astoundingly, it gets two front page stories on AC?

Ooooooooo. You were so close. Thought you were gonna nail that one.

But, no. It was to debunk a Facebook post (since liked by 2,630 people and counting) that shouldn't have been taken as seriously as it was.

Lighten up. It's Friday. And this second post took less time than it did for me to respond to your comment. So basically you're getting twice the Phil at half the price. Or something.

ro1224 says:

"Repeat: There is no super secret HTC voice translation app. Yet."

"Yet" being the operative word.

"No voice translation app" that is until Google starts working on its Universal Translator Project which should be the next up after they conquer Project Majel. :)

Got Klingon? :D

dougd98028 says:

We fell for it? Who fell for it? I didn't see anyone here on AC falling for it. Maybe AC readers are just smarter than the general Facebook reader.

D16RR says:

No, you guys fell for it. Those of us who bought the app before they pulled it can now talk to Tori Spelling.

_X_ says:

C'mon now did anybody REALLY get fooled by this. The premiss was so ridiculous one new it was an exaggeration, hoax, Joke. I personally thought it was funny.

dchawk81 says:

No wonder my dog kept looking at me like that...

We were having a conversation about the economy and he suddenly peed on my sofa.