Uninstalling appsHere at Android Central, we are always telling you about the latest and greatest apps. We even show off some new apps favorites every week. But, maybe you tried an app and just don't like it. You want it off you phone but just can't figure out how. No worries, follow the steps below and you will be all set!

  1. Launch the Market 
  2. Hit Menu > Downloads if you start out on the home screen 
  3. Apps are arranged by latest update. So, scroll through the list to find the app you want nothing more to do with and click it
  4. In the lower right, there is an "Uninstall" button. Click it and a window will pop up asking you to confirm your choice. Hit "Ok" and you are done

It's that simple. For users wanting a bit more info, you can go into Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. After clicking on the app, you will see a screen full of data about space used and permissions. Again, there is a handy "uninstall" button on this screen. For those on Froyo, you can also move apps to the SD card from here. 

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DaRkL3AD3R says:

I personally prefer to uninstall via the Settings > Applications > Manage Applications menu. Reason being, it removes the downloaded app from the market Downloads tab. If you uninstall it from the market, they sit until I reboot my phone :(

benmonro says:

I prefer the ADW.Launcher way. Drag the icon (from anywhere, homescreen, app list etc) over the trash can, and hold it there for a sec. a toast will come up that says "drop to uninstall." This is much better imo.

drose0 says:

LauncherPro does the same.

icebike says:

Annoyingly so.

The hold time for Launcher Pro means that you will be prompted for removal on most drags to the trash. The required hold time is too short. You have to be careful.

drose0 says:

I disagree. It is a perfectly adequate amount of time if you ask me. I've never had the problem of almost uninstalling an app by trying to remove a shortcut. Though that could be because my home screen layout hasn't changed in months.

jtwebfusion says:

Wow, didn't know ADW did that. I'll have to install hypnotoad and try it out.

bearmacerick says:

The questions is, why would someone want to uninstall Hypnotoad? ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!

Kyle Gibb says:

I had hoped someone would notice the contradiction in opposing the Hypnotoad ;)

Franklin7777 says:

The Hypnotoad demands you reinstall the Hypnotoad app!

I just use App Remover. Less clicks than this method.

Burnsj63 says:

Next how to -> "How To: How to answer a phone call"

icebike says:

Appbrain FTW.

jaymoon says:

I love the app "Uninstaller" by Rhythm Software. It shows a list of your installed apps, and offers a button to uninstall them. Takes about 2 seconds at most.

Using a launcher to delete something is handy, but you can't uninstall widgets, or other apps that don't show up in the drawer.

chefkeyser says:

Using the market or the settings to uninstall makes more sense than anything else. Why install an app just to uninstall other apps? It's a waste of space and there really is no need.

bleedblue says:

But ... but .... but why would you uninstall Hypnotoad?


johnny99 says:

How do I remove pre-installed apps like the Amazon MP3 store or Verizon Visual VM? These do not show up in the market app list or manage applications.

oomatter says:

Need to root your phone to get rid of that trash.

xarophti says:

I'm with DaRkL3AD3R, I prefer to uninstall from the Settings menu; you don't get the "third degree" of "why are you uninstalling this app"? Unless, of course, I REALLY want the Market to know it's a piece of crap. You know, I've been meaning to get around to uninstalling that silly app mysel- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!!

hansonator says:

Your satisfaction is our never ending spam this forum till we choke on our forked tongues!


I too prefer the settings>applications.. ect. route. I use appbrain if I'm logged on my laptop and see something that has to go/be replaced.

I wondered what the hell happened with the drop/uninstall on Launcher Pro. It happened by accident once and I thought that because I was in the app launcher that that was it but tried to repeat and it did nothing. I might use this now that I know how it works.

Lol at 1st line. Stupid spammers.

The launcherpro drag/drop method works for me. Quicker than doing it from the market.

But why would you want to uninstall the hypnotoad app? ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

inaudy says:

how to unistall paid apps you dont want anymore and remove them from your phone list

inaudy says:

anyone knows

inaudy says:

how to unistall paid apps you dont want anymore and remove them from your phone list

frosty2 says:

How do you uninstall unneeded apps from the org installation to sd card of nookie froyo? The nook doesn't need any of the phone apps etc.

tyangjawi says:

I just use Go Louncher Ex, to uninstal Apps I Just hold click the Apps, After that the Apps show a little uninstal button on right up of the Apps. Click the button and your Uninstal proccess will be begin.

LandLockedPH says:

Here's a question I've a always had... should you "clear cache/data" prior to uninstalling or will a simple "uninstall" do that for you?

I want to delete some apps

howbees says:

This above mentioned article is very basic and easy to normal android users who don't know much but still want to increase their devices speed.

AdamPieter says:

Have you guys ever tried Android Transfer?
cause I found a guide that mentioned it.
How to Remove Preinstalled Apps on Android