Google+ Events

Google today rolled out Events for Google+, which is a slick way to invite people to, erm, events. (Not unlike what's already on that ... other social network.

The bad thing is that right now every damned person on Google+ can invited every other damned person to their damn event. And while I love you all, I just can't make it to your birthday party in Akron this weekend. Sorry, just couldn't move the schedule.

Right now there's no way to limit who can invite you to events, and that's leading to a lot of inbox clutter. The good news is that you can at least get rid of the e-mails that are sent when you're invited to a damned event, or there's an update to a damned event, or there's a reminder about a damned event, or there's activity on a damned event that you created. Just hop into your Google+ settings, and uncheck the boxes you see above.

And while I appreciate the invite, I just can't make your son's bris this weekend. 

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iPwn says:

Thanks for the damned info.

Floss82 says:

Thank you so damn much for this phil we are not alone in this stupid yes I said idea from Google, please ask us first before adding a feature to your product smh

sralj says:

I live in Akron and didn't get a damned invite. Oh wait I didn't update G+ yet.

jfass says:

Where can I get some damn bait?

I live in Akron too...

kissfan8562 says:


Small_law says:

Hey, I'm from northeast Ohio too. And the parties in Akron are awesome.

Westfire says:

But you're still coming to our Star Wars marathon this weekend right!? Phhhillll!!!!

Can't believe you're not coming to my damned birthday in Akron! Just when you think you know someone.

jvm1982 says:

WAIT JUST A DAMN SECOND!!! How in the "H" is everyone on here from Akron??? Me included. Akron AC meetup anyone?

Duffin says:

How do you cancel a damned event?! I can't figure it out!

raerae28 says:

Only the Popular Geeks would get mad about getting invited to all the COOL parties :-)

On a more serious note... could this be one of the differences in why Google+ might never reach the popularity of Facebook? I have never really heard anyone on Facebook complain about getting an event invite or question about how they could control how many event invites they receive.

Thats something to ponder.

So wait are they populating your calendars too if you havent even accepted an event.... Now that would P!ss me off too.