Motorola Droid update

If you need some hand-holding (and there's nothing wrong with that), watch our video how-to here.

The Verizon Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update! Finally! It's finally here! Only, it's not here for everybody. Such is the way over-the-air updates go. A few people get them at first, and then the rest of us. Fortunately, you can now update manually. (Note: This method does not -- repeat: NOT -- require root access, deals with the devil or any sort of Pagan sacrifice.) Here's how.

  1. Download the update from any of these links. [Official Location 1Location 2Location 4] (Note to Mac users: Don't use Safari as it may try to extract the files rather than just download them.)
  2. Rename the file to "" if it isn't already. (Note that if you're using Windows, just change the name to "update" -- without the quotes.
  3. Put the file in the root (aka main folder) of your microSD card. (You can pull the card from the phone, or use our method here.)
  4. With your Droid turned off, hold down the letter "x" on the keyboard and then hold down the power button. You should soon see a triangle with an exclamation point inside.
  5. Now for the tricky part. Press the volume up button and the camera button at the same time. (This usually takes me a few tries.) Erm, though it's much easier if you let go of the power button first.
  6. You should now be in the bootloader. Use the D-pad to choose "update from .zip file" and choose the update. Let things run their course.

That's it! You should now be updated to Android 2.1. Congrats! We're in the midst up updating our own phones, so let us know in the comments how it's going. (But do remember that you're doing this manual update at your own risk.) [via Android Central Forums; Download links via AndroidForums and AllDroid]

Update: Killed Location 3, and renamed Location 1 to make it clear it's the official download from Google.

Update 2: OK, to answer a few of your questions:

  • This *is* the official update. The only difference is that you're installing it yourself instead of waiting for it to be pushed out to your phone. Otherwise, all is Kosher.
  • Technically, this is "Android 2.1-update1," same as what was sent to the Nexus One a month or so ago. The "-update1" part has nothing to do with installing it manually.
  • Yeah, you'll probably lose root when you apply this update. But anything worth rooting once is worth rooting twice.
  • Yes, you can do this entire process on your phone. Just download the file to the microSD card, make sure it's named "," and other wise follow the same instructions.

Reader comments

How to manually update your Droid to Android 2.1


Anyone else getting an apply_patch_check error? I removed the stock AlarmClock.apk, but I've since readded it and it still throws this...

"assert_failed: apply_patch_check" and then mentions AlarmClock.apk and a bunch of numbers.

Any help is appreciated.

So I'm having the same problem except the error has to do with Browser.apk. Now, I removed the default browser from my droid and put the Milestone browser on there. Maybe thats the issue. I don't know. But let me know if you find a fix for yours.

I had to download (which I renamed to and placed on my SDCard, then I installed the app "ROM Manager" and within ROM Manager: "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery", then "Flash Alternate Recovery", and finally Reboot into Recovery, went to Install, and then selected something about allowing to use (its a menu item, you'll see it), and finally then scrolled down to install

I'm finally on 2.1 after 4 and a half hours of messing around, but I've lost Root Access and am now running at stock CPU speed, versus 1Ghz. Was it worth it? No. Hopefully 2.1 gets rooted very soon!

This article on DroidLife is what got me to 2.1:

Got to the exclamation point screen, but pressing the cama button and the volume up at the same time isn't doing anything. Any tips?

It worked great. My boyfriend got the update by push on his phone and he doesn't seem to have a lag but I do. I hope that I can get this fixed..

Morning. Just saw this thread. Hope this isn't a newbie question, but, will this update work on an Eris?????

No this update is for the Motorola Droid, the Eris of course is made by HTC and uses Sense UI so it is a completely different brand / software build. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for HTC to push 2.1.

I think update only for moto Droid atm. we Eris users do have an unofficial 2.1 update. do a quick search here.

Thanks for the tip.
I did the 2.1 unofficial update on my previous Eris, and it worked great. A big improvement over 1.5. Then there was a hardware failure, and V. replaced it. I will wait a couple weeks for the ota update, before I do the unofficial update again.

The update worked perfectly. Downloaded the file directly to my phone, then used ASTRO File Manager to move the file from the downloads folder to the SD card root. No problems at all. The live wallpapers are pretty sweet.

another succesfull update using this method. I don't know if it was just because I was nervous, but it did seem to stay longer on the droid eye during the first boot-up after installing the update.

I had a false start, but I think it was because the file I downloaded (choice #2 above) was faulty, or it was just a bad download. I tried again with choice #3 and it worked. Although I had to hold down the x-power keys and the volume-camera key for a while to get the Droid to respond. The actual update takes a couple of minutes. Do you need to disconnect the phone from the computer while you perform the update?

When it's done, do we need "reboot system now" from the bootloader menu?

Instead of fighting with trying to push volume up and camera at the same time, after about 6 failed attempts I tried other things, pushing and holding volume up THEN pushing camera worked immediately.

This may save some of you some hassle.

Updating now.....will report back when done.


Good point... a lot of people don't realize you don't HAVE to push these 2 or 3 buttons exactly simultaneously on these phones. Same on the HTC made phones... you can hold one down and push the other one and it works great.

thanks for the tip! im a newbie to this phone, a BB convert, and loving it! the first mirror file worked great! no probs. even got the "tricky part" on the first try. i wish the update was more signifigant though. more homescreens would have been nice. but hey, at least motorola gave the masses SOMETHING to chew on.

I believe you're referring to the 3d launcher. It's been known for a while now that it wouldn't be in the update. Not sure why, but perhaps the droid couldn't handle it. Still only 3 screens, but I'm using Helix with no issues (7 screens).

To the poster about the battery, how can you be sure it hasn't improved the battery if you just installed?

I dont think this was worth all this wait! I was planning on getting the Palm Pre + and I figured, why not wait for the update for the Droid, seeing as it is so anticipated. So I waited...and waited....and patiently, WAITED! Finally this morning I get this update and I can not believe what a waste it was. It fixed nothing! Did nothing! Nothing special...Wow, live wallpapers....who cares...I dont want another product on my phone to burn through my battery...Fix my battery, give me something that I can use, not a live wallpaper...

Motorola, after waiting 2 months from the date of your supposed execution of this update, I am 110% Dissapointed.

I am going Palm Pre.

Anyone who feels the same way, email me

If you want a smaller screen, an even crappies keyboard, way worse battery life, a non existent app store, fragile hardware and GPS that flat out doesn't work (no matter what they say about worarounds... Then congratulations! The pre will be a great phone for you.

I have had both phones the whole time, and waiting for the exact same thing... what his 2.1 going to do? will it be great? BUST? or will it ever happend.... Well finally it did, and I have to say BLAH.... during this whole time, the PRE gets better, and better, and better.... and now I am selling the Droid on Craigs list?

Anyone interested? $325... to the first one who wants it.. I am tired of this, some one else can have this, and I will still with the PRE...

Palm Pre, all the way... or at least until Verizon gets the iphone. Sorry - I really like the Droid, but its just lacking that something? The Pre and the iphone provides, the smooth, working of a device... I really like the APPS for the Droid, but I will have to suffer on that end for a little while, while the WebOS contiues to move at GOOD speed may I add... Sorry - But I have to do what I have to do, and I will miss the Droid....

Are you sure about that? Have you ever actually used a palm pre?? They are slow as fuck compared to the droid. Not to mention lacking in the app department. Enjoy getting frustrated with the gesture only navigation too.

Well if you were disappointed by the lack of features in this update you're not going to be happy with a Pre. I had a Pre (as did many here) and left for Android, because the only true benefit that webOS has over Android is the card / multi-tasking interface and guess what, that shit gets old as you find it bitches at you for having too many cards open but you have NONE open sometimes even on fresh restarts! The app selection is way worse, the speed isn't that great and the hardware is pure junk. I'm sorry but that BS slider idea needs to go back to the drawing board because it is faulty as hell. Anyway, good luck with that.

I have the pre now.. and I have rooted and overclocked it to 800mhz... and this thing is faster than my droid... its amazing.. I am not unhappy... I have been using them both, and I do like the droid very much... dont get me wrong... but the Pre is just super fast with the new Overclock that I have, and installing all patches from the HomeBrew Team - at PreCentral... they are great... Just like Androidcentral..... Dont get me wrong.. the Droid is Great... but i just see a bit more future -- ie depending on when Google buys them, and i think WEBOS is wild.... I dont know.. I am just getting tired of all the promises you know... it gets old... Dont you guys?

Ive had the droid since day 1. I switched to palm pre + when it came out. I really enjoyed it, the form factor, but all in all, I returned it after 3 weeks and went back to my droid. I do miss some things about it, but it lagged compared to the droid. the gesture concept was awesome and it is truely a multitasking machine and swtching between apps was som much easier. I just wish it had a better screen (like the droid) and was faster and had the support by the developers out there like the droid. It is not a joke. I say give it a try and see for yourself.

used link 4, no problems.

Note: reboot takes longer then usual the first time.



Thanks for the links. I had been running a DroidMod but was looking to get the real thing and was going to be traveling and didn't want to wait for the ota update. Ran the update and it appears to have worked. Thanks again.


I Called my phone, and use the "answer phone" function on the Blueant Z9i, and it FREAKING WORKED!!!! No phone touch required.

can anybody else confirm?

Not in a car, no external help, just my blueant and the droid.


I downloaded the update and now my phone is stuck cycling between the droid and red eye boot animations. Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

I'm having a problem moving the .zip file to the SD root folder via Astro (I'm at work and can't use the computer) - I can only find the root folder on what appears to be not on my SD card - I can't even find a folder named root on my sd card - any suggestions??

The root folder isn't a folder called root--it's the base folder on your SD card. Go up in the file structure of the card as far as you can, and that's root.

Using Astro, put the file in the /sdcard folder, thats the root of the SD card. I was accidentally trying to put it in the "/" directory which is the root directory of the phone, not the SD card.

I did the manual install and everything works perfectly, with the exception that I can't seem to install Google Earth. It does not appear in the Market on my phone, nor can I use the link at to have it install. What I get is an error message that flashes so briefly I can't make out what it says.

Worked like a charm. Downloaded from Location 1..
Took about 5 minutes.. All good. Live wallpapers.. so far so good..


update was easy, but why no extra screens?? I'd rather not use a third party app to get extra screens. ya know? other than that all is well!

Is it true the OVA update changes the number of screens to 9? If so, if you use the manual way will you still get the OVA at some point to get the additional screens?

Thank you!

The update worked great for me! Thanks guys! Both my wife's and mine are now 2.1 inside of 10 minutes! :-)

updated and testing, not a fan of the new basic keyboard set up, i'm kind of in tune with my comma button and not have to hit two keys rather than one. Sure, i can drop the speech to text but can't the button be someplace less common than the comma area. lol get it...nm. groan. Still testing, hope to see some good points here :D

First time poster, be gentle - I bruise easily.

So is this the update that Verizon promised will be rolled out Thursday? (tomorrow?) If I wait a day at a minimum, can I save myself from having to follow these steps? Or should I just go ahead and update?

Just updated - totally worth it. Took about 5 minutes. The Live Wallpaper alone makes the update worth it. I was pinch zoom worked in the onboard Office app though. Plus, the comma key getting the boot for the speech-to-text key is kinda annoying. Other than that, awesome update.

I did the update, however I can't get multi-touch to work in the browser. Is there something that needs to be turned on???

Not exactly the greatest thing in the world. Always a letdown when the update is actually available. It is good but can never live up to the expectations and hope. Plus, HTC has now made me lust for the new 4G phone on Sprint, so I can't quite be totally happy now no matter how great 2.1 is on the Droid.

I bet you the nexus one is going to have 2.2 in a week and we are all going to be pissed as all hell. I WANT 2.2 NOW!

Live Wallpapers
Speech to Text - SMS and email tested, similar to the navigation. Enunciate fools.
Gallery is very nice. Where did I miss that it would sync with your Picassa account. Simply sick.
Pinch zoom on the native browser. Uninstalled the Dolphin browser, returning to the stock browser.

Worth waiting for the update. Simple to install via the instructions provided by Phil, or using Astro (as mentioned earlier in the thread) to move to root.

Have upped the brightness timeout and haven't killed any apps to informally and unscientifically look at the battery life.

Well done Android Central and Phil.

Installed perfectly on my. You're right, the "volume up" + "camera" button combo and take a couple of tries but it works. Thanks for posting this. Loving the live wallpapers. Is the pinch zoom and option somewhere or should it be enabled for all applications or just certain applications?

HELP!! Anyone have any suggestions? After choosing to reboot after the installing the update, my Moto Droid has been cycling through the red eye and droid logo for now over an hour!! My phone was stock and didn't have any rooting or software versions prior. What should I do? Pull the battery? Very worried about bricking my phone here.

Do I need to extract the files to the main folder? I downloaded directly to my phone, but ASTRO won't let me move it.

Used the link straight from Google at
to make sure it was legit. Advantages:
1) Got the download on my OWN schedule
2) Installed much faster than the Verizon-predicted 40 minute phone OTA update
3) Painless

-Problems noted so far:
1) I can't download Google Earth (download unsuccessful), but there could just be a download-overload going on
2) My DockAwake App swapped the "lighting" and "Home" icons around.. wierd

**When you all get a chance, let's create a 2.1 "Bug List" forum for all of the Apps that didn't make the transition.**


re "Used the link straight from Google at ... to make sure it was legit".. that's a good point.

What's the vetting process like for these unofficial official updates? How do we know that they are the same update as the OTA update?

Everything seems to be working great with the exception of the multi-touch on the native browser and I can't download anything from the market...every time I try it says there's an error....

Scratch that, multi touch working on browser, still can dl from market.

Worked Like a charm. Thanks to the community for getting this out there since I was too anxious to wait. With both the original homescreens and the 7 available with the helix launcher I we now have up to 10 homescreens available to customize. As much as I travel I am interested to see how much the maps live wallpaper will suck the battery. It's a cool Idea but we'll have to see how efficient it is. I already had the maps update as well as google earth, but it is nice to get multitouch in the browser.

thanks for the update! now that i did that, whats going to happen when the OTA update rolls out?

well... I got it from Mirror 3, and it said everything was unpacked and worked, and then when I rebooted it, I can't see any differences. How can I verify that it worked? any suggestions, I'm not overly phone savvy.

I dont have any folder named Root or anything I can figure would be Root. There is a folder names Android, but not sure of thats it or not. I am too chicken I will wait for the official update......

When they say the Root folder, they are referring to the very first folder on your SD card. As soon as you plug it in and select "Removable Disk" on Windows, that's the root folder.

Don't worry about being chicken; I downloaded and installed the update in all of five minutes. Works like a charm.

Ummm...I had no idea the gallery app would automatically start pulling in my Picasa web albums!!!! THAT IS EPIC! Makes me glad I've been a Picasa user for so long...

Update worked flawless. Just a couple of things that might help. The easiest way to transfer the file to the phone is with a USB cord for those of you that have one. If not, download Astro File Manager and move it into the Root(main) directory. I had trouble trying to press the volume and camera buttons at the same. This IS NOT necessary. Press and hold the volume up button THEN press the camera button....worked great for me. Reboot takes a long time as others have pointed out. I also noticed massive lag when switching between home screens right after boot but that has gone away now and everything runs smooth.
Running Neural Network as wallpaper and new gallery kicks ass. Don't forget to d/l Google Earth from the market.

THE 2ND LOCATION DOESN'T WORK. I used that one the first time, and a different bootloader launched...I downloaded it again from location 3, and everything went fine!

I just had the same problem, I am not sure which download I did originally, but i went back and downloaded from the first "Official 1" update. Then I renamed it and put it in the root directory. I had tried it in the "dcim" directory, since that is where most of my stuff is, but it came up with the same error you had. Try getting the "official 1" update and put it in the "main root directory" which means if you plug in your droid and it comes up as Drive E, just drop the into E and go through the process. I did that and mine just popped up as I was typing this out. Good luck.

Umm. everything went fine until I went to apply
(I downloaded from first site)

It says:

E:Can't open/cache/recovery/command
--Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package..
Verifying update package...
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

What do I do know? i followed every step but now this comes up. Can I turn off the power and restart the phone or do i have to do something else now? I dont want to ruin/brick the phone. Any help? My phone is not rooted or anything.

I should have just waited...

Yes, i can select "reboot system now"
Is it ok to do that and the phone will return to how it was? Thanks,

Rename the file to UPDATE. Don't add the .zip, and it should work. Took me 4 times to figure that one out. Damn Vista.

If I have my phone currently on silent and do this update, when it gets done and comes back on, will it still be one silent or is it going do say "DROID!!!" really loud? I need to know, because I can't have it going off at work.

I haven't done the update yet, about to, but after reading all these comments, I need to speak up...

I switched from a Blackberry Curve to the Droid the day it came out. I am a business owner and get about 200-250 emails per day that I have to reply to. My productivity has gone down about 10-15% going from Blackberry to Droid. The keyboard is a complete waste, I never open it, it just makes my phone bigger than it should be. But the most frustrating thing about the phone, is the constant lag, bugs, crashes, and just lack of response to various COMMON phone functions.

That's what I want fixed. I really could care less about any new feature. F pinch/zoom, F the new gallery, F live wallpapers, why would I want more new things to slow down my phone? I want the PHONE to work as a phone!

I'm tired of often typing ahead of the onscreen keyboard only to realize that when the words come up, half are misspelled because the onscreen keyboard sensitivity on this phone is crap. My fiance has a Droid Eris with 1.6 and that onscreen keyboard is 100x more accurate in both modes (horizontal/vertical) then the Droid's. Is that fixed in the update?

I'm tired of the WAIT / FORCE CLOSE on CORE APPS! Messaging, Gmail, Maps, Browser! I just want to use the phone for 90% phone. The apps are great and that's the reason I'm still with the phone, but I actually need to use this phone for productivity, not just as a toy.

My buddy has one of the first android phones, the HTC (white one, can't remember the name) and its running 1.6 - also truly makes my phone look so much worse than his. His flies. It never hangs up. Never crashes. Keyboard is accurate. Switching from horizontal to vertical modes, is pretty much instantaneous, while I have to shake my phone half the time for it to realize I turned it.

Even the common things like pushing the home button or back button, is hit or miss. Sometimes its instant, other times it take 3-4 seconds, and other times it just won't go and tell me to WAIT / FORCE CLOSE and after finally go when it decides to.

Now I know this isn't the hardware. I know other Droid owners like my brother who experience the same thing. This is my second one, as my first one did this and I exchanged it thinking it was a lemon, its not.

Of course the critics here will start dissecting my apps, and why my phone lags. I dont have many apps, as I said, I use the phone mostly for common things.

I have Gesture - because unlike Blackberry where you can type a few letters of a name on the homescreen and find them subcutaneously among the 1000+ contacts, on this phone, scrolling is a bitch. So I had to get an app that would shortcut to a name quickly - still about 30x longer than blackberry if you ask me.

Twitdroid, My Verizon, Movies, Yelp, Got To Do, Google Maps, visual voice mail, places directory, tuner - gstrings (for guitar tuning).

That's it. I don't think that's a lot of apps and as you can tell they are mostly productive apps, for me being on the go.

So I guess I'm reaching out to everyone, and asking, am I really the only one who is hoping that this update just makes the phone work as it works... with the core features it came with out of the box, and could care less about the 'new' features?

Here goes nothing...

My advice would be to head back to your local Verizon store to look into getting your particular unit exchanged. We have two Droids in my family, and we are very heavy business users as well. And I can honestly say that neither of us has EVER experienced what you are reporting. My experience has been that the core apps are absolutely bulletproof. Since late December, I've never experienced the crash of a core app. And the performance of both of our phones is very snappy. I've never experienced any kind of lag, or the ability to type ahead of the display.

The only time I've ever experienced any unstable apps is with some buggy third party apps purchased from the Marketplace. But for 99 cents, I figure I get what I get.

Seriously, your experience is 180 degrees counter to mine.

Thanks - last time I went and exchanged for this one, it was a big ordeal - took 2 hours to get them to do it - but if this update doesn't fix it I will.

One thing - I run multiple gmail accounts, one is a google apps (company email account) the other is a gmail...

I dont know if that matters, but I'm trying to list any possible differences that may be causing this for me. Thanks DDancer.

I also have two Gmail accounts, one personal and one from business G-Apps account. My Droid has had none of the problems you describe. It has had very few force closes, mostly on third party apps, one or twice in Google Maps. However I do hate the email handling compared to BB.

I just did the update and am now going to see if it is now able to handle my exchange server account, etc. I have lost my non-Gmail accounts 3 times (before update for no apparent reason) and have had to reenter them. Then the mail headers and bodies are sometimes mismatched. I really hope that this is fixed. The fact that the accounts are still there after the update bodes well. Everything else is fine. No lags as has been reported. Don't know about battery yet.

I used the official first link - downloaded on phone - renamed to "update" moved to root of SDCard with Astro... slick.

Glad I don't have to wait for verizon and their crap OTA update... Lame way to do it.

It did take a while for my system to fully reboot - stuck on that "droid eye" for several minutes.

Firmware is now: 2.1-update1

Ok so my buddy who didnt update says he cant get on the market either right now. So overload looks like this is the issue.

Can you still root your Droid after updating? I heard mumblings not too far back that the official update may remove the ability to root your Droid and I'd prefer to have that option.

I am having an issue... i rebooted it after loading the update successfully... and it doing from DROID to the loading eye over and over again... anyone else having this issue?

yes, but having that issue after downloading system updates directly from phone/OS menu. How do I get my phone back!!! keeps looping the "DROID" icon but never!

"I am having an issue... i rebooted it after loading the update successfully... and it doing from DROID to the loading eye over and over again... anyone else having this issue?" YES IT WILL STAY ON THE DROID EYE FOR A MINUTE OR TWO. THEN IT WILL LOAD UP.

actually no it won't. mine has been going between the eye and the droid word for a long time and it has yet to start up so instead of answering like that try and understand we have been waiting for longer than a minute or two and it WILL NOT START UP, JUST KEEPS CYCLING. HELP US!!!


This blows. I tried Location 1 first, then Location 2 with the same result. Update seems to go fine, but it will not boot. Any suggestions?

did you ever figure this out? i updated system directly from phone/OS and now it won't boot...stuck in the "DROID" icon screen. help! i've pulled battery a million times, let it work overnight...for hours and it won't boot.

Don't want to sound like a newbie but someone please help me. I use to be a BB user and I never had any problems doing any updates (official or not) but with this one I can't seem to get. I have download the files but WINRAR opens up file and when I extract file, it treats the contents of file as individual file of its own. I have tried to made a folder ( and placed all the files back in but when I move to droid and do update it get an error. I have a feeling that WINRAR is the root of my problem but need help getting around this issue. Thanks

Do not extract the file you download. Just rename the zip file you download to (if it is named differently) and drop it in the SD card top level folder and follow the steps mentioned in this entry. Good luck!

AMAZING! I was so excited that I did the entire manual update from my phone immediately upon reading this!

Went to the download link from Browser, used Astro file manager app to move the .ZIP file and rename it, and VOILA! Worked for me the first time and after reboot all is 100%!

If you want any tips as to how I did it (if you are at work, too, and can't wait to be at a computer) feel free to ask any questions.

I simply had to "use restroom" to get it done.


Google - Android - DROID FO' LYFE!

Just updated from Location 1 and everything went perfectly. New features are nice, but the additional homescreens is what I was really waiting for, and didn't see. I also notice that when I look at my About Phone screen it says I'm running 2.1-update 1. Is that because I did the manual update or is that would it would say after the OTA update too? Also, if for whatever reason I wanted to go back to 2.0.1, maybe just to see how long the OTA would take to get to me, is there a way to do that?


For those agonizing over Market Download not working --

I tried download with my 2.0.1 Droid just now, and guess what? "Downloads Unsuccessful"

So don't FRET! It's not the Upgrade

Just downloaded and installed 2.1. " 3 HOME SCREENS???? ". BIG FAT "FAIL!!!" I mean really. All the other improvements are nice. Don't get me wrong. I just think that an extra couple of home screens would be more productive. I like my widgets and shortcuts, but how many can I use on 3 home screens? Oh, I know, I will just Download and install Something like "Helix launcher", just what I need another app on my phone to take up more space on my already limited memory that should've been included in the core OS

Is anyone else getting consistent failures when downloading/updating apps from the market? I am 0 for 10 right now.

Hey Guys,
Thanks a lot for the update file! Really helpful.
I just had a quick question. Once I apply this update, will I still receive an OTA notification (if I'm one of the several people who might get their updates tomorrow afternoon)?

Thanks much!

Nope. Once you have manually updated you're done. You will not get any OTA updates/notifications. You already have it!

I'm officially 2.1 now (along with everyone else who got the update :P) and its really good!

Works like a charm.

Definitely DL it to your phone and use Astro to rename and move to main folder of your SD card. I hit the volume up and power key the first time then realized my error and used the camera button. Rebooted and everything appears to be working. Haven't fully checked everything out though.

If you get the red eye that goes back to the droid spelling itself out, you have to wipe the cache and also do the other restart option listed under the option on the boot screen. You will lose all info on your phone that is not saved onto your sd card. If you have a gmail account, once you sync your gmail account, all your contact will return. You can also back them up on your service providers website. Also, anything you downloaded from the market can be re-downloaded at no charge. When you open up the market, press the menu button, then press the downloads button. Everything you have ever downloaded is listed.

I was hoping it wouldn't come to that but I can't not have a phone while I wait.

It is indeed the factory reset option, and it does leave you with 2.1. Now I just have to restore my preferences and stuff. Thanks for the tip; I wasn't sure what was backed up in my google account already.

I'm having the same problem as 2 others have mentioned. Stuck going between the Eye and "Droid." Just back and forth endlessly. I've tried multiple reboots, and multiple battery removals. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Worked like a charm, I thought this new build was supposed to add more non-live wallpapers as well? Does anyone know anything about that? Live wallpapers are very cool though.

Perfect !! I followed @Droidn 's recommendation on using the Google direct link for the file. Took a few minutes. Initial reboot takes a few moments longer, Dont Panic

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Tip: #Droid 2.1 Manual Update, This is the direct link from Google w/ the .Zip file Instructions:

Don't name it rename the file to just update. It's already a zip file. you can rename it in the sd folder and it will work or rename it on the folder you put it in, or on your desktop either way it will work after that.

I keep getting
E:Can't open/cache/recovery/command
--Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package..
Verifying update package...
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

I am downloading the file to my pc. Renaming it and moving it to my sdcard while it's mounted. I boot into the command screen on my phone and try to update but I keep getting an error. Do I need to unzip the file before I transfer it to my phone?

Just went through the process..
Mac user- it came with a zip file, and a regular file.. do i need to move the actual file that came with also?
I just dragged the .zip right onto the SD card icon. not in any particular folder on the card.
I updated it and nothing is different.. still have the app drawer and everything. but i did a simple check and i do have live wallpapers.
Did the update work?
or was i just anticipating a lot more?

Yes. Sounds like the update worked for you. Check "Settings -> About Phone" the firmware version should read 2.1-update1.

The 2.1 update does not include too many cosmetic changes, but is pretty good. Check out the gallery, multi touch in the maps, browser etc.

The LED light works perfectly well. It only turns on when you get a notificaton and only if your screen is ***completely off***. That is a black screen, no background light. I figured this out when I unplugged and place it in my pocket. I have that developer screen always on feature on so I was all confused about this too. The light of the physcial keyboard works for me as well.

Can one of you confirm this for me please? I hope it's just not my phone but I downloaded the manual update from the Google link. The trusted source.

Cool!! WAYYY easier than all the crap I went through with my storm. Also u don't have to press camera and volume up simultaneously, just press one than the other

The news and weather Widgets are great. And there are some pretty cool live wallpapers in the market. Extra homescreens would have been nice though. The camera seems a little faster at taking poor pictures though.

I have been stuck on the white Morotola M logo for about ten minutes, three times. After removing the battery.

I haven't seen anyone else stuck with this yet.

I tried to do the download directly on my phone, but it says my phone can't download a .zip file. Any suggestions? I would do it through my laptop, but I won't be home for awhile and want my update now!!

Tried to download to my droid and it says "content not supported on this phone" what do I do?

My sywpe stopped working but thats about it....I guess ill just have to speak my emails.......mmmuuhahaha!!

Install went well except for galleries , when I attempt to open galleries I get a force close notice, I don't know what's up with that?

I have the file on the sd card and it shows up there in the Astr directory. When I get to bootloader I have the folowing warning
E:Can't open/cache/recovery/command
Then if I select apply anyway despite the above
I get this:
Install from sd card
Finding update package
Opening update package
Verifying updae package
E:failed to open/sdcard/ (no such file or directory)
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

What is wrong? Am I just a ****ass?
I transfered the file with a usb.
Please advise.

If i do this will i still get future OTA updates? And im hearing physical keypad doesnt light up and LED light doesnt work right. maybe ill just wait for official update OTA

The LED light works perfectly well. It only turns on when you get a notificaton and only if your screen is ***completely off***. That is a black screen, no background light. I figured this out when I unplugged and place it in my pocket. I have that developer screen always on feature on so I was all confused about this too. The light of the physcial keyboard works for me as well.

Can one of you confirm this for me please? I hope it's just not my phone but I downloaded the manual update from the Google link. The trusted source.

The LED light works perfectly well. It only turns on when you get a notificaton and only if your screen is ***completely off***. That is a black screen, no background light. I figured this out when I unplugged and place it in my pocket. I have that developer screen always on feature on so I was all confused about this too. The light of the physcial keyboard works for me as well.

Can one of you confirm this for me please? I hope it's just not my phone but I downloaded the manual update from the Google link. The trusted source.

Ive tried 3 update. Followed instructions to the letter. GUess I will have to wait for the OTA

Easy as pie. You can hold down the volume up button and THEN press the camera button to get into the bootloader. Note that it will tell you when it's done and you then go back to the bootloader menu which will give you the option to reboot the system.

Verification can be found under "Settings -> About Phone"

I'm a novice and downloaded everything in about 4 minutes and had no issues. The eye screen didn't seem to stay on too long either. The only thing I don't get is the "Gallery". It just floats around and stays on the camera "square". How do I togle it to video?

After updating, I was getting a continual cycle between DROID and red eye. Had waited several minutes, then power cycles, etc., but always came back stuck in this cycle. Tried using clear cache option, but no success. Finally did the wipe user data (removed sd card before doing this) and after this, it booted with the 2.1 update. Of course, now have to restore the phone configuration.

I am rooted. Do i need to unroot before applying this update? Or will this Official 2.1 over-write my rooted ROM and everything when launched from recovery menu?

Kinda a Noob - thanks!

Well to the impatient Droid owners who couldn't just wait a day for the OTA update, it does intact include more screens (3,5,7,9), 3D application drawer and multitouch on native apps. For those of you who are believing the users saying "no that's not true" (because they are on denial that their unsuggested manual update was an epic fail) then go too android's website and read the patch notes. Face the facts, if Verizon or Motorola thought they could release a manual update without problems they would have. Proving that OTA is safe and features the full 2.1.1 update.

I had the same results. Tried it over and over with different update files. The only think that seems to be broken is the Gallery app is no londer installled. Now I am concerned that I won't get the OTA update if the phone looks like it already running 2.1 Update1. I will let you know if I find a fixx...

I loaded the file and it seems to have upgraded without issue, except when I boot up the phone I see nothing different from my 2.0???? In the about section it states I'm on 2.1 but I have none of the 2.1 features. Please help

to Anonymous 14:42 - care to provide a link to that assertion?

Update worked fine for me (site 1). First boot did take a while, and the "Home icons not showing up" that was happening to me before the upgrade was still happening after. (Using Panda alternate, which is working fine.)

Loving the new Gallery. Haven't tried the live wallpapers or pinch-to-zoom browser yet.

Did the update...Firmware version reads "2.1-Update1" that right?

Grr...still no ability to add a signature for an Exchange email account or change the first day of the week in the gmail calendar from Sunday to Monday....

Man, whats with you people? All these problems im reading about after people are MANUALY udating there phone. Cant you guys wait a day or two for the OTA update. When are people gonna realize that if its not a natural process theres gonna be flawed phones. now All you people that Manually updated your phones have problems. Cant you people wait for the update to take place??????????

i feel like android 2.1 was given way too much attention(huge exaggeration on way). it just made my droid slower and the pinch to zoom is too slow.

Awesome! Thanks for the links and how-to.
Note: My DROID is fast! A couple of co-workers that have iphone 3G's noted how responsive it was.

Also: If you have a shortcut to the gallery, re-make it.

Do you have to reboot the phone after it says installation from SD card successful or does it do it on it's own? I've tried rebooting it, but the phone just boots into 2.0.1 again. Help?

Well it looks like my Droid was made in someother part of China, Download unsuccessful and phone can't support content???

Thank you AC!!

Followed your directions step-by-step, no problems at all!

The live backgrounds. . .are. . . so. . . beautiful!

Wonder how long my battery will last with the google map background?

And worth it just do download google earth app.

Hey - quick request: if you come across a similar update for the Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 (perhaps nicked from our German cousins), could you post it up?

I installed and i love it!
is there a way to get back to custom rom any chance?
im kind of paranoid and want to get the OTA update.

I installed and i love it!
is there a way to get back to *stock* rom any chance?
im kind of paranoid and want to get the OTA update.

I just did it... but I am getting "E:signature verification failed" "Installation aborted" when I tried to apply sdcard: HELP!

Downloaded from the Google Link, followed the instructions and the update seemed to install well. When I reboot, the phone seems to be looping through the opening sequence: "Droid", red eye, "Droid" red eye. This has happened 15 or twenty times. I'm letting it go, but somethng doesn't feel right.

Again, everything up to the point of rebooting after the update (from the menu) ran as described.

The only things not stock on this unit are Home++ and Better Keyboard.

I hope I don't have to do a factory reset. That would suck.

I had success in upgrading the phone, thanks you guys. I would like to see how many of you are as ticked as I am about Verizon, Google, or Motorola leaving out the additional screens and the 3D app drawer.

First of all WHY should they be Nexus exclusive? I have a feeling this has to to with Verizon, but I have no proof. I like the live wallpaper and the drawer app would have been cool, but I expected additional screens regardless. Wow what a disappointment.

I love my droid, but it could be so much better. GOOGLE I THOUGHT ANDROID WAS OPEN! Why are you caving into manufactures and providers, stand your ground we have your back. We buy your stuff because we hate your competition.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Worked great. Followed instruction and installed. Thanks. Trying the new features of the new wall paper and the pinch and zoom in the browser.

Kinda the same
The new Gallery is AWESOME!
I don't have to type to text anymore
Updating this phone is so much better and about 45 minutes faster then updating a blackberry.

Animated Wallpaper slows the performance a bit, no biggie

I absolutely love this update!!! Now come on FLASH so I can watch me some HULU!


I unrooted my Droid, then manually updated to the official 2.1 firmware. I still have the Superuser Permissions icon in my apps, although I can verify that it is no longer rooted. The 2.1 update successfully installed and everything works well, but I have a short in my headphone jack so I will need to do a warranty exchange. Obviously, I need to have this Ninja off my screen. I have done factory resets/data cache wipes. All to no avail. Any thoughts?

*HELP*~ I am attempting the first step-
"Downloading the update"
I Tried all 3 Links-
Official Location 1
Location 2
Location 4

I Am Getting The Following Error:

Cannot download. The contect is not supported by this phone.

**Please Help me get around this**

First, thanks androidcentral, for helping us do this. Unfortunately, I'm struggling.

I've tried about 15 times to download all links (1,2,4) and I keep getting this message- "Cannot download. The content is not supported on this phone." I have a Motorola Droid.

I don't know why I'm having trouble. I charged my battery. Can you offer advice?

I tried to download Location 1 from the site and I get; "Cannot Download. The content is not supported on this phone."

Props to you guys! I was a little hesitant, but my lack of patience got the better of me. I have manually updated to 2.1 with no problems.

Did the update on two DROIDs, mine and my wife's, with no issues. Downloaded the file from location 1, renamed to "", copied to the DROID via USB cable, moved the file to the root of the SDCard and followed the rest of the instructions. If you use the USB method you will need to disconnect the cable before you can see the file with ASTRO file manager to be able to move it. My only question is where can I find a list of new features and fixes that are included in this update?

during the "volume up button and camera button" part, push the volume up first, hold it, then push the camera button.

Should I rename the file before I put it in the main sd folder or should i rename after?? Or does it matter???

I have a Samsung Galaxy Android phone and I really need an easy way to upgrade to 2.1. Do you know if there is an easy way to upgrade a Samsung?

your contacts should be loaded in your gmail account attached to your phone. just do a sync again and you should be good.

your contacts should be loaded in your gmail account attached to your phone. just do a sync again and you should be good.

Try the helix home page replacment. Awesome! I abandoned my slow, FC-ridden, paid version of OpenHome for the free helix, it's fantastic.

I'm having a major problems when I got to install the launch 2.1 apk file to me Motorola droid phone, the download seems to load fine, but when I goto launch the application I get a error message showing application failed to load ... I tried everything there is to get this to work and still does not work ... could anyone help me with this problem!

Has anyone else noticed that the timestamps on their photos are off? Mine are 7 hours earlier than when I actually took them. why?

I'm having major problems when I go to install the launch 2.1 apk file to my Motorola droid phone, the download seems to load fine, but when I goto launch the application I get an error message showing application failed to load ... I tried everything there is to get this to work and nothing seems to happen ... could anyone help me with this problem!

Once this update is installed, is it possible to go back to old version? if yes how.
When the OTA update comes will that still install if my phone already has this update ?

so i used link number 2 and did the update. now when i am on the site why does it say "download facebook for your Hero" at the bottom? i have a moto droid. when i had it rooted it said sholes so at least it was close.

Same here. I was expecting the same "flying" menu, but didn't see anything flying. I updated three times thinking I did something wrong. Still the same. I think someone mentioned above that it only comes with the OTA updates. How weird is that.

So I updated and I used the first location and it worked fine. And I'm noticing that I still have the pull up menu bar, instead of the one I've seen where you push the menu button on the screen and the menu "flys" onto the screen. Was that supposed to be on the update for Droid?

The original article states, "Technically, this is "Android 2.1-update1," same as what was sent to the Nexus One a month or so ago. The "-update1" part has nothing to do with installing it manually."

What I don't understand is that everything I've read tells me that this is NOT the same update that was pushed to the Nexus One, and that the whole reason it was delayed 3 months was because Motorola and Verizon had to make changes to make it compatible with the Droid and to make it "Kosher" with the Verizon network.

If this truly IS the same thing Nexus One got, I definitely do NOT want to install this on my Droid due to possible hardware/network incompatibilities. On the contrary, IF this is the same thing Nexus One got, then why is it missing features? How would it know what device it's installing itself onto and what features to remove from itself unless Verizon and or Motorola removed them previously?

I hate how long it's taking, but unless someone can prove that these files were obtained from Verizon or Motorola, I don't want to take the risk of running into all the problems I've been reading about.

I keep getting this error message:
"Download unsuccessful. The content is not supported on this phone."

Update worked perfectly as described.

Used download link 1.

Followed instructions step-by-step.

Phone booted right up after install, no problems.

All custom settings that I had put on the phone were still in place after the update.

All personal content (pictures, contacts, etc) were still present after install.

A lot of people seem to think that they need to "unzip" the file after downloading it. DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE. Just rename it to "Update" (without the quotes) and install it to the mail level of your SD card.



Works great.

Thanks for the links and instructions. Much appreciated.

Hey, got the update finally but nothing seems any different , The only thing is the pinch zoom in the gallery... I do not have multiple home screens like it said we should , anyone no what's up?... Camera slightly better with taking pic. still a little slow

If anyone knows what to do to fix this home screen problem help please....



I'm clicking the "official location 1" link on this web site, but I keep getting a message about a Google server error. What gives?

Great update and easy instruction on how to install it. But there's one thing I did not get in this update which is Pinch to zoom in regular mobile browser. But oh well..... ty god....I have xscope for pinch to zoom and it faster to load too.

Just downloaded via here, but still only three screens. how do i get more like they promised plus apps screen still looks the same from the pics i saw it should be black background and look different scrolling to the bottom, pinch zoom and live wallpapers are there. will the ota from Verizon have these? will i still get the ota? please help I am a new droid owner converted from bb storm. (this phone is much better)

I just got the official update notification on my phone this morning, sweet. Took about 5min whole process. Now I believe it's here.

I dloaded and installed the 2.1 update just now .. went smooth and wall of the new features work perfect .. one main problem .. the fps is noticeably slower. Terrible framerate. The same games i played on 2.0.1 now work choppy and crappy on 2.1. 2d games - ex: nesoid emulator from market that allows you to play Nintendo roms, is much slower and more choppy. Hopefully verizon puts out something soon to fix this because it is a known problem. If you search it you will find multiple forums now. Just search: android 2.1 update slows fps/ graphics processing. Lets get the word out there people.
- Sgt Slaughter

Notes on Installation (especially for newbies):

1) The "root" is the root, not a main folder to be technical about it. That is, place the "" file in "X:\" (without the quotes and where X is the drive letter assigned to the microSD card by Windows)

2) Hold the Volume Up key first and then press the Camera Shutter Button.

3) To select "apply" click the D-pad on the right side if held horizontal or click the D-pad on the down side if held vertical (right side up for reading the screen).

Worked great.

My phone failed the push update, I think because of a poor internet connection. This took care of it

Did the update but my location changed, it says i am at 333 Ivy Crest Dr. but that is not where i live. I live on the otherside of the same town that that street name is in. Anyone know why it did that and how it can be changed? Thanks.

I know this is extremely old, but i just got this dumb phone and am in great need of these updates!! I've been trying for hours can anybody help? i downloaded astro but cannot move the file....all the links are now useless so im using somebody please help