HTC Droid Incredible

For those of you who just can't wait to get that maintenance update for the HTC Droid Incredible, we've got the download location and instructions. It's all on the up and up, it's just that you're manually applying the update instead of waiting on it. It's the exact same update. Here you go:

  1. Grab the OTA file here from the Android Central Forums.
  2. Make sure it's named
  3. Copy it to the root (base directory) of your SD card.  Don't put it in any folders, and don't put it on the internal memory.
  4. Shut your phone off
  5. While holding the volume down button, turn the phone back on.
  6. In the white Bootloader screen, select recovery from the list.
  7. In the recovery screen (the triangle with exclamation mark), press volume up and power.  You'll go to the recovery menu.
  8. In the recovery menu, select "apply"
  9. The phone will find the file, and when finished prompt you to reboot.  Reboot via the menu, then patiently wait for the phone to reboot, and enjoy.

A reminder that if you're rooted, this'll break it. Need more help? Find it in our Droid Incredible Forums.


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How to manually apply the Droid Incredible maintenance update


I'm inclined to agree, though my wifi and browser doesn't seem any worse, they're certainly not any better. And let's not forget this ridiculous VCast App store....what a waste of space. Useless and not carrying anything that isn't already available in the market, for the most part.

Sprint has offered to buy out my contract. I think it's time to move on.

Is there anything really beneficial to this update? I have not gotten my OTA yet. Should I choose not to update?

Just applied the update. There is not too much different, but it did delete my homescreen setup all my screens were blank. I just loaded one of my prior scenes and it was no problem. I can definitely say that live wallpapers are much snappier now, all my issues regarding the screen rotation sensitivity are gone. I'm pretty happy with this update everything seems just a hair faster.

This exact same thing happened to me. (downloaded and updated manually last night) All screens were blank. But one more reboot put everything back in order. I've noticed this morning that the charge is not dropping as quickly.

I received the OTA update notification on my rooted Dinc overnight, but when I accepted that it reboot the phone, nothing happenned. I went to updates inn the phone menu, but it said my phone is up to date. No Vcast store in programs either. Is thi due to Unrevoked root? Do I have to do a manual install? Thanks

If you're rooted, you don't want this. One, if you get it to work, you will lose root. I did not update, as I am rooted. However, if you have ROM Manager, and your still using the stock ROM, I suggest getting Viruous ROM. You won't notice much difference from stock, except a few things that are better. You're battery life might improve, your battery indicator will have the percentage listed. It is just as snappy as the stock, as it is based from the stock rom, just a few changes. Anyway, the ROM builder incorporates the updates into the ROMs. When more updates come out, they update the ROM. It's a PIA to start changing the ROMs, but once you do, you'll find something you like, and just make sure you back up with Titanium so all your data and apps can be loaded back up.

Does anyone know how to deny the OTA update for good. It pops up too much I'm rooted and happy without it. Thanx

Does anyone know how to deny the OTA update for good. It pops up too much I'm rooted and happy without it. Thanx

There is some bloatware, but I have noticed improved battery life without a bump charge. I got an extra 3 hours out of the battery before having to charge today with moderate use. There are also noticeable performance improvements, I don't have issues with live wallpaper slowing down my homescreen scrolling like I did before. The app drawer scrolling is much smoother and I noticed that games that minor problems with lag no longer had the issue (angry birds in particular)

Yeah, the update did something odd for me. It duplicated all my widgets and placed them directly on top of the originals. So I had to go through each screen and remove one of each widget... Bizarre... Seems fine otherwise tho!

Yea! Bloatware vcast doesn't work. But now I'm stuck with huge file I can't delete without rooting. Fun!

I just got my update and the biggest thing I've noticed is that the phone seems to charge MUCH faster (haven't been able to tell if battery life is improved at all, though.) Hilariously, the Vcast app store doesn't even load. By the way, I'm not rooted and nothing changed on my home screens.

The weirdest thing happened when I got into the bootloader. After it did the searching for the file, I got an "Update Gift". It rebooted, and I had the update.

Does anyone know how to deny the system update so it doesn't keep comin back. I'm all for the next one maybe but I'm happily rooted now. Thanks

i did this update. i forgot to that it breaks my root. today i was trying to use my wireless tether, and nope wont work. i tried to re root. but i wont work. i NEED HELP!! can someone tell me how to uninstall with out deleting all me stuff???? PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!!!

how to stop November OTA nag droid incredible (dinc)

1. open ES File Explorer, Change to R/W.
2. Navigate to /system
3. scroll down to the build.prop file, long press and select edit with txt editor.
4. scroll down and find the line: ro.builb.fingerprint and edit it to match:
5. save
6. repeat steps 1-5 on build.prop.bak
7. exit.
note: there should only be the build.prop and build.prop.bak file. i had a build.prop.bak.bak file so i deleted it.
9. Restart the phone.