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Part of having a modern smartphone is the media experience. Today's Android phones rival about any desktop system when it comes to audio and visual cues for the way you interact with them. Case in point -- audible alerts for system UI actions.

Making your Android phone or tablet give you an affirming "tick" when you press a button or unlock your screen is easy. Open your settings, and find the "Sound" entry in the menu list. You'll see something like the above, where you can set the standard ringtone and notification. If you scroll down a bit you'll see where you can enable or disable the audible prompt when doing things like dialing a number, or unlocking your phone. What's really cool is that you can set these sounds individually, so your phone only makes the noises you want it to make.

Once you have things set up the way you like, just press the back button and leave the settings menu. Now you're set!


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How to enable system sounds on your Android device


I do the opposite, NOTHING should play any sounds unless they're notifications or my phone ringing. Whenever someone presses through their menus and keyboard with these audio cues drive me up the wall.

First thing I do when I get an Android phone is to put the phone to vibrate and then disable all these stupid audio cues and then turn off vibrate unless I'm at work or in class.

You don't see desktop systems playing sounds when you go through any menus unless you turn it on yourself, why should phones do that?

"You don't see desktop systems playing sounds when you go through any menus unless you turn it on yourself, why should phones do that?"

Because desktop systems make the sound with the hardware. Instead of pressing a button on the screen making a clicking sound, the mouse itself or the physical keyboard makes a sound.

I wonder if there is any real difference in battery life with touch sounds enabled? Always have wondered that but kept them silent so as not to annoy people around me.

Don't know about touch sounds but most of the things I've read listing things to maximize battery life say to turn off haptic feedback (vibrate on touch) since the constant pinging and use of the vibrator could affect battery life. I keep it off anyway since the only button the provide haptic feedback are the ones in the navigation bar and the app drawer button (although I do keep haptic feedback turned on for the keyboard since for me it makes typing easier).

All the random touch sounds, keyboard or otherwise do open up the potential for partial wakelocks. Seems hit or miss though. When I had all these enabled on a stock ICS rom (on bionic) it drove the AudioOut1 wakelocks through the roof. Other devices I've had, some do, some don't.

And the haptic vibration has quite an effect if you're a heavy user, think about it, the vibration motor use is nearly constant when typing. Light users, the occasional haptic feedback doesn't have much effect.

Having said that though, if the haptic feedback while typing helps you have a better feel, take the battery hit and leave it on, it's worth the trade off if it helps you type better and feel more sure working with a touchscreen.

All system sounds are off except screenlock. I drive myself nuts if they're on... and it's even worse if someone ELSE is poking their phone and it beeps or drips or honks every time they touch the screen.

(Side note - I find if I have haptic feedback enabled on the keyboard it actually causes slight lag in the keyboard. On a Gnex. Stock keyboard and SwiftKey. So haptics are off as well)

I've found shortening the haptic to the shortest possible (like one vib) doesn't slow down the keyboard much. I can't type that fast anyway on a touch keyboard.

Man, you just found a typo!!! Somebody hit the "s" instead of the "d".
Now go and do a Google search for a medal, print it out and stick it onto your coat.

Isn't that the other way around? That's these beeps and plops are on by default on almost every phone and you have to turn them OFF, not ON? At least it's the first thing I do.

With the sound adjustment, normally you can adjust volumes of Ring, Alarm and Media. However, there is another one called "System". This is hidden and unaccessible normally. But if you install QuickSettings, it will allow you to adjust it. "System" sounds can determine the loudness of camera focus/shot and boot tone. Also the loudness of the "BLOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sound when you launch Google Search.

My biggest complaint of Android is the 15 steps volume, should be atleast 20, not a very smooth transition.

It's the one developed by Sergej Shafarenka, but its removed from the market for some reason, it didn't have adwares or require any permissions. In anycase, I found the app "Volume Control" can do it too, and probably various other apps.

I only use it to change the system volume then uninstall it.

When i hear a phone that bleeps every time someone touches it i wanna "throw it on the ground".
It is so irritating. And stupid. Why anyone would enable it?

The only thing that's worst is when someone tries to type a message on keypad-phone with keys' sound enabled. I want to "execute every last one of them".

How to shorten your battery life and irritate everyone around you at the same time... guess you really are fascinated by things that go beep!

I'm also among those who instantly head straight for the "sounds off" option whenever I get a new device or computer. Having all those beeps, plings and ticks sounding all the time is just obnoxious.

Now if only I could find a way to turn off the damn shutter sound on my Galaxy S2 camera (without having to mute everything else, I do like to hear things like incoming calls and music from Spotify after all). I can't believe that with all the updates they've never included an option to turn that off.

Coming up next time: how to speak with anyone, from anywhere--just navigate to the "phone" application, enter their 10-digit "phone number" (using the numerical buttons on screen), and hit the talk button. What's really cool is you can talk with whomever you like, just by choosing which "phone number" to enter.

I'm so glad I subscribe to AC so I won't miss these clever tips.

Wait, these newfangled things can actually make phone calls? I just may have to try that out! :)

Just ran update for galaxy note 2 and now have annoying touck sounds with keypad even though I have the option turned off. What can I do? I cant stand that stupid clicking sound.

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I just purchased a Galaxy Note 3. I have all the notification sounds turned off...but there's ONE that's freaking driving me NUTS! Whenever I launch the Internet App or go to a new website I get a "blip BLIP!" (Dew default notification sound). I want this feature off. Frankly, I don't need a notification when I launch the Internet, nor do I need notified if I visit another site.

Any sage counsel out there?