Sergey Brin

This nearly brought the house down in more than one way Wednesday. Sergey Brin's surprise appearance at the Day 1 keynote at the Google I/O developer conference wasn't merely just to show off Project Glass, the sort of heads-up display eyeglasses that have been making the rounds the past couple months. Brin also served to show off the power of Google Hangouts, and did so in a way that nobody expected to see happen live, let alone nearly flawlessly.

Peep the video after the break. It's simply ridiculous.

"One more thing"? Who needs it.


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Google's Project Glass, skydiving, and another extreme nerdiness at Google I/O


I like the new one better than the last. I found the white text over the photos busy and hard to read.

I've got mixed feelings on the new layout. I actually enjoy it a bit more since it's a little more organized. Before I felt the layout (on mobile) was too spread out. One post essentially took up the whole screen on my NS4g. This is very minor, but when you click on the menu at the top left, I like they brought in colored icons and notifications together. Again, minor, but to me those things go a long way.

I like the new update, its beautiful compared to the other social apps. I always liked the "Path" style of app not Facebooks style.

Phil I wish more presenters at Google IO have such enthusiasm as Sergey, it bring believability to a product and if Google presents like this more people are going to see the need to switch to Android.Google needs some public speaking lessons.

I think a couple of them (the other two involved in the Glass presentation for example) might have had a tough time because English isn't their first language. I would be terrified as well if I had to speak another language in front of a crowd. But on the other hand, you are right in a way because Google is on the forefront of technological improvement today and should probably have speakers that reflect that position. But hey its okay it was a darn good keynote.

I thought it was a great presentation. And the uses Glass could be put to are out of this world. We may be looking at the smart phone of the future. No hand held phones but wearable ones.

Yeah the applications are somewhat limitless. Specialized for anything from Doctors, Surgeons to heck even air plane mechanics. no more running over to a tough book to make sure a certain procedure is done on a particular part of a plane.

So... Project Glass is a wearable web cam, or did I miss the HUD in some microsecond of the video there? Don't get me wrong, the presentation was cool, but you have to admit those glasses come out as being a geeky equivalent of wireless-enabled, helmet-mounted cameras...

This is just the fringes you saw. There is more potential with this technology, Google is look ahead of the future of mobile. So its not just some webcam, it just did hangouts.

I saw the promo video and was excited... I saw the presentation, and it just comes out as a web cam, no matter how much sugar you put on top... If Project Glass becomes what is advertised in the promo video, then yes, I'm impressed. If Project Glass becomes what we saw yesterday, then no, I'm not impressed.

I think you're missing the point. "It just did a Hangout!" - means it's not JUST a web-cam! It is a device capable of supporting an application the level of which can do a hangout which itself needs an OS under it to run on. Hangout being just an 'application' stands to reason that other uses are just applications and tweaks away if they aren't on it already!
I dont think you can take a bare webcam (without a computer/phone) and somehow do a hangout from it. I can't!

Also like the last Google+ update better. Why oh why?! We only even had it for a couple of months or less. And during that, I was enjoying the new style. Then this...bah.

totally agree... with the last update I DID start using Google+ (and some friends, too)... this update hits and two of them already uninstalled the thing, I'm no longer compelled to use it... Bummer.

Nitpick here about Chrome for Android on my Galaxy Nexus. Why does it open the YouTube video in the mobile YouTube site? I thought they fixed this bug? Sometimes I will get the dialog box asking me which app to use but sometimes it just goes to the mobile site which eats up more bandwidth.

If I copy and paste this link into the stock browser, it opens in the YouTube app just fine and automatically.