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The last big update to Google Wallet allowed users to add whatever credit card they wanted to the NFC payment app for Android. Google proudly proclaimed today that usage of the app has more than doubled since then. Though users can add any card, Google has been gently prodding credit card companies to optimize their own section for the Google Wallet app, like Discover had recently done

As a Canadian, my biggest interest in Google Wallet's increased adoption is geographic spread. Sure, the U.S. is the biggest market for this sort of thing and will be for the foreseeable future, but it's a big world out there, and Google has enough of a head start on mobile payments that they can get a foothold in new markets well before other smartphone platforms. 

Quick show of hands, how many of y'all are using Google Wallet now that you can drop in any credit card? Is your phone going to be replacing your real wallet any time soon, or do there still need to be more NFC terminals out there for that to be practical? 

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Google Wallet usage has doubled in usage since opening up to all credit cards


+1. We need adoption at larger scale retail stores like Walmart (I think best buy has it) publix etc.

right now theres uh... mcdonalds? the jack in the box I went to said they had one but it didnt work and hadnt worked for a long time... nobody uses it YET

We need it on a wider scale of devices, and networks.

If your device is capable, (Has NFC) it should work regardless of network. Its just data over a secured channel. Why should networks get a vote?

+1 My favorite use of Google Wallet was a Coke machine in the foyer on the way out of Walmart. Does Walmart even have foyers? Anyway, that did make my day, considering I had no cash and I saw the Paypass on the Coke machine; too cool!

I just spent every cent I had on the google prepaid card. because of them dropping it. But I have yet to add my own CC to it, because I still find it a problem to know where to use it. I tried micky d's but it didnt work there. I tried 7 eleven, it also failed. Some places it works, some it doesnt. its to problematic. i need to know it will work before I get to the register with a bunch of goods. only to have to pull out my CC anyway. of all the places I didnt really care if it worked or not, it was a CVS. I got cream and pringles, just to waste it, because it worked for once

I usually check at the register to see if the light is on before I even think of using goggle wallet. I asked if the paypass worked at my local walgreens and they told me it never worked, but another up the street does work.

The only device I have with NFC is my Nexus 7 and I use GW all the time with no data connection. It was weird at first but now I know the ropes pretty well. Most of the time it doesn't work it's cashier related. Make sure to tell them your paying with a credit card.

Hmmm was it that the google wallet symbol was not appearing or was it the actual kiosk? Sometimes I have noticed I have to either have google wallet open for it to work or placing it over the paypass instead of taping it

I use it everywhere I can. I love it. But like others have already said, it's limited. There are only a few places I can use it where I live. I can't wait for it to spread though.

It would get even bigger if google would stop caving to verizon and let their own app on their own app store.

I also use mine quite a bit but there are very limited places. I think if it opens up to more places then it will really take off. The Foot Locker offer is really nice.

How is pulling out my cell phone any more convenient than pulling out my credit card?

Plus, security risks of using Wallet on a rooted phone scare me.

For me, I usually have my phone in my hand anyway, so I wouldn't need to dig my card out of my pocket. However, I also put receipts in my wallet. Would either have to break myself of that habit or just keep using the real cards.

Of course, I need a phone that supports Wallet, not carrying my Nexus 7 everywhere I go.

Because if you're like many people your phone is already in your hand while waiting in lines, in general.

Know whats scary? How anyone could take your plastic credit card anywhere and use it for whatever they want with impunity. That's a security risk.

What is scary about wallet on a rooted phone? I did it yesterday. It's already a thousand fold more secure than a plastic credit card since it requires a PIN to open the app.

I actually just took a look at your name, "jonsconspiracy"...congratulations, you trolled me.

Agreed. I think people are just scared of the new technology. I don't see credit cards on a phone as a security issue, or at least any more so then carrying the card in your wallet.

I agree, the last thing I'm going to think about is taking my phone out of its holster and risk dropping it on the ground trying to pay at check out. If that were to happen with a debit or credit card, no harm no foul, pick it up and carry on immediately. I have no want or need for NFC and credit or debit cards have their own protections against fraud.

"I agree, the last thing I'm going to think about is taking my phone out of its holster and risk dropping it on the ground trying to pay at check out"

You're kidding right??? So do you also pray that no one calls that you don't have to take your phone out the holster and risk dropping it?

I've used it at CVS and Hess (although I couldn't use it at the pump, only inside). I love the convienece and the ability to have digital receipts is awesome I would use it everywhere that it is accepted. Seems to be quicker than even swiping my card.

They still give you a paper receipt.....The app just automatically makes a history by storing a receipt and map of the location within itself (which you can clear at any time)

I use mine daily now that it ties into my credit cards (it helps that I live in SF where adoption is widespread, especially where I shop - Peet's Coffee, Whole Foods).

I have suggested to Google that they allow us to use nicknames for the cards so I don't have to remember the last 4 digits of each card.

You can do that now in Wallet. Tap on the card you want to change. Hit the menu and "customize card". You can change the name and color of the card.

I'm sure Robellus will keep it off Canadian phones should Google choose to expand. Seeing as they own Zoompass they wouldn't want a competitor.

NFC terminals are used in so few places. And when there are nfc terminals, I've had problems with some not being active.

Usage has doubled. What the article didn't tell you was that now, instead of only 15 people using it every day, fully 30 people worldwide use it every day.

I use it when I can find the terminals, but even then it's spotty. If you don't have a good signal, then you are dead in the water.

They need to add a place to add your loyalty cards much like the Keyring app. Then at least it would get more use for storing things like that.

You don't need a signal to use wallet. I use it all the time in my local Whole Foods where I get zero signal.

When it first came out, I think one of the editors here even used it on Airplane mode.

I've been using it on my sprint S III and been pretty happy with it. It actually saved my bacon when I left home without my wallet a week ago and had nearly no gas in the car.

I've use it at Wegmans grocery store like 100 times because it's about the only place around me that has it. I've used it at Hess gas stations as well. I've never tried to use it at a paypass terminal and had it fail on me, i just cant find the damn paypass terminals

I use it whenever I can, I hate the fact that because AT&T does not allow it, I had to hack my S3 to get it to work. and I am not sure if the Hack is buggy or its just not always working, but I use it when I can, its a great idea, just hope it becomes a little faster.

not getting rid of my wallet yet, It would be nice if you could keep you ID in your phone at all times! (legally)

I wish more people would complain about this, but I'm assuming it would just fall on deaf ears. It's frustrating to have a top NFC capable device (GS3) and not be able to officially use this app. So dumb.

I'm pretty happy with it so far. I use it whenever possible, but it's limited. It needs to be accepted in more locations to expand. Also, the ability to store loyalty in addition to credit cards would help unify the app and increase usage.

Unfortunately I don't see my phone replacing my physical wallet in the near future... but hopeful.

If it would work on my Sprint Motorola Photon Q, I'd use it, but they are not supporting it with the NFC in my phone yet for some reason!

I used it on my GNex before the addition of real credit cards. Now that I have a Galaxy S3, I have to hack the app on there and it only works sometimes. If they open it up to more devices I'll use it. It's so stupid to not allow people with supporting hardware to use the service.

I used it for the first time today at McD's. Worked like a champ. My belly isn't happy with me for eating at McD's, but my inner geek is happy that it worked.

And I agree VZW let me use the app on my S3. WTH!

I would use it more if I could get it on my S3. Always have my phone with me, don't always have my N7 with me.

I use it wherever I can, especially now that I can add any card. It works like a charm. I use it at McDonalds, 7-11, BJ's Wholesale, the gas station. Heck I've even used it to buy a soda from the machine in the mall and on the highway while driving from Mesa, AZ to the Grand Canyon back in February.

Used it a few times with my NS4G, but I have since moved onto the S3 on att. Was pretty cool, but wouldn't say its any more or less convenient than swiping a credit card. I would use it if the att s3 hack was stable...I don't want to fumble around trying to get it to work, especially if there's a line.

I'm so sad, upset and disapointed this app is broken on my Galaxy Nexus since I wiped the device. I called Google Wallet support over a month ago and still no answer on a fix.

I would like to use this (Evo 4G LTE) but the following are prohibiting me currently:

1) It doesn't seem clear where exactly I can expect it to work or how to know this.
2) It is my understanding that points earned on cards for shopping at different merchant types will not work properly when using Google Wallet (Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard for example- Bonus points for Best Buy Purchases or restaurant purchases).
3) Do you need to turn on the phone, open the app, and punch in the PIN every time you use it? If so, that sounds like more of a hassle than simply taking a card out of my physical wallet.

Bottom line: The idea sounds great in theory. I'd like to be able to store all of my cards in a virtual wallet, not carry them all around, and still get all the benefits of "points" based cards, all while saving time...but it doesn't seem to me that is how it currently works. Am I wrong?

I use it wherever I can, which is pretty much just Sheetz and Wegmans. It is in fact easier to pull out my phone than it is to open my wallet, get out the card, swipe it, put it back in my wallet. Which is nice when I have 1-3 children with me.

I just want to be able to use it on my Verizon S3. Yes I know if I rooted and change the files ID tag I could use it. BUT I want to use a NON hacked version.

I have installed GW on my T-mobile GS3 but it won't run. Does anyone know if it's even possible without root? I don't want to hack my GS3 yet, Nova prime has given even less motivation to root my device after I got tired of the Touchwiz home launcher.

Just died on the Galaxy Nexus claiming I needed update, can't get update, can't bypass, can't reinitialize... Broken VZW Galaxy Nexus.... Deleted, reinstalled, reset, back up and running.

My problem is training of the cashiers and making sure the terminal actually works. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to a store like Radio Shack or Einstein Bagels, tried to use the Wallet and had some kind of error. The cashier just says I don't know and looks at me like I am crazy for trying to pay that way. They have no idea it is even possible. I have tried about 5 times at Einstein and it has worked once. So, really it just becomes a hassle, annoys the people behind me in line and makes me not even want to try it ever again.