Google Wallet

Google Wallet has seen another update, and this time Google has made all sorts of improvements and enhancements to the app. Per the change log in the Google Play store:

  • Prepaid Card top up forms more flexible
  • Citi Mastercard management improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Privacy enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated Terms of Service

The most interesting, on the surface anyway, would be the UI improvements. They must be very subtle, because we're not really seeing any. It's the same fluid and simple UI that has been there for a while, and while we're not complaining, we just don't see any improvements. We're pretty sure that some of this change log is just leftover from the last update. It's OK, Google. We all slip.

We can certainly get on board with improvements, though. Bug fixes are always welcome, as are privacy enhancements. Anything to keep our money safer is a good thing. You'll also be faced with the new terms when you update, and we suggest you read them carefully. There's nothing there you wouldn't expect, but it's always wise to stay informed. 

All the ballyhoo aside, we expect the biggest thing behind this update are new privacy enhancements and bug fixes, and we're glad to see them. You'll find your update in the market, or you can hit the link after the break.

Thanks, Beezy!


Reader comments

Google Wallet updated with improvements and enhancements across the board


FYI, It works to update it on the Verizon version the same way that you install it (go to play store website and open the wallet link in the play store app)

On my rooted Verizon AOKP galaxy nexus, my Google wallet no longer shows up in 'my apps'in the play store...weird Also will not show up in the search. But was able to get to the the app in the store and update just by using the play link posted above. Just strange so thought I would share

It do sent show up in my apps either but shows in my all apps tab. Updated without issue. Gnex Verizon all stock.

Every time I follow the link on my vzw galaxy nexus it says that my carrier doesn't support this app how can I get past this? I already have it installed right now.

The easy way to do it is to go to the stock Android browser and type in Google Wallet Play Store. Then, click the link to the play store. It will ask you if you want to open it with the browser or Play Store. Select play store. Then, you should be able to update!

I tried that but it just takes me to the page in the play store for google wallet and across the top it says it's not supported by my carrier. I'm stock but rooted.

Try clearing the cache in the browser. Then
Make sure you don't auto sign in. You have to manually sign in, then hit back I think twice till it opens the pop up. Select open in play store. It'll work eventually. It took me about five or six times till it actually went through. Now I can just update through the market like any other app.

I tried it and it brings me to the Wallet page in the store but it doesn't have any buttons. No Update, Uninstall, or Install (after uninstalled deleted).

Could using 2 factor authentication with Google be a problem?

I'll keep trying. If it doesn't work though, is there a place where they put APKs of the latest version of Wallet?

I used the go to the android market, searched for Google wallet then back out to the app store trick. Don't wanna explain it but xda and.just a google search will help ya.

I was completely unable to get Google Wallet to update by going into the Play Store, since Verizon has it blocked, and was not able to get the update by doing it through the web and linking back to the market on the phone.

However, I was successful in doing it by reading this post on the Galaxy Nexus' browser, and tapping the link to the Wallet application. At least it appears to have been successful.

Thanks for the tip! I've tried to get it work on my friend's Galaxy Nexus by using the browser play store method and we never got it to work.

Now if only we can enhance Verizon to allow us to use it. Anyone down for a mass social campaign? This, tethering, and the ridiculous upgrade fee now?

Wait.. are you saying you don't have it? You can use a trick to get it from the Play Store that is very simple, if that's the case: Just comment back.

I have tried installing via the apk, but whenever I update I error that the carrier does not support it.

This is how I got it on my Verizon GNex (hopefully you're still checking up on this post): The easy way to do it is to go to the stock Android browser on your phone and type in Google Wallet Play Store in a Google search. Then, click the link to the play store (it will be the first or second result.) It will ask you if you want to open it with the browser or Play Store. Select play store. Then, you should be install it. :) Good luck!

It should be noted that my above link is not the latest version and just a version that seems to fix the secure element issue I had, please reply if it worked for others as well.

Still waiting on some options for cards I actually have.......
It's only been a year now Google........

I had a working v1.1-R41v8 on my stock rooted Verizon GNex. I've tried all the options listed here and none of them allowed me to install the update. But now when I tap my Google Wallet icon it opens the Play Store and tells me that "This item isn't available by your carrier". I can't even get into the app. So it appears that just trying to update to the new version broke the working version that I had.

Anyone know if 1.1-R57v5 is the lastest Google Wallet APK?
Had 1.1-R41v8 and was getting "This version is out of date" and had option to update now or later. Tried updating but would send me to the Play Store. Nothing happening there with a Verizon GNex. Except for getting that message Google Wallet worked fine. Just sideloaded the above version after clearing cache, clearing data and uninstalling older wallet. Everything looks like it did before and not seeing that notice about update when I open the app. Loaded another 20 bucks and will give it a try tomorrow. This is my work supplied phone so needless to say I have had to keep it totally stock, BUMMER! Hey, wallet should have been stock LOL!