Google Voice Update

Google Voice just got itself a nice little update that adds the ability to search your transcribed voicemails and text messages to find exactly what you want. We're going to have to see how useful it is, given that transcripts often are as accurate (albeit comical) as a 4-year-old with a mouthful of marbles. But, yes, it's getting better, and we all need to be able to search it. 


Reader comments

Google Voice updated to allow searching of voicemail transcripts, text messages


Damn right about that last line. I stopped using the voicemail transcripts becuase it started getting kinda ridiculous. . . I know the "GOOG" is working hard at it though especially since they have that Language translation project going.

I wouldn't say free voice, but free text... yes. If I am not mistaken, Google Voice uses your current voice plan to make a phone call out using the Google Voice number. Confusing? Yes. Now if Google used what they acquired from Gizmo5, then that will change everything.

Exactly. No voice goes over wifi or you 3g Data connection. Its all done via standard cell minutes.

The minute GV gets voice over the data connection the carriers will go to war. I doubt it ever happens, but Google still holds that sword over the carriers heads. I just doubt they have the guts to swing it.

First thing's first. How about voice to text that actually works. about 80% or more of my voicemails are complete garbage when output to txt by Google Voice.

Mine are very good.

But then my callers tend to be college educated professionals not speaking with heavy accents, and calling me from business land lines.

Its SO good, that I have actual voice mails saved where it was able to properly transcribe the news broadcast from the TV that the drunk-dialer had on in the back ground, mixed with an occasional drunken hello, hello?

What baffles the heck out of me is how my HTC Evo can transcribe speech-to-text *flawlessly*, and how Google Voice might as well be trying to translate Japanese to Hebrew.

You'd think that between the two products, Google would get them *both* working well together...

Sorry I don't buy the college education allowing Google Voice to work well. I have people who call me who are professors at the UofMN that Google Voice's voice to text slaughters on a regular basis.
I also have friends who border on no accent at all, and gVoice is consistently mangling normal words. As a few examples. inconsistent = inconsiderate. coaxial cable = coccyx cable. Can you pull the roast out of the refrigerator = Can you fill the host without the refrigerator. And on and on and on.
I still stand by my statement: Google's voice to text software blows.

I haven't really felt the need to take the plunge and start using GV, Sprint's visual voicemail works for me... Now if I ever move or I find the need to have a separate business number, I'll probably jump on it so I can give people a local or separate number from my personal one.

I like the ability to search text messages. I would be nice for voicemail, however I'm with just about everyone else that has problems with the transcriptions. Other than catching phone numbers, the conversion of messages to text is mind-numbingly terrible.