Google Voice Search

Good news for those of you who speak Russian, Polish, Czech or Turkish -- Google Voice Search now supports you, too. You can now get your search on in your native tongue. Just another reminder of how widespread Android is. Congrats! [via Google]


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Google Voice Search adds Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish


porra! por quanto tempo nós, falantes da língua portuguesa, vamos ter que esperar por isso? T_T

translated: damn! for how long are we, native portuguese speakers, are going to wait for this? T_T


I'm still waiting to be able to change languages on the fly. They demoed something like this in Germany with conversation translation.

sounds like google translate should get an update soon as well. even though this is useless to billions of people who don't speak these languages (including myself), its still great to see android become more amazing.

For gingerbread or honeycomb, I'd love to see them implement text to voice on emails, and webpages.. also auto translate to your preferred language if necessary.

The Market explicitly states that "Voice Actions is only available in US English for now." I downloaded Voice Search anyway -- no Russian could I find. Droid 2 w/ native Android 2.2. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm kind of surprised how well this works. Slavic languages are not the easiest ones to break by algorithms.