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Google today announced that it was cutting the monthly price for extra Google Drive storage. You'll still get 15GB for free, but if you need more, you'll now pay less. Here's the breakdown:

  • 15GB — Free
  • 100GB — $1.99 a month
  • 1TB — $9.99 a month
  • 10TB or more — $99.99 a month

We've done the math of how the new Drive pricing compares to other services. Check it out here!

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Google slashes prices for Google Drive storage; 100GB now $1.99 a month


Google slashes Cloud Storage prices after major article about SdCard storage on KitKat rocks the internet.


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I was paying $20 for 400 GB, would of been nice if Google sent users a notice about this instead of paying the same prices for less. If I didn't read these sites it might have been months before I found out.

I'm grandfathered into the pre drive pricing. 80GB for 20 a year. Looks like this is more inline with what it use to be.

I'm thinking about jumping on that. I don't care for Dropbox. And, though I have 50GB through Box, it's still kinda clunky.

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I was going to leave a snarky comment about you misspelling Google - but then I realized how many spelling errors I have made on several of my posts and thought better of it.

Anyways - this is a solid deal for people and companies that rely heavily on Android and Chrome OS devices. Approximately $24 a year for 100 GB of storage is pretty solid.

I don't even know what I would use a TB of drive space for, but I want it so bad! My 100GB extra is only about half full, so no upgrade until I get closer to that.

I keep my mouth shut on other people's errors too. What I'd like to see is a footnote showing what device the writers use on each of their contributions. I know, from my own experience, that I have a higher error rate while writing with the iPad. Fewest is with a physical keyboard on my Windows 8 or Mac machines.

I'd personally appreciate someone pointing out my spelling errors. Especially if I'm to be taken seriously as a journalist. Then you can update the post.

Bye bye Dropbox, Hello Google... I just wish it would allow me to have multiple Google Drive accounts on my Macbook...

I'm happy with my free 25GB from Sky drive, and apparently I can get 50GB from drop box. Your Gmail grows in size every day, and that is the same storage used for everything. Maybe I'm unique in this view, but why pay anything when they are constantly giving you more space, little it may be, but still faster than I use it.

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That's a fair point although I thought (And I could be wrong here I need to check) was still only 2GB. Yes most phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC do often give away space with something like Dropbox "for 2 years" but that's not the same as permanently, and most offer their own cloud storage now, which I think will end up taking priority over Dropbox

I use Google for pretty much everything for work (MS Office and Dropbox are the main exceptions for day to day tasks that every business is likely to do) and my 50GB I got with the S3 disappears in a couple of months. I'm gonna give Drive a serious trial before I decide to pay for Dropbox or SkyDrive.

Log into drive through the browser(safari or Chrome) can upload and download direct from drive. I know what your saying though......

The storage used to be a lot cheaper when they started. I'm grandfathered in for 80GB at $20 per year. If I had known at the time that the prices were going up I would of locked in at a larger size. It's nice to see the prices come back down, as they should with economies of scale, plummeting cost of physical storage, and of course competition.

It's about the same. That's my point. It was cheap early on, when I locked in, got a whole lot more expensive and now they are bringing the prices back down to what they were in the past.

I'm grandfathered at 200GB for $50/year. It's way better than the previous pricing, but I'm still stuck in between tiers. Why no 500GB level at, say $6/mo? (I know, I know, the almighty dollar...)

I started out on the 200GB plan. It was a promotion that gave you a free Eye-Fi card. After a year I dropped down to 80GB. Then the prices went up. I wish I hadn't downgraded.


Dropbox better be announcing a price cut soon... That $100/a year I'm spending with them for 100GB is gonna go towards a TB with Google.... Just sayin.... I'll be starting the migration ahead of time...

Not bad 1.99 a month for 100 gb.. Still only used up about 3gb of my drive so not in any hurry to subscribe but good to know when I need it the price isn't too bad.

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Pretty good deal. And I was just to pay the $100 fee to dropbox since my "free" 50gb is going to expire.

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Great price! Although I like Google Drive I have been using onedrive and so far so good. It has auto upload of pics similar to dropbox but with more space. I know I could use g+ pics but do not want to use g+. Choice and competition are good!
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I think there lowering their prices so that as the free storage people get with buying a Chromebook or a Moto X begins to expire, people will actually start paying to keep it.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Especially since the 2 years free offer can only be applied once per account.

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Thanks to my Moto X package. I already have more than 100GB total.

What's the former price of the storage before the slash today.

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A lot of people's 2 yr Dropbox and free trial is ending soon!
With everything stored in the cloud it's gonna be a pain to switch to a different provider though.

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I see a few comments on here about what people have on Dropbox so why do they need Google Drive. Because it goes away and you are left with a fraction of what you had! My Dropbox freebies dropped off last month. Like you said, everything is in cloud storage now. I already had my Google Drive so when my freebies ended on Dropbox it was pretty easy to move everything to Google Drive with a PC, just copied everything from my Dropbox folder and pasted it into a new folder in my Google Drive folder before bed one night and in the morning everything was moved and synced to Google Drive. If you do not have a PC/Mac with your Cloud Storage synced and are just using it with a Chromebook or mobile device, THAT will be a pain.

Actually a chromebook won't be too difficult, Chrome os treats Google Drive like a system folder.

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If you already had a plan with them, make sure you check that you've moved to the best one for you. My 100GB for $4.99/month was still in place, with the 100GB for $1.99/month option right next to it.

I was afraid of that. I have a 200 GB plan @ $9.99 a month and it appears that I'll continue to get charged $9.99 for "only" 200 GB. I don't need the TB, but need more then 100 GB. They should offer a 500 GB to have middle ground.

OK, Mediafire, time to lower your prices again to compete! I pay about $6.50/mo for 250GB. If you use it to backup your photos and videos, it fills up fast.

I have 50GB on DropBox for free for the next 8 months but a GS5 will give me 2 more years. I also have the 25GB on SkyDrive for free, but I would actually sign on for $1.99 a month for 100GB a year on Google Drive since I use everything else Google and it would actually make my life easier to have a single large offline storage place.

This is great. I would love to back up all my pictures from countless vacations in the cloud. 100gb for 1.99 a month would cover me with space to spare. Looks like I have some work for me this weekend.

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Good deal for people who use it. I just increased my cloud storage this past week from 1TB to 2TB for a cost of about zero a month, but this is still a pretty good deal.

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See that is a killer for me. I don't use g+ and I like being able to share from Dropbox without having to do anything. Might be silly, but it is what it is.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Foldersync allows you to backup to many cloud services, including Drive. I use to backup all my photo's to drive that way, but now I just let google+ do it.

I use one called gallery drive sync pro. It's performed well so far.

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Its about time. I might think about signing up now. The prices were to much before for me to justify.

While this is a good feature, there really needs to be a way for the ChromBook users to just use a network drive as well as having access to cloud storage. This really should be easy enough. Once I can use the remote drive for storage I'll feel much better about handling the resources that I want without factoring in monthly charges (which I still may do for some stuff).

It gives you a folder like Dropbox and skydrive

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I have 50 GB on Box, 55.25 GB on Dropbox. Why would I need to pay $1.99 a month for 100 GB on Google? I don't know but I just did. I prefer the Dropbox app over all others now. I'd like to see Google include photos in the Drive app instead a stand alone app.

Is this the same as dropbox pretty much? Can I share links the same way for others to download from me? I don't use it for photos or videos really so those features I don't really care about.

Right now I have the majority of my data on my 115GB Copy account which is so high from all those free 5GB of data with each referral when it first launched.

I am at about 60GB stored there, and maybe looking to switch once I get close to my limit there. But I may switch to Drive as a nice backup solution to have my sites files somewhere else in case of an emergency.

Just noticed that if you buy 100Gb you don't actually get 100Gb, you get 85Gb on top of your free 15Gb. It's still great value, I've got 100Gb with my Chromebook so when my 2 years are up with the promotion I will definitely pay for the 100Gb to keep the upload function.

I currently have 231GB (100GB plan @ $1.99/month, 1GB early adopter bonus, 30GB paid user bonus, 100GB Chromebook two-year promotion, which doesn't expire until Oct 2015)

So right now I'm netting 231GB for $1.99/month. Not bad at all.

Wish Google would offer an annual charge as an option. Tired of charging me monthly for 100GB. Love the new prices though.

An interesting twist to this news: This is actually starting to be competitive with the pre-Drive legacy plans. ($20/yr/80GB for example)

I have this thing called a micro-sd card, none of this "cloud storage" crap is necessary.

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Does anyone know how this will effect Legacy plans? I currently pay for a 200 GB plan @ $9.99 a month. My Drive shows as a Legacy Plan @ $9.99 a month with my next bill due 3/27. I don't "need" a TB but need more than 100 GB. So if I can keep the same 200 GB for $3.98 ($1.99 times 2), that would save me $72 a year. Or, since they do not offer 200 GB with the new plans, am I "Grandfathered" in and will still pay the $9.99 for (now) only 200 GB? I'd rather be saving money then to have WAY more storage then I need.

I think you may be out of luck. Your choice is to either step down to the 100GB/$1.99/mo plan or step up to the 1TB/$9.99/mo plan. Financially, it's more economical for you to step up, since you'd be paying the same for 5 times your current storage. If I were in your position, unless it was a financial hardship, I'd just opt for the 1TB option.

...and yet Google doesn't offer the ability to pay for additional space for Google Play Music beyond 20,000 tracks. <confused>

Not really the same thing. I want to have the ability to listen to all of "my" music. Play Music simply doesn't allow that by limiting the number of tracks I can have in their cloud. As I've indicated in many emails to Google, I'd be willing to pay to have this service.

I'll echo what a couple others have already said. I'd be all over this if I could auto upload my pictures and videos directly to Drive instead of having to go through G+. I don't see Google giving us that option any time soon, though.

There are third-party apps available for this. I use gallery drive sync pro.

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Nice. However, how much storage do you need? I have a lot of documents saved on Google Drive. A lot. And joining photos, Gmail and Google + it only reports that I'm using 1%. I have 65GB from a Motorola offer. So, really, what else do you need?
Even if you used Google Music. That's not the same storage, is it?

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I have 50GB for free with Dropbox, but this is extremely cheap. Will definitely use this when my free Dropbox storage expires

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Or just use BitTorrent Sync to backup everything to your own PC at home for free (and access).

1. its 100% free
2. its 100% personal
3. its 100% unlimited

1. its 100% reliant on your connection upload (which is usually 1/5 of the download, so it can be crippling)
2. you should probably use a good quality desktop with data redundancy, and set it up to power on after power frailer
3. its 100% limited by your devices capacity

Yes, this functionality is even avaliable from the Google+ app if you use it already. Google Photos now uploads other media on your phone (customizable) instead of pictures only. Like my recorded calls right after I hang up for an instant backup solution.

You were a good friend, Dropbox. You'll almost be missed... If it wasn't for all the 2-year storage I got to borrow from owning so many Samsung devices XD