Google announced today that it is rolling out Google+ sign-in support for both apps and the web, giving users one-click login to third party services with their G+ account. Technically called "application sign-in", this new feature will replicate what many are used to with plain old Google sign-in, but now with enhanced features that come along with Google+. Similarly to the way sites and apps can now authenticate you with your Facebook or Twitter accounts, Google+ will now be an option when visiting sites that have integrated the service.

You get all of the perks of having site credentials tied to your Google Account, as well as the improved sharing functions that come along with Google+. When sharing from an app that has the service integrated, people that see the post on Google+ will be able to directly act on the item you shared -- for example sharing a radio program from TuneIn Radio will give a direct "listen" button right in the post, or sharing a listing on Open Table will give a button to view the restaurant's menu. This is very similar to the way Google already integrates app installs and music purchases into Google+ posts.

Developers that use Google+ sign-in on the web will also be able to offer users their Android apps directly from their own website, with a pop-up "install" screen that looks identical to the one found on the Play Store. About a dozen different sites are on board with this initial launch of the new application sign-in, with more on the way. It will be interesting to see how many apps take advantage of the new Google+ sign-in option and sharing improvements.

Source: Google Developers Blog

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still1 says:

Guys, dont get freaked out by the new "Google Settings" icon in app drawer. that icon is part of the auto update to Google play service 3.0 released today.
Also, now on google+ a new app section appeared on the left menu.

hmmm says:

Glad launchers come with a hide apps button now days...

trees247 says:

Just found that...

PJMAN2952 says:

I just found Google Settings in my app drawer. This seems interesting.

tr-1 says:

This looks to be very useful but how can you make sure that you are not using some "trojan" Google+ Sign-in? What if it just looks like Google but is actually a 3rd party login that just steals your password?

Don't see how this is a unique problem to Google+ sign-in... that could be true of ANY sign-in screen you see on the internet.

tr-1 says:

I have never used one and I would like to know of there is any way to know if the login is real

I haven't yet tried this. Since I use 2-factor authentication, I wonder how this will work. Guess I'll walk out to my car and try it (can't bring electronic devices into my workplace).

Shadowriver says:

But google signups has been for long time, but i guess now it offers g+ data access

John-Smith says:

This is great, I don't like having a bunch of different accounts to sign in to different apps, it gets tedious remembering multiple accounts and user names. Signing in with Google is awesome and should have been done years ago. Very happy to see this done!

nathan Duran says:

how to download google settings