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New contextual cards and smarter voice search in Nov. 13 update, according to Wired

Google has slowly but consistently been improving its search app for Android over the past year or so, bringing more cards to Google Now and new ways to interact by speaking to your device. It appears the next raft of Google Search updates may be about to drop next week, adding new contextual cards and smarter voice interaction, among other features that weren't quite ready in time for the Nexus 5 launch.

That's what Google reportedly told Wired's Mat Honan, as detailed in his review of the device.

"You might say “text Jennifer” and it will reply “which Jennifer,” and then ask you to dictate the message. It’s also going to get the ability to search inside applications, and launch them to complete tasks for you. So, you might search for a restaurant, and an option in the results shows up for OpenTable, which you’ll be able to fire up and make a reservation. It’s also going to use location cues to drop cards into Google Now, even more so than it does currently. At Yellowstone it will show you geyser times, for example."

The new features are due to land in an app update next Wednesday, Nov. 13, Honan says. Many of these things are natural progressions of features Google Search on Android already offers, but regardless it'll be interesting to see how well they function when the update arrives. In particular the ability to search within apps presents a bunch of interesting possibilities for future development.

Source: Wired


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Google Search app improvements could be coming next week


You know.. because its google, i honestly dont care and believe that they have the best intentions (including targeting ads, but hey, at least they will be relevant). Now if this was apple, i would be worried.

I doubt any improvements will be seen in the uk, all we see really is traffic and weather :-/

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You should be stabbed in the eye for calling it Dr Who. Everyone who's anyone knows it's Doctor Who.

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I doubt i'll ever be able to buy products at the price you guys pay which is approx.... half what we pay? :)

The same can be said for services like hulu which we can't 'officially get' too

I doubt any improvements will be seen in the uk, all we see really is traffic and weather :-/

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And movie timings. And contextual info such as opening and closing times inside shops. And interesting nearby places to visit. And football. And information about recent searches.

Never seen opening/closing times, info about recent searches? Interesting nearby places brings up a few pictures if im lucky.


Anyone know why my comments from my desktop get lost in moderation hell but everything is fine from the AC app?

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Sounds great, i was using the "OK Google" command a lot yesterday at work as i was doing a lot of driving and i must say its an excellent feature, i`d love to try the Moto X just for the touch less controls they have.

Improvements like these are great. But am I the only one wondering when, if ever, complete functionality will be coming to (free)Google Apps accounts?

For a search company it's disappointing at how weak their search system is, and I'm hoping Google starts really honing in on context awareness, like what Facebook did with their search system. "Google, show my TV schedule and make a reminder" would be damn awesome.

I'd prefer a bit of expansion of current services to outside the US. For example the UK!

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For example: there are other sports beside the current restricted ones - I'm a rugby fan, not soccer!

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The security laws in Europe don't favor an expansion of google now cards so perhaps Google might want to but laws are not favorable.

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Maybe they'll finally fix the broken music controls. I just want to tell it to play album A or band B and have it actually open Play Music app and start the requested audio. I'd especially like to be able to tell it to shuffle my whole library. I know it's supposed to have some of these functions, but a quick search will show that I'm not the only one it just won't work for.

I really love this app. It scares me but I love it.

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These systems are confusing to me. What does my OK, google Now do? Does that access Google now or go off of Google search? You use the Google toolbar to get search but also can search from Google now? Maybe AC should do an article to clear all that up.

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