Nexus 4

If you live in Canada and haven't been able to get your paws on a Nexus 4, Google has now sent out an email letting everyone know they'll be offering the well sought after device online today. 12:00 noon PST is when things kick off and no doubt, you'll need to be quick with a browser to get in on this action. Anyone going to try their luck? If so, may the force be with you.

Source: Google Play, Thanks @bjom77!

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sssgood says:

Finally!!!!! I hope I get one, Been waiting over like a month!!

May God be with me :D

abhi2nahi4 says:

May God be with all of us!

T k1 says:

Good Luck. I'm still waiting for shipment.

A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated.

Change Delivery
Request Status Updates
Label Created On:

Additional Information
Shipped/Billed On:11/30/2012Type:PackageWeight:1.10 lbs

abhi2nahi4 says:

As long as I'm past the first step (i.e. buying!!), I'll be content. I still have contract left on my phone, so it won't bother me even if it takes 2 months to ship.

I just don't want to lose the product while in cart this time!

Fatih Coskun says:


Fatih Coskun says:

Can anyone tell me whether the Nexus 4 is still available in the US, or is it out of stock again? If out of stock, how long did it last the second time? I am waiting for restock in Germany, myself.

still1 says:

8Gb is out of stock but 16 Gb is still in stock.
currently 16 Gb is 5-6 weeks for shipping. shipping date went up slowly from 3-5 days to its current state.
8 gb went to 8-9 weeks and then went out of stock.

abhi2nahi4 says:

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Order successful. So far it says, ships in 1-2 weeks! Let's hope I get it before New Year!

Btw, Limit is 1 per item and 8 GB is sold out already!

sssgood says:


Nick792 says:

Finally got an order through! Keep refreshing!

sssgood says:

just ordered the nexus for 400..... ;(, wanted to get the 8 gb but its sold out dang it

suhweet! got the 16GB at 12:06 after 3 minutes of mashing Proceed!

teletraan1 says:

Got a 16gb! Says 3-4 weeks before it ships.

NordicNinja says:

I just looked and it's now saying 6-7 weeks.

martzeru says:

I got one. Refreshed like crazy but it went through. The wait begins :)

RapMasterC says:

WOOHOO!!! I managed to grab a 16 gig within at 4:00:40 Atlantic. I had no issues at all, just clicked add to cart and it took me immediately to my cart to checkout. 1-2 weeks on my confirmation. I checked the 8 gigs right after and it was sold out (so probably within a minute or so after I got mine).

I'm pretty sure its a Christmas miracle.

Phalonx says:

Grabbed a 16 gb at 12:02. Looks like it's limited to 1 per person, and my shipping is 1-2 weeks, though I hear it is up to 6-7 weeks now. :D Now we wait...

myeh99 says:

YES!!! I finally got one 16gb... for me it says 1 to 2 weeks. Wanted to get 2 but indeed the limit is 1. I'm so happy!!!

paulw3 says:

Hey Google. What about New Zealand. You treat us like a tech 3rd world..

MBCrunch says:

I can't get past the google wallet page
I am getting tired of entering everything all over again!

priority9 says:

I was finally able to purchase one, shortly after 3pm est. Looking at 1-2 weeks delivery. Now the wait for a tracking number begins.

ubermanx says:

Ordered the 16gb but it will indeed be interesting to see if it arrives before BlackBerry BB10 ;) ...

Nick792 says:

You're still getting a better product :). Worth the wait.

BeauCharles says:

Well Got 4 phones, had four accounts now everyone in the family will have one, of course one wil get in 1-2weeks and one will be 3-4 and the last two will be 5-7 weeks oh well, I know im getting my second ha


Congrats to those that were able to order one!!! Good luck to those that haven't tried ordering yet!!

BCwrangler says:

Sold out again ((

Filip Rauh says:'s gone :D