One of the new features of Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4 is a camera mode called "Photo Sphere". This new camera mode, shown off in a quick promotional video from Google, is a mash-up of the traditional panorama mode offered starting in Android 4.0, and something like a "Gigapan" photo.

Basically, the Photo Sphere overlays a UI with a starting point for you to take your first photo. After it is taken, It'll give you another point of reference to take a photo that is overlapping onto the first. Over and over you take pictures that overlap one another until you have a large area covered. It takes some time to render, but you are then presented with a large scrollable panoramic image that will remind you of street view in Google Maps. It's quite an interesting idea, and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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sdreelin says:

Sounds like the app 360 Panorama which does a good job, but is hard to share with others. Hopefull this will be easier to share (and maybe intergrate with the site 360 Cities).

etho201 says:

360 Panorama seems to be a bit misleading. The description for the app reads "full spherical panorama," but when I look at the preview it appears to only be a panorama of the traditional sense. You can spin all the way around but you cannot look up and down like you can on Google Street View.

TyBec says:

I want this so bad!

Mll4eveR. says:

wow this is so sick!!! can't wait to get this!!

rmcray08 says:

sweet poke-ball, brah

media_blitz says:

Apple "What the hell! Do we have patent?! Do we have a patent!"

ilost says:

Hehe :D

Actually, Apple may not but I'm not sure about Microsoft. They have an app called PhotoSynth on the iOS App Store that does essentially the same thing. Just thought I'd mention it.

bootthanoo says:

You, sir, win the internet.

someone, when you get a phone that does this.. please feel free to strip it out of the OS and share it ;)

SpookDroid says:

So, Google Street View photos come to your own phone pics... nice! :)

tx_tuff says:

Need to figure out how to share these pics with Facebook and Twitter!

slider999 says:

As if they wouldn't use this feature for their maps data ;)

bagarwa says:

That's my question. Does this JB Sphere camera take a real 360 degree panorama; like covering the sky and ground too, or just horizontal 360 spin?

Dan_Smigrod says:

Hi Andrew,

An unlimited number of Android 4.2 captured 360-degree Photo Spheres can also be published, viewed and shared via TourWrist for free by setting up a free account.

On behalf of TourWrist,


Gearu says:

Cool spam bro.

PapaMag says:

Looks awesome to me hopefully us lowly sII users will get a shot at 4.2 soon

brunnogama says:

So guys, I took some photo spheres. Its kid of test only, I ´ll try better others soon.

koood says:

The free Photosynth app on iOS works well at taking complete spheres too, and it can be shared for viewing through a PC as long as you uploaded it to MS's photosynth site.
I really missed this app when I moved from iOS to android.
So I am looking forward to Photo Sphere.
I wish it allowed higher res panoramas.