Google CEO Larry Page just dropped a few numbers on the new Google+ social network, which technically is still in a semi-private beta.

"The Growth on Google+ has been great," Page said during Thursday's second-quarter earnings call. He explained:

  • More than 10 million people on Google+
  • More than 1 billion items shared and received in a single day.
  • The +1 button is being served more than 2.3 billion times a day.

Still a way to go to hit Facebook's 750 million members. But for private beta, that ain't too shabby.


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Google+ private beta has more than 10 million members


I must be lame. I am only 1 of 3 people I know who is on Google+. My "Circles" are looking pretty empty. LOL!

Yeah, I only know 3 people who are on Google+, myself & 2 others.

Do you not know who you are, Mark_in_Tulsa? :-)

A million members, that many transactions and it's still not ready? I suspect that by leaving it exclusive, Google can get their target audience to perceive that it is something better than Facebook. If that catches fire, they'll hit 750 million in no time.

Really? Doesn't matter if they have 100 million. It's in BETA for a reason. For people to want to jump into a service while stilli n BETA says a lot. My circles (friends) have gone from 3 people in Week 1 to 80 now. And I get dropped into circles by people from my Facebook all the time, I just don't add them to mine. Its booming for the moment.

The app is in the market now as if I could use it, but when I tried it told me that i need an invite and even if i had an invite, its exceeded its capacity

Keep trying on their website. I got in the same night I got my invite. It seems to let people in in small waves. If you refresh it a few times, possibly the later @ night the better, I'll bet you get in soon.

10 million!!!?? Wow I only have one person in my circle and nobody else I know, knows about google+ -_-

I have invites, but I don't so much free time at the moment to send them. If you want, tweet me @JoshUng with your email and I'll send one.

Or reply here, but I may not see it for awhile.

10 million members
2.3 billion "+1's" a day?

so on average everyone is hitting the +1 230 times per day? I don't think so...

haha faulty math if you ask me

I thought the whole G+ was a bit hyped up by bloggers and press. But, ever since I got an invitation and actually started using it, I can honestly say that facebook will soon meet the WRATH OF GOOGLE! :)

I got an invite but it won't let me in because i'm too young. Alas the problem with being a 15 year old in the tech world, You don't exist yet.

Invited 3 prior PPL, hope it goes through...

Seems to work best if you open the invite on your computer first, that was my experience.

Yep, I got the 4 folks from the posts from July 14, 2011 - 21:00.

As I wrote. It works best if you accept the reply via your computer first, then set it up on the mobile device.


One of the biggest gripes I have with Facebook, and now have with Google+, is the inability to edit your own profile from your mobile application. Unless I'm missing something, I would think by now a feature like that would be standard.

Make sure you use the menu in the mobile app to send feedback so they know what features users want. Also, they released an update to the app today which fixed an issue I had reported, so they seem to be pretty responsive to the feedback they are receiving.

Hey fellow Android Central members. This is a very helpful site. If anyone can help a member send me an invite so I can try it on. Additionally, it will allow me to invite some more members in too. THANKS IN ADVANCE - John

It's great and surely will kill Facebook, but my "test" account has already been flooded with "... has added you to his/her circle" and the stream is a spamfest. Even RayWilliamJohnson (Youtuber) has a g+ account. My real account is going to be unsearchable and divided up with my family and friends and people I know, not random people like it is now.

Their posts only go in your stream if you have them in a circle. If they have you in a circle and you don't, their posts show up in "Incoming" if it is a public post or a post to the circle they put you in. You can also mute posts, and block people.

I still can't figure out how to invite anyone, I tried the circles trick but I don't see anywheree that I can add an email address....