Chances are this will be fixed quickly enough, but look quick -- every app in Google Play appears to have been reviewed by "A Google User." And here you though you were special.

Our guess? Something's being changed in The Matrix. Only appears to be affecting the web portal at this point.

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Google Play hiccup creates a review world full of 'A Google User'


Android police did an apk tare down of the latest market, and found that code in there suggested that Google was going to force reviewers you sign on to Google+ to write reviews and that any other existing/old reviews usernames would just say "A Google User"

I read this in my feed-reader and came to this article to see what "Got ya. HeHe" photo/line they have hidden from the feed. But sadly, the feed had entire article. AndroidCentral really didn't know that this G+ integration was happening..??

Google+ Integration is live. From now on, every user that would like to post an app review has to be signep up for Google +. Other reviewers, up until today, will be called "A Google User".

The fact that reviews will be linked to your google name/pic is breaking news from last Monday. The fact that old reviews only say "A Google User" makes perfect sense because you left those reviews before agreeing to the new Play Store TOS.