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View multiplayer invites, see who is playing what, and discover fun new games

Google has pushed out a sizable update for Google Play Games today (yay, Wednesday!) and the changes finally make the app worth using. There are three major changes, and they are ones that I think everyone is going to like.

  • See invitations for multiplayer games
  • See who's playing a game
  • Search for something fun to play in Find Games

There are a few other minor changes to the applications user interface, most noticable of which is putting the settings into the side menu, just as we've seen in Google Music. Those are always welcome, but the three bullet-point changes are what has our attention.

Multiplayer invites works as expected. Now instead of only being able to join multiplayer games, you can see your invites. This puts everything in one place, making things easy to act on. The active players list gives you a look at who is currently playing each game, though it's not real-time. It is a good way to see who has your favorite game installed so you can invite them, challenge them, then beat them mercilessly until they call you uncle. The "Find Games" section gives you a list of games that Google thinks you'll find interesting. I looked through, and some of them actually were interesting. Nice work, Google.

Of course, this is a typical Google #trollout release. You can wait patiently for it to be your turn, hammer the button and refresh things at Google Play to try and break Google's trollout Enigma machine, or dig around on the Internet to find a version optimized for your processor. Getting the update is almost a game in itself, and deserves to have leaderboards. Good luck, and see you in the players list, player.

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eahinrichsen says:

Well, shit. I haven't unlocked the "Upgrade to v1.5" achievement yet.

minnow4 says:


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retsaw says:

And for those that aren't interested, is there any way to stop games from asking you to connect to Google Play Games? Some games ask every time you load them and it gets annoying.

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radiohawk says:

Just another sad try by Google to force people to join the unnecessary and unwanted Google + crapware

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

App was always worth installing.

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itpromike says:

So wait, you're telling me that before this update you couldn't see what others were playing, see who was playing the same games you were, or even see multiplayer game invitations? What was the app for before this then? I haven't really used this before; it's just been something that's there. Maybe I'll start using it now though. Seriously though, the things that I have mentioned really just got here in this update?

eahinrichsen says:

It was pretty much only useful for achievement tracking. It was pretty useless.

Danny X-Ray says:

Multi-player gaming is just a fad whose time shall pass soon enough. Also true of games with guns. The future lies mainly with dating simulators.

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hexen999 says:

Danny I don't get irony very well.. But you ARE being ironic right, about the gaming part :D

Danny X-Ray says:

Hexen - Of course! :)

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Budius says:

oh Jerry, you're such a player... "Of course, this is a typical Google #trollout release. (...) try and break Google's trollout Enigma machine, (...) the update is almost a game in itself, and deserves to have leaderboards. "

TenshiNo says:

"Getting the update is almost a game in itself, and deserves to have leaderboards."

LOL. So true, Jerry.