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After weeks of speculation and leaks, the next version of Jelly Bean is finally official

Google has announced a new version of Android — 4.3 Jelly Bean — at its breakfast event in San Francisco today.

As expected, version 4.3 brings new features and tools for developers, including Bluetooth Low Energy support and new for devs to interact  with Android's notification center. OpenGL ES 3.0 is on-board, making Android the first platform to support the new standards. New DRM APIs allow content providers to deliver more options, for example Netflix has released a version of their app that streams in 1080p. 

On the tablet side, "restricted" user profiles are pretty big news. They have built-in parental controls, and limited access for things like kiosk systems. This opens up a new way to use an Android tablet.

Primarily, though, this is another maintenance release for Jelly Bean, and the 4.3 release builds on what was already there in 4.1 and 4.2. Most of the new additions to the Android code base are focused on getting the OS prepared for connecting to wearable devices (with Bluetooth LE) and helping developers make even better applications.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will be hitting Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 devices from today, so now's the time to start hammering that "Check for updates" button, if you're into that sort of thing. Google Play edition phones are promised updates "very soon."

We'll bring you more on the new release as it comes. In the meantime, share your thoughts down in the comments.

More: Google event liveblog

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Elfuan says:


jwyche007 says:

Release date release date release date release date!!!!!

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It clearly says it should he hitting "very soon" and to start hitting "check for updates" about now, so I'm assuming its rolling out starting today.

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Roll out today for Nexus 4,10,7, and Galaxy nexus. I am assuming the CDMA galaxy nexus will come out next month.

Verizon in 6 months if at all.

bold1193 says:

I'm really hoping not but I'm resigned to the fact that you are probably right lol

probably true...

I was chatted with a rare "honest" Verizon tech support guy who told me that there's a very good chance that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus won't get any more updates after the end of 2013.


I don't think any Galaxy Nexus will receive updates, after the end of 2013.

The GNex will be two years old, come winter.

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zinnia smith says:

Its the new version of Google Android was launched July25th, 2013 with the same name “Jelly Bean” but new version, Android Jelly Bean 4.3. Which features a lot of new tech from Google from Bluetooth to Camera to OpenGL to User Switching. for more details check

sibeans says:


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yodatom10 says:

No gnex ???

bluesun3030 says:

The article clearly states Galaxy Nexus as getting the update today.


Some people absolutely refuse to read lol

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diverken says:

Perhaps they don't know how to read past the first grade level.

smotrs says:


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Wish I didn't rely on custom quick toggles of CM

coraphise says:

I have CM on my phone... what quick toggles are you referring to? I left the stock ROM on the tablet I just got and I don't see a whole lot of difference between that and CM on my phone.

turbofan says:

Why rely on that? If that's the only reason you run CM you could always use Widgetsoid's notification toggles. Same thing basically.

turbofan says:

Why rely on that? If that's the only reason you run CM you could always use Widgetsoid's notification toggles. Same thing basically.

clemson77on says:

Does the new Bluetooth have AVRCP 1.3?

execubrand says:


deltatux says:

the wait is on for ROM developers to start their cookin'.

coraphise says:

Dang it! I just bought a Nexus 7 and got it in. I've been hiding it from my wife, intending to surprise her with it tonight and now I have to run updates again. Oh well. :)

can3gxw says:

And now we all wait for Samsung (and HTC, etc. etc.) and the carriers to get their sh*t together and push it out to the "non Google" devices.

I'm hopeful that it will come quick, but here in Canada, I'm not very optimistic about getting this update before mid-2014 on my SGS3.

jamie says:

so now's the time to start hammering that "Check for updates" button, if you're into that sort of thing.

That describes me perfectly!

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outlooker says:

Will the T-Mobile Nexus 4 get this update separately later on? Or will this update from Google work with the T-Mobile nexus 4?

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a2Squard says:

Upgrade should hit ALL Nexus 4s directly from Google as it is "unmolested" Android

Wicket says:

the T-Mobile Nexus 4 is the same as the Play Store one, just costs $50 more. you'll get it with the rest of use as it rolls out over the next few days to week.

Metro1088 says:

I have a rooted device and I'm running the stock ROM and stock kernel. Do I need to unroot to get the OTA update?

Maddfrog says:

You can take the chance of doing that, you might have to root your device again. The best option is to use Voodoo OTA KootKeeper. Just click on temp. un-root, update your device and then go back into the app and click restore root. You should be fine

kenyee says:

Will the old Nexus7 support Bluetooth Low Energy?

Wish they listed all devices that support this :-P

Husselang says:

I can pretty much guarantee you that it will. Most Android devices have had hardware support for BT 4.0 (including BLE) for a long time, the problem is that the driver support has not been in place.
Google has been slow to adopt it in Android, but finally the wait is over ;)

glitchhawk says:

can't wait for CM team to get their hands on this and port it to my note 2. CM 10.2 anyone?

miwaca says:

Releasing 4.3 doesn't seem like a smart move. If a 5.0 release is supposedly on the horizon with the launch of the Nexus 5 then I don't see many companies, if any at all, working on 4.3.

Having said that it'd be interesting to see who surprises us with a skinned update first. Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony?

movielover76 says:

I think you'll see most manufacturer's skip this update, not enough in it from a end user perspective to be worth it.
As long as they update for 5.0, I'd say that's fine.

Time to update my Nexus 10!!!!

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mxmarcus says:

How soon before we see the official 4.3 GE rom for Galaxy S4GE or HTC One GE?

movielover76 says:

I guess now we find out how "timely" timely updates will be on the Google Experience Devices

planoman says:

they already have the 4.3 camera software, the rest is minor I believe.

if you don't want to wait for the OTA just go to:

sidds18 says:

will my samsung galaxy 4 get the update ?

jamie says:

Probably so but it will take months for Samsung and your carrier to get it completed and out.

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valapsp says:

Hope broken bluetooth is fixed. it really walks on nerves.

Chanlion says:

I can wait another few days the update, probably won't come for a while.
But anyone have the release notes on this version?

Chanlion says:

OTA wise.

ConTejas says:

Google AOSP...

Chanlion says:

Thanks I guess...
I meant to say does anyone have a direct link to the release notes, the site's pretty hard to navigate. It would save a few minutes.

AlexanderJJJ says:

Anyone get the update for the Nexus 4 yet?

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Chanlion says:

As of the timestamp, no.

Will the lock screen daydreams type notifications like the one we saw in the rogers Motorola x ad be there?

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n8ter#AC says:

One of the most non-factor updates I've ever seen.

Switching carriers soon and unless Android offers some seriously competitive services to things like Photo Stream and iMessage without Google+ Lock-In, I'm gonna have to go get it from another platform.

Danny Curtis says:

Any idea for timescale to reach the UK for nexus 4 ??

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CasterCm says:

I hope htc one owners can have this update soon..
Another challenge for htc for the update race

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TauSigmaNova says:

I'm still waiting for multi-window apps like touchwiz so I can talk to people while using YouTube and the like!

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Hope fully this gets ported over to PAC_MAN or SlimBean asap!!!!