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Our intrepid readers figured it out a little early this morning, but Google's just made it official: The Android Market has surpassed 10 billion downloads. And as you can see from the chart above, the numbers have skyrocketed over the past several months.

And the really good news: Google's not just promoting the same 10-cent apps for the next week and a half. Check back each day over the next 10 days for all new 10-cent apps. It's a great gift from the maker of the world's best damn mobile OS, that's for sure. 

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Google officially announces 10 billion app downloads, more 10-cent apps to come


And this doesn't include all the apps downloaded from alternative app stores (Amazon, GetJar). Android is truly a growing platform with plenty to offer in the way of apps.

Apple these are the times for serious operating system and the people need a serious company to solve them.

Apple your 15 minutes of appstore is up, and I am Android Market.

Que the Apple fans arriving to tell us the iTunes App store reached 10 billion back in January of 2011.

When you consider the slow start of the Android Market, which started after the iTunes app store, and languished for well over a year, the current trend is astounding.

Apple is still racking up downloads by the billions, but the trajectory is set: Android is growing by leaps and bounds while IOS is largely selling replacement devices to their existing base as their market share continues to shrink (except for tablets).

To play devil's advocate the iOS platform is orders of magnitude more profitable for developers. The Android community tends to be more frugal...

The '10 Days of offers' ad in the market shows Tetris, NFS Shift, Fruit Ninja, FlightTrack, and Plex for Android. I would assume these apps will be $0.10 in the coming days.

Whew.. What a PITA.. If your market account is stuck saying purchased even though you didn't purchase it from the market then here's what to do:
1.) Use TiBu to uninstall Market (make a backup), then also freeze Market Updater.
2.) Download and extract to a folder the CM6 gapps for HDPI devices.
3.) Copy Vending.apk from the app folder of what you extracted into /system/app on your phone and chmod 644 it.
4.) Start the market (no need to install it per say, should appear in your app drawer), sign in -- if it force closes just restart the app. From here go find the relevant app, purchase it and you'll see as mentioned Cody that the checkout displays the $0.10 price.
5.) Once done just delete the Vending.apk and use TiBu to restore your old market then defrost market updater.
These might be excessive but these steps worked for me on jt's ICS for Fascinate.
Hope it alleviates someones frustrations...whew.

Awesome, I swapped out some of my free apps and purchase others I was on the fence on due to price. You'd be stupid not to take advantage of this deal.

4 of the 10 cent apps were Amazon free app of the day once, just pointing that out.

It is nice that there are cheaper apps, especially Minecraft for 10 cents (normally 7 bucks).

>"It's a great gift from the maker of the world's best damn mobile OS"

I should also comment that "gifts" do not cost money. It might be nice to offer $0.10 apps, but those are sales, not gifts. Gifts are free. In that regard, Amazon's free-apps-of-the-day are gifts.

It didn't say that the applications were gifts, it said that the sale is a gift. The sale itself is given free of charge. Quite whining, buy the apps while you can and be merry.

I've been an android user since november 09 and its pretty amazing to see the amplitude of growth this shows since then, awesome!

Amazon's free daily apps are nice, but I prefer to stick to a single market. Picked up Asphalt, SwiftKey, and Minecraft myself. Already had Sketchbook and SoundHound. Looking forward to seeing what else is on tap in the coming days. If nothing else, it's a great chance to try some of the apps I've been looking at for a while, but wasn't sure were worth the asking price.

this is awesome, but in the UK, some people have been charged over £1 transaction fee for each app. this kinda defeats the whole idea of the promo :(