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Google Now users that happen to find themselves in deep cavernous places without a cellular signal to be had will now be able to view their cards even without a connection. The latest update to Google Search enables the caching of cards for when your phone is offline and you still want to check in with whatever Google Now is suggesting you do. When you without a connection and trying to use Google Now, you'll be told how long ago the content was last updated, so at least you'll have an idea of how old those suggestions really are.

Google Now has been the recipient of several updates recently, including one that notes where you parked your car, integration with Google Chrome, and can even launch into playing music.

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Google Now will cache your cards for when you're without a connection


Wow, I assumed it was already doing this... hard to believe that they just added that now?

I guess I've not been without signal much to have noticed.

So does it update automatically or in Google Play? I haven't received an actual update from Google sesrch/now.

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This was in the previous update a couple days ago. If you never got an update from the play store then download the apk from that other android news website (don't want to post links...)

How do we actually use this, I tried to figure out how to mark my parking location with Google Now and couldn't figure out how to do it.

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You don't have to mark your parking spot. I assume it must be based on a change in speed. After you leave your car Google Now will display a card showing where you parked.

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Im pretty sure Google now keeps the last cards you looked at anyways

Kind of the same thing right?

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