Remember all that buzz that Google Buzz brought -- along with the controversy over privacy? Well, the good folks at Google recognized that things probably could have been handled better, and they're going to make sure of that.

Google has finally reached an agreement with the FTC and as a result of everything that has happened they will now be having independent reviews of their privacy procedures every two years. Users will have to give an affirmation consent before a change can be made to how their personal information is used. [Google Blog]


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Google to have independent reviews of privacy procedures every two years


With Google's livelihood being based on targeted advertising and with them having the ability to look at your private emails in order to target certain ads at you and things like that I see this as a good thing.

I see it as a good thing as well. Personally, I only use a Gmail account to have access to the Android Market, but other then that I don't use Gmail (hell, I don't even use

As for the phone, I've tried other phones but the Android setup is just too damn useful. My new HTC Inspire is amazingly handy & fun to 'tinker' with as well. ;)

The reality is that everyone has your personal info (banks/healthcare stuff. Google is kinda unique in that they also have a portion of the business that would like to profit off of that info too. Though I have definitely seen enough bank info/credit card info leaks to know that my info isn't safe anywhere to be honest.