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We've heard from a few folks this morning saying that Google Now apparent has gone quiet, refusing to verbally answer any of the usual questions. We're seeing it, too. Asking "What's the weather like today?" produces results, but you don't get that sultry voice. Probably just a server-side thing (OK, obvious a server-side thing), and we'd expect it to be fixed. But, no, it's not just you that Google Now is giving the silent treatment to.

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Google Now apparently giving the silent treatment this morning


Did anyone watch Big Bang where one of those nerds was dreaming he met siri?? That was funny!!! I wonder what google now looks like in dream form????

Google Now has always been largely silent for me. I've checked to make sure it is set to vocalize, which it is. Is that a feature that only works on wifi?

Same here... unless I'm missing something. I get to Google Now by holding my menu button (Galaxy S III, JB version 4.1.1) and she never talks to me. Ever. Is there some setting that I'm missing? I don't even see my weather card all the time, nor do I see other cards.

I'm thinking that I only half-a**ed started it and didn't enable everything that I wanted.

Make sure your media volume is sufficient. When entering from s3 holding menu takes you to voice search and not true Google now(although both are integrated within each other). When I get in I press and hold menu, then say Google and ask a question. Works both WiFi and network.

Well, Google Now only answer some especific questions, try asking how old is some celebrity or how is the weather for example, after Google fixes this server problem, of course....

Here is how to get Google now talking again (after the server is back up and running of course)

Go to settings - accessibility settings - text-to-speech output and then enable either Google text to speech or Samsung TTS, etc. Then try again and see if Google now will speak to you.

Google now wasn't speaking to me on my Galaxy Note 10.1, then I changed to Samsung TTS, and now she speaks fluently and loudly.

I noticed this a couple nights ago. It would bee kind of funny if they turned out off a fee days ago just to see of anyone noticed, and our took until now!

Cool feature, but I almost never actually use it.

Right after midnight Pacific tie, and several Google servers were having problems. About a third of them would not do a sync/backup.

Voice feedback isn't working in the Google app for iOS either (Just saying.)

While I'm at it, I'll be the annoying guy who points out that "Google Now" and "Voice Search" are two separate things.

It's annoying when people get Google Voice Search and Google Now mixed up on YouTube when comparing to Siri, but for an Android news site to do it??!

Google Now has always been silent

Google Now used to talk to me but it fell silent just before Xmas (without me changing any settings) But glad to see I'm not the only one, I thought I was going deaf! =P

During this same time frame my Google account was behaving as if it was hacked! Not sure if there is any correlation in these events or not.

This isn't "Google Now", Phil. People keep thinking it is, but it is not. I have Google Now turned off and get that exact screen you show in the photo. I can ask questions verbally or type. I can get text and spoken results.

It is just Google Search in Jellybean. "Google Now" will add some different results and features to it (at the price of it spying more) but it is not at all necessary.

Google Now (Android, HTC EVO 4G LTE phone) doesn't talk back much but it does on some functions.

Try this: GOOGLE. Set alarm for 30 minutes.

My Google Now replies verbally with "Setting Alarm" in a woman's voice.

For most other commands, Google Now just gives search results on screen and doesn't give Verbal Output. (I have Verbal Output set to Always in Settings).

Does anyone know which commands Google Now will give a Verbal response to?

Yesterday Google Now replied verbally with "Setting Alarm" "the temperature is 50 degrees" "tomorrow will be cloudy" "facebook stock is $24.30" ...and now today on the same phone, I did a "set alarm" verbal command and Google Now did not talk back..I then asked it the temperature and it also didn't talk back. I don't recall changing any settings and the settings I just checked all look OK. She just stopped talking.