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New or improved cards for both work and play

An update to Google Now is in the process of rolling out to devices, and while most of us are still waiting the official Android Google+ account has detailed the update's new features. The update brings several new "card" types across a wide variety of topics, including car rentals, concert tickets, commute sharing and NCAA football scores. Each of these is pretty self-explanatory, but just shows how much Google is working towards getting all types of relevant information in your life into Google Now.

Along with the grouping of new cards, the update also improves public transit cards which will now show times for the last bus or train for you to get home so you'll never be stranded without a way back. The general search card has been updated to include a reminder function when you search for media content, such as setting a reminder to watch a TV show that you searched for. Also related is an updated TV card, which can now show you information about music playing or news being displayed in addition to current programming information.

It will take a little while for the update to roll out to everyone and some time after that to experience all of these new cards, but the improvements have us excited. It seems that the folks at Google responsible for the content selection in Google Now are working overtime to bring great information to our devices.

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Google Now adds cards for car rentals, tickets, NCAA football scores and more


I'm still really missing the sports option to show only certain types of information. I think it let me pick from before, during, after, or someone who watches lots of sports and ends up watching on a delay (sometimes significant due to work), Google Now sports cards are now a spoiler. Before I could tell it to only show me cards announcing an upcoming game but not show me the score.

A few updates ago they simply removed that feature. I'm glad the app keeps getting better...but I hate when it gets worse sometimes!

I do love Google now, but had to disable it to get home from work without a flat battery. Not much good telling my when the last train is if the phone cant stay alive until after 5pm. Nevertheless, the more Google now does, the more its likely to tempt me back ........

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 4

You can still use Google now and not having it turned on all the time. I just hold the home button and when it pops up I say Google. It that is recording and I say like when do the new orleans Saints play next? And it pops up

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Give me more functionality. That's what Google is doing. As cute as Siri is, Google Now is that more helpful.

That said, I still want them to get off the snye and get hangouts GV and SMS integration. Do that and I'll be a very happy camper.

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I agree... It suggested The Price is Right. I haven't watched that in years.

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I've still only ever seen weather cards from it.. Presume all these features are US only :(

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Anyone receiving nfl team cards? I havent yet and was wondering if the cards only work in the regular season and not preseason

Posted via Android Central App

Anyone receiving nfl team cards? I havent yet and was wondering if the cards only work in the regular season and not preseason

Posted via Android Central App

I Google search a football teams schedule and it doesn't say anything like other sports. I have to click a link. Not sure what their problem is with the NFL.

Would be nice if it actually showed all of these things. I've double, triple, quadruple checked to make sure they're enabled, but I have yet to get any shipping cards or the other cool cards. All I have are the traffic (frequently to random spots that are along my travel route) and weather.

IMO Google Now kinda blows. Location based reminders simply don't work. At all. Ever. Plenty of goodies but I have yet to get anything to work on any android phone I have had. Maybe if I lived in a bigger city. I'm headed back to the iPhone as soon as the new one comes out. IOS is far from perfect but most of it at least works.