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With the roll out of Google Music in Europe we saw Google include the scan and match feature that offers up a quick scanning of your library and then instantly makes the tracks available in the cloud much like how iTunes Match works. At the time, Google made no efforts to divulge when that feature would see other regions. Now though, they've gone ahead and made it available in the US as per their announcement on Google+:

Traveling this season and want to make sure your music goes with you? Add up to 20,000 songs from your music collection to Google Play and stream it to your Android devices and your computer, anywhere you go.

Our new music matching feature gets your songs into your online music library on Google Play much faster. We’ll scan your collection and quickly rebuild it in the cloud - all for free. And we’ll stream your music back to you at up to 320 kbps.

This feature is live today for people in the US, following our European launch last month. Check it out:!  It’ll be music to your ears.

The advantage for Google here is the fact that they've kept it free and it's automatic. As a Google Music customer, you're likely to not even notice it happening as it's all pretty much done in the background. It's a pretty slick feature that a lot of people are sure to love. Say goodbye to uploading your whole music library!

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Google Music scan and match feature now live in the US


Yeah I was super excited about this until I found out it changed almost all of my explicit songs to the clean version. WTF?

Any way to fix this?

Ditto. And when can I buy more space like Amazon's Cloud service (assuming matched songs still count against my 20K limit)? 250,000 songs for $25 is a STEAL.

No it does not. You currently cannot upload from a mobile device, only from your desktop/laptop, so the songs on your device remain untouched.

And the Google Music Store does not sell songs with DRM on them, so why would they add DRM to songs they didn't sell you?

No more uploading the full files. Scan and match with files that exist on Google Servers at 320kbps bit rate playback. Should make the process go a lot faster...

Do we have a way to tell that this has happened and that it is streaming at 320? I know I can download it and check, but I have some stuff on my computer that is only 192, and having 320 would be nice!

I loved this feature when iTunes made it available last year, I was one of the first to pay the $25 bucks that they charged for it; but it wasn't really how I wanted it because you still had to install iTunes to have access to your music; however I think that Google's approach is going to be better because you can access all your music library from any computer that has internet access without having to install any software. I love this feature, and free is even better, thank you Google for a nice Christmas gift, I can go now buy something for myself with the 25 bucks i was going to pay iTunes this year to renew.

and here I just uploaded a bunch of songs to Google Music yesterday. I'm also curious as to whether or not matched songs count against the 20k limit but guessing that's a yes.

Also does anyone know if songs I uploaded previous are converted to 320kbps?

I was also curious about that one. I have albums with noticeably bad distortion and cut-offs. Maybe a stupid question but, are you able to match a song* with the scan tool (proving you own said song) and download the 320kbs version?? It seems too good to be true.

* assuming said files were obtained them legally. No judgement, just saying.

I have almost 23,000 songs... what happens to the extra 3000 songs, and what do I need to do to have them added (or matched) as well?

So in order for this to work, I need to delete all my music I already uploaded and then have it scan and matched right?

I just downloaded a track that I had uploaded and its only showing 256 kpbs which makes sense since I downloaded it from my Amazon Cloud drive which converts uploads to 256k.

Let's say I have a vinyl rip of an album. Will match and play automatically change it to their own rip?

Not likely. ;-) Their mp3 copies for purchase/streaming are likely from CD-quality source, not digitized, hi-res vinyl.

Just trying to determine how they chose weather or not to use the match service. For example, I have a copy of The Black Keys "El Camino". It is a vinyl rip (the vinyl is much better than the cd on this particular record, more dynamic range.) The mp3 tag data looks the same, the track listing looks the same. Obviously, the mix is different. How will Google know not to use its "poorer cd source" version over my superior vinyl rip?

You'd think we get the option of match OR upload. If you recorded your own original music, obviously no service could "match" it, so the upload option is required. Same logic for the vinyl rip, I'd hope.

I doubt that. Scan & match isn't just for our convenience, it's also to let them free up server space, so they'll default to their matched source whenever possible. Not to mention, the music manager program Google provides hasn't ever provided a whole lot in the way of options.

The 'good' news is that at 320kbps, there probably isn't a ton of audible difference between your vinyl rip and their digital source, unless the two were mastered substantially differently.

No so fast my friends. Yeah you take it with you wherever you go. But if you got no service to play said music, its useless. Sure go ahead and burn data, enjoy.

Google is beginning to muddy to waters with their services and options. Take away this, add that, lets try this, no wait that doesn't work, oh Google stick to Gmail, Android and Maps. F the rest! Your music service sucks. I want MY music on MY device. Not a fn cloud to play IF I have service. The sheep never cease to amaze me!

The cloud is a joke. Biggest joke since well the Iphoney!! The cloud is just a bunch of servers that have to be communicated to in order for you to use your whatever. if you have no service, what good does the cloud do? If you decide to store music on said cloud and no service what then?

No one is forcing you to use this service, you obviously can still store music on your devices memory or a sd card. I am not quite sure how you see this as a bad thing. -_-

You do know that you can "pin" tracks/albums which copies them locally on the device so you don't need to stream them and negates the whole needing to have service argument. I love having my music in the cloud as well as being able to sync from my local PC to my device. Options are a good thing in my book.

Dude, if you don't want to use the cloud, then don't use it. No one is forcing you too. I love the Google Music streaming service. It's a nice convenience to have all your music available anywhere you have a connection. Like others have said, if you want your music on your device, then do that. But, the cloud is a great thing for alot of us, including me.

lack of service makes everything dependent on it useless but nobody is giving up the internet because of it. I can't get the internet in my car but that doesn't mean my androidcentral account is useless. i just have to wait til i have service. Same for checking facebook, or email or a website. I want my music on my device too. This doesn't remove it from your computer. it doesn't remove it from your phone

Navy Vet? Thank you for your service. With that said, you need to be more open to technology. How does wanting more choices make anyone sheep?

Any indication of how comprehensive the "matching" algorithm is? I've got a lot of songs that were ripped a long time back, before online album coverart/naming was commonplace.

With manually entered tracks/names, how well does this system match those up?


If I understand this correctly, all of the music that I uploaded to Google Music a long time ago will eventually be "matched" with something that already exists on their servers.

In other words, all those terrible quality rips of CD's I made years ago should have their quality "auto upgraded" eventually? Nice!

Now you do this after I spent weeks uploading 55Gb over crappy DSL! Granted, that was last year and I can't deduct it off my taxes or anything but this is pretty great!

well i'm not the authority. i haven't tried. you could try to upload them. You could also simply reencode all of it without drm. Or burn them to cds and rerip them like people used to have to do. i'm sure there is some way to strip drm. I've never needed to though i'm old enough to have a massive cd and record collection that i fricken had to rip twice cause my hard drive died. But i'm not bitter about that. Nah. But yeah i wouldn't be surprised if Skydrive has similar features soon. Will zune music work? That's above my pay grade as they say. Ask Bill.

Will it improve the quality of the album art? Some of my art is great while others are low res and look terrible, ever for albums that are sold on the Play Store.

well i trid this, i have 30 mb down/ 4mb up internet service, and it took me 6 hours to upload my 942 itunes songs, ironicly it only toock 45 minutes to upload over 1,400 of my wifes songs to itunes match previously. when watching the progress with googles app, it was uploading at 900kps. wich is less than a 4th of my upload speed. frankly untill they alow a faster upload speed then i dont see it competing much,

i really hope it doesn't reorganize and ruin my all the organization in my library. i know where everything is so i'd hate if they started changing tags. As i did them all by manuall, 18k songs already.

Well i was surprised that it doesn't match a bunch of my stuff. basic stuff that is pretty common. Like some basic classic pop albums. And for a lot of stuff it simply didn't match all the songs in an album only some of them. Weird. That said in about 20 minutes its gone through 253 songs. Like it's not matching Alicia Keyes. How do you know match alicia keyes? it's not even old or unpopular. Honestly, this software sucks. They need to make it so you can pick what's matched and then say yeah or nay to adding it. Like i'd rather it just add only what's matched or at least have the option. plus it doesn't even tell you what is matched. It's just doing it in the background.

I have a LOT of foreign music that's not in Google Play.

Is there a way for me to tell what's bee matched by the scan and what hasn't?

Yes but you have to check each song individually. There's no way to sort your songs by match. Right click on a song and if the last option is "Fix Incorrect Match", it's been matched. If you don't see that option, it wasn't matched.

I've been waiting for this. I didn't have the bandwidth to upload all of my songs, or sit down and pick and choose what gets uploaded or doesn't. Now when I get home tonight, I'll have it scan and set songs into my account for me.

This reminds me of the CD service of many, many years ago from You put a CD into your computer, it read the data, and then "credited" your account with the CD so you didn't have to rip it and encode it yourself.

Hmmm My mp3 tags/albumn covers are all messed up I wonder if I deleted all my tunes from Google Music then let them rescan my collection if that would be the quickest way straighhten everything out?

I hate to sound stupid but how do you specifically add/scan CDs to your library without having to rip them to your hard drive first? I've tried to "add" the CD drive as a "new folder" in Google's "Music Manager" and that does nothing. I've got 50 or 60 CDs that I'd like to add to my library but definitely don't what to take up local disk space just so that Google can see them to add to my cloud library! Any help or direction would really be appreciated!

I just got a final reply to a problem report I submitted to Google support and the answer to my question is "Google doesn't support that". So you have to rip your CDs before Google will scan them and either upload them or credit you with a copy of the music. Major FAIL in my opinion. . . . .but what do I know!

I'm not really sure how we are supposed to be able to tell if the Music Manager is actually uploading, or if it has scanned and matched a song. Anyone know?

I'm in the process of scanning 13,000+ songs right now... and it certainly appears that it is uploading each and every one of them. This is exactly what I've been trying to avoid, as last time my ISP came after me thinking I was running a BitTorrent and I want to avoid that issue this time around. I thought the scan and match service would be great, but I'm not seeing it actually working.

So if matched songs only download at their original bit rate, doesn't that mean google is storing them in the cloud? I I'm really bummed out about this limitation and would pay $25 a year in a heartbeat to have it. Also, with no airplay function in music app, how are you supposed to stream to any descent quality sound system at full 320 kbps? I just paused my library download after finding out the files aren't up-converted.