Google NFC with Sprint

If the muttering we're hearing through the Bloomberg grapevine is true, Google is planning to finally unveil their NFC mobile payment service on May 26. Google's system is going to be available on phones from Sprint, like the already-launched Nexus S 4G. (Not so coincidentally, the Nexus S is still the only Android phone in the U.S. with NFC.)

The NFC service will let consumers both pay and use mobile coupons with a swipe of their phone. However, Google and Sprint's offering will eventually see competition from ISIS, a joint effort between AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Google does have a press event scheduled for May 26, but as of now, no one's talking. Guess we'll all have to keep our ears tuned to the latest and greatest coming out of New York that day.

Source: Bloomberg


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Google mobile payment service rumored to debut May 26




Update: According to All things D, the payment system will be put through its paces by none other than El Goog's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt at the D9: All Things Digital conference next week --

Wouldn't it be a nice surprise to find out that the EVO 3D has NFC and the release date is announced too? (Don't flame, I know it's not going to happen)

No, the EVO 3D atm does not have NFC in it. Kind of a shame but I guess you can only get so much in there at once. I'm sure it will take 8-12 months for this stuff to start taking off so I don't think of it as too big of a deal. EVO 4D will have it :)

I don't mean to sound stupid, but exactly what does this supposed to do that I can't already do with my pay pal account??

You Nexus S 4G owners can have your NFC/phone payment system. I'm not using my phone to pay for anything other than apps in the Android Market. Have no desire to deal with people stealing phones for the same reason they steal wallets, to get at your bank and/or credit card info. No thanks. I don't need NFC. If it ever comes on a phone I buy, I want to disable it.

I understand your concern, but I think the reality is that I can control the money in my accounts without actually holding it. Yet, with cash, when you no longer hold it, you no longer control it. Someone can steal my phone and I can freeze my accounts. If someone steals my wallet, the cash in it is gone, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.