Google Maps update

Big G has updated Google Maps to version 5.10.0, and with the update comes two features that users might just love -- the ability to see places you've rated 4 or 5 stars right on your map view, and the ability to attach a photo to a place review.

Some of us just use maps for the awesome turn-by-turn navigation, or to find that little seafood place your brother-in-law told you about with the great clam chowder, but places and check-ins are another great feature we rarely mention.  With today's update, they get pushed a little closer to the front of the action, with places you like showing up right on your map so you don't forget about them.  Could be awful handy for the business traveler, deadhead, or anyone who often finds themselves jaunting across the country in a different bed each night.  And to help others know about those great places you visit, you can attach a photo to your review.

OK, so it's not the biggest update in the world, but it does offer a nice bump for the folks who use the places features, and is a good way to get more of us to use them.  It will be interesting just how Google works places and reviews from Maps into things now that they've bought out Zagat.  Grab the update from the Android Market, or we've got a handy link after the break.

Thanks, Jason! 

Maps update

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danperde says:

I would like to sleep in a different bed each night...:D

VagrantRadio says:

You're welcome. ;)

hmmm says:

Does this update fix the auto dimming bug in Navigation? You know the bug that dims the screen while Navigation is running so that you have to constantly mess with your phone to get the screen to stay lit instead of paying attention to the road?

That sounds like a device issue not software

El Jefe says:

My Droid X does not do that at all. The screen stays on the entire time it is in Navigation whether I touch the screen or not. It sounds like you have a setting off somewhere.

JonJJon says:

Mine does that too in Navigation, I have a HTC (surprise surprise if it is a bug LOL) but I was thinking it dimmed on long stretches of navigation where it didn't need to tell or show you a turn-off or junction, but I could be wrong and it is a bug.

I would also like Navigation updated to have speed limits of the road your on in it (where available to them) and maybe a slight rejigging to the overall UI in Navigation mode.

Still here's hoping Navigation gets a nice whopping update soon.

icedhot says:

mini dim out too on the droid x. i have never seen that b4.

Pimping the N1 still Jerry? Awesome

bluedonut says:

How does anyone know how to change the angle of perspective so it's not such a top-down view? Like seen in the photos within the app market page?

I have a Photon.

icedhot says:

i have the same problem...the map does not show forward heading. i have to guess which direction to turn. its kinda annoying.

devgrp says:

You have to hit the gps icon in the corner to go into compass mode

icedhot says:

In maps you can hit the compass & it will give you the straight heading but not in navigation. I did not have this issues in previous nav. Hopefully they will fix.

icedhot says:

Yeah just figure it out....... hit the compass triangle towards the top right.

devgrp says:

Put 2 fingers on the screen and pull down. Push up to go back to top down view

technomom says:

While I love all these new features, I simply want a version of Maps/Navigation that doesn't make my phone reboot. Is that too much to ask for?

icedhot says:

i hear you!!...after awhile using the navigation....the phone restart. strange & annoying. what causing it? is it the hardware or software.

devgrp says:

I have the 3d and my phone has never done that and I use navigation for hrs at a time.

devgrp says:

I have the 3d and my phone has never done that and I use navigation for hrs at a time.

devgrp says:

I have the 3d and my phone has never done that and I use navigation for hrs at a time.

Scottatron says:

Makes you triple post though? ;)

devgrp says:

Nah I dont know what happened I posted that thru FF lol

kinster02 says:

I have a 3D and what he said.

veryjiggy says:

How do I see the new features? Can't see anything new in my maps even after the update!! HTC Desire.