Google Maps 5.0

Google Maps 5.0 -- that awesome version Andy Rubin showed off a week or so ago -- has been released to the Android Market. With the latest version of Google Maps, you get that very cool 3D tilt feature, plus vector graphics for less tiling (there's still some lag, but it's definitely better), compass mode, improved caching and offline navigation rerouting so that you can still find your way even if you lose your connection.

We'll have to check this out on as many phones as possible. There was talk about the 3D feature not working on the Nexus One, but it seems to be OK for us. (Update: More on that after the break.) Sound out in the comments if you see otherwise. Thanks to everyone who sent this in! [Google Lat-Long Blog]

OK. Dive into the help files on Google Maps 5.0 and you learn that the following phones are completely supported in Google Maps 5.0: Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy S, Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, G2.

The HTC Desire, SE Xperia X10, LG Ally and Nexus One are partially supported. On the Nexus One, you can tilt and zoom and all that good stuff. It's rotation that it has a problem with, and that fits with previous screen tests.


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Google Maps updated with 3D tilt feature, vector graphics


same thing happening here, i can get the side angle by sliding down with two fingers but the 3d buildings do not show up. droid incredible Philadelphia.

You have to zoom way in.
3D buildings were in the prior release as well if Zoomed all the way in.

Not all cities have 3D building data.


Click the my position icon, top right.
There is a compass needle top left, which seems to do nothing.

if ur device has a digital compass the map gets reorientated as u rotate ur phone making north the top of the map at all time
works on my DInc

3d feature not working on my Nexus One with CM6.1 - my city is listed as supported *edit* apparently you have to zoom in - A LOT. Working now :-)

3d works for me on my incredible but not all buildings. Still really cool.

Sooooooo much faster i love it!!!!

Samsung Vibrant, not working with 3D tilt unless I am doing it wrong... Don't you just zoom in and spin your fingers?

Tested in Philly on my T-Mobile vibrant and I was able to see the buildings in downtown including City hall and independence hall.

Dinc Denver 3d is working definitely still see a bit of the tiling on start up but that goes away after a while..

3D w/ tilt working on my Aria. Yeah, feels good to say that.

To everyone with tilt, use TWO fingers and move them up and down the screen. And make sure you are zoomed in really close.

On OG Droid with Cyan 6.1. Everything works but the tilt. But what does work is WAY cool. *** Edit *** Used the 2 finger method and it came right around! (That's what she said)

Did you get two-finger rotation to work? That's the only one that doesn't seem to work on my Droid w/ Cyanogen.

3D tilt is for only certain cities. When you have the app open go to help and look under Cities with 3D buildings.

Only panning and zooming are working on HTC Aria. HTC Ally is supposed to have the tilting functionality, and it similar to the Aria, but alas, tilting is not working on the Aria.

Wow, two weeks of Google goodies...nice Xmas gifts. Everything works as it should on the ole Evo. For those complaining about the 3d there's only suppose to be 100 cities currently with 3d, more than likely the major ones. I would suggest you go to one of them to try out your 3d .

Gotta admit it's pretty cool, I searched around Atlanta to check out the 3D graphics, problem is I live in Birmingham. Let's hope they get added to the list soon.

I'm getting the tilt, but not the 3D buildings. Philly isn't supported?? 5th largest city in the country, 4th largest market... BUT NO 3D SUPPORT?!? OG Droid.

EDIT: So it definitely says that Philly is supported... What am I doing wrong??

Love it! 3D and tilt working flawlessly on EVO! Only certain buildings look to have 3d imaging. Amazing work Google!

And it begins. The first Google App that doesn't completely support the Nexus One. This is a sad, but happy (since it still works, mostly) day.

It's rather that the Nexus One's hardware doesn't support this feature. Try a multitouch tester & you'll see the reason.

Works great! Feels a little snappier and the extra features are sweet! Damn phone knows which direction you are facing now!Sick!

I tried to edit my post again, but I was told it was "Forbidden." OK then...

EDIT2: IT WORKS!! You have to be zoomed in REALLY REALLY close!!! WORD!!!

Lost the label option from the labs. I liked that feature a lot. It was so easy to navigate yo destination.

Same issue with Desire as with Nexus One: tilt, but no manual rotation, only with compass mode.

Working on Samsung Fascinate in Des Moines, IA. Now all we need is google to get cracking on 3D views in our city so I can actually use it.

I thought it was supposed to have vector graphics? In satellite view is get tiling when flicking and in map view it doesn't tile it is just blurred on the outskirts. Still much more snappy overall and the 3d tilt is awesome. Wondering if the goodies are in navigation also? Will be trying that out later.

No 3D here. dInc, Lancaster, PA... :(

*edit* make that no 3D in Lancaster... if i go to Phily on the map and zoom in, i get 3D...

Some cities you have to zoom in more than others for some reason and still getting some tiling. Other than that, working great, 3D, rotation, everything. (Dinc)

For those of you that are having a problem.......

Fully-supported devices:
The following devices support panning, zooming, tilting, and rotating gestures.

Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Galaxy S
Motorola Droid
Motorola Droid 2
Motorola Droid X
HTC Incredible
Partially-supported devices:
The following devices support panning, zooming, and tilting gestures only.

HTC Desire
Sony Ericsson X10
LG Ally
HTC Nexus One

Overview: Cities with 3D buildingsShare Comment
3D buildings are available in the following cities, organized by geographic region. More cities will be included in the future, so this list may change over time:

North America
Ft. Lauderdale
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Mexico City
New Orleans
New York
Oklahoma City
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
St. Louis
St. Paul
St. Petersburg
South America
Buenos Aires
Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
San Sebastián

Is there some trick to the manual rotation? I use two fingers and twist but get nothing on my Fascinate. Restarted the app and rebooted phone but no deal. Compass mode works.

My MT4G is not listed but it appears to be fully supported. :) 3D also works in my city but it seems to only support the downtown area.

Anyone know what happened to the lab that allowed you to initiate a phone call or navigation right from the map?

<-- Pissed Nexus One Owner!!! We are already the step child from day 1 of the new Nexus! Grrrrr

Install a multitouch test program & it becomes clear why the Nexus One doesn't support rotating. It's touchscreen simply isn't able to reliably distinguish two fingers rotating. Same on my HTC Desire ...

Im thinking that tue 3d buildings is only in a small number of cities because Cedar Rapids, IA dosent have it but New York does, certain parts if Fl have it others don't.

Working great on my Nexus One and MyTouch 4G. Thank you Google. Android is getting better and better all the time. Now I'm waiting for gingerbread to role out for my Nexus One. I absolutely love this MyTouch 4G but I still have a very hard time putting down my Nexus One.I want to buy the new Nexus S because I love the pure Android but I think the MyTouch 4G is just a better device all around.

I didn't think the new maps were working correctly but they appear to be fine. I live near and work in London, UK, and silly me there's me thinking it would have 3D. I am amazed London is not in there for launch. Come on Google it's one of the most visited cities in Europe and the most expensive to city to the world!

just checked London and you're right, not working. It is a strange ommision, however the second city is working, plenty of 3d here in birmingham.

Works flawless on my Droid X...This is amazing...Gonna be fun to walk around manhattan and rotate the view so you can see whats right behind or in front of the building your standing in front of...Just when you think they cant improve any more...I believe Google will cure cancer one day!

iphone friends? Don't be friends with the enemy. I dumped my iphone, so-called friends long ago! haha

No 3D on my Dinc in Denver. Also the compass mode is showing that I am facing the exact opposite direction that I am actually facing.

Working fine on th D-Inc now! I like the new features, especially the rotation and the fact that it will cache the navi maps better. I will try this on out trip to Vegas. There's a large swath of area that is not covered by VZW on the way down.

For those that couldn't get 3D buildings to show up for the cities that are supposed to work, you need to TURN OFF all layers - terrain, traffic, satellite and etc. Otherwise, 3D buildings won't show up.


Nope still not wrking here in Dallas, but if I go to NY, its works even with all my layers... oh well.


Any idea why i don't see the Google Maps in the market?

it is available only for a number of countries.

I have a galaxy s, 2.2, and live in Romania.

Any input would be app


Don't forget the Caching ...

Google says that this version will cache your local area/region when on the charger with wifi turned on (and presumably wifi sleep never set).

This makes huge difference in map loading, scrolling, and allows off-line maps, (in tunnels, basements, elevators etc with no signal).

So put your phone on the charger for a few hours with wifi turned on, (OR go into settings and turn on caching over 3G) for better performance of the map.

Waiting for the ability to cache entire states. Or cache based on imported MyMaps. Where you really need caching is in new places, not places where you go all the time.

That could be a huge amount of data. I just never visit entire states, so I don't know how useful that would be.

The nice thing is that one night on the charger will get your current city and surrounding area. So even when traveling it will have your current location mapped.

If you turn one the 3G caching (and have an unlimited data plan), leave it on the car charger, theoretically it would have a rolling cache as you drove around. But I obviously haven't tested this.

(I have a hard time testing this because my work wifi is so ridiculously fast I can barely tell cached from downloaded as I scroll around. You can defiantly see the difference caching makes when running on 3G.

I've zoomed all the way in and everything and no 3d buildings showed up. I went to new york arlington and everywhere else. Am i doing something wrongm

Everything working perfectly on my bone stock DInc, including tilt, 3D, & compass mode. Great update!

It's working on my LG Optimus S with the exception of Memphis not being rendered fully in 3D. Downtown area is fine. I'm liking this phone more and more.

Works great. (Evo 4G, Kansas City) But wow, that 3D data is waaaaay outdated. By at least 4 years!

how do u get the max zoomed level cached like on the coderminus map that caches the full area onscreen to the desired zoom level?

gmap seems to cache only at the viewed zoom level so itd take too much time and effort to cache the max zoom level of entire nyc..

Surprisingly, 3rd buildings is working great on my Archos 101. Very fast. Not surprisingly, working great in the Incredible...

This is totally awesome on my EVO. To me, the 3D buildings is a novelty, but I really like the fast scrolling and the compass.

Well what can I say but this update is impressive and works perfectly on my still impressive, hard working, extremely reliable........DROID X!!!!!!!!!!