It sure is nice when the folks building your operating system also make some of the best applications around.  Proof -- Google Maps for Android's new updates.  Little things make for great software, and the Google maps app is chock full of them.  Today's update brings biking directions, a direct shortcut to turn by turn navigation in the app drawer, and the coolest new feature is destination sharing.  Enter your destination and you can now share the address with your friends via email or SMS, as well as popular social media sites like Facebook, Buzz or Twitter.  Open your market app and update maps to check out the new features.  Android 1.6+ only.  Sorry Cupcakers.  [via Google Mobile Blog]


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Google Maps for Android updated with biking directions, nav shortcut, sharing


Apparently, this update causes a lot of problems with Pinch to Zoom and of all things, Navigation. The latest comments are less than favorable.

Jerry - What ROM are you running with the precise battery percentage? 87%?

Cyanogen Mod gives the battery in percentage.

The framework files were edited to remove the statusbar clock.

I've got a HTC Desire and the new Navigation icon didnt appear until I restarted the phone.

Edit: Meant to reply to the comment below.

no differences just a short on incredible and that navigation shortcut did not appear in my drawer...but the google maps update is pretty sweet with bike routes avoiding tolls etc.....not sure where you can share your location from the map though to and email or facebook though....

I am also on the incredible and did not get a nav shortcut in my app drawer, but I am psyched for the bike routs.

nevermind - im a noob and figured it out....sharing a location looks like it will be extremely helpful - esp when im trying to tell my drunk friends to meet up with me at bars in the city haha!

Sounds like sharing your location might be useful if you're picking someone up at the airport and they need to find you.

I'm still waiting for an update where you can leave your own private notes on a location. I know there's plenty of apps out there for putting notes on a location that you've been (using the Google Maps GPS), but I haven't seen one that will let you put notes onto a Google Map where you haven't been yet. What if you're planning a trip or just want to remember where your buddy told you to find parking when you drive out to see him across the country?