Googleg Maps 4.3Google Maps 4.3

Hot on the heels of Google Voice opening up, here comes an update to Google Maps for Android. Version 4.3 brings the following improvements:

  • Location ratings: Service suck? You'll find out here. The atmosphere less than romantic? You'll know in advance.
  • Public transit schedules: Knowing how to get to the station is important. And now you can get there in time to catch a ride.
  • Latitude friends: You can more easily share your location, and friends are now suggested by Latitude.

Head on over to the Android Market and update your Google Maps now. [Google Mobile blog]


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Google Maps adds ratings, public transit schedules, Latitude improvements


Pardon my French, but this kicks ass. As soon as they flesh out Latitude a bit, it's bye-bye Foursquare and Yelp.

Noticed this the other day when searching for bars around my current location to watch the world cup at - pretty impressive!

The Latitude widget is broken on my Droid (running CyanogenMod 5.0.8), anyone else notice this on any ROM, same or different?

Since Navigation map can rotate so the direction I'm driving is always up. So why can't Maps do that? I wish they would fix that.

to all of those running froyo on the droid, found these instructions over at droid-life. You're gonna need a terminal emulator:

1. Open Terminal Emulator and type in the follow commands:

rm system/app/Maps.apk
cd system/bin
sh pm uninstall

2. After your phone reboots, open the market and download Google Maps.
3. If it fails the first time, just cancel the download and try again.
4. Done!

Hey Guju,,,,not sure how the emulator works,,,after each line do I hit enter???if ur supposed when I type in mountsys and then comes back "mountsys not found"maybe I'm doing something wrong?not sure how to use the emulator.......Thanks in advance....mike

Ok,,,thank you,,,but when I type in mountsys and enter I get "mountsys not found"is that what's supposed to happen?

instead of mountsys, try sysrw and instead of unmountsys, use sysro. pretty much what they do is make the system read/write or read only.

Well,,,I tried the "sysrw " and entered,, it said "sysrw:not found"I hate when thangs like this happens lol...I feel like such a pain to those who are trying to help..I often wonder why me? Lol....

I'm on Froyo,,,using clockwork as recovery is that what u wanted to know?Ima just learnin this stuff so bear with my

Works great on Droid with stock 2.1.

A little off topic - but what is that little Android bug on the far left in the notification area? Does anyone know

mine is still there. took few seconds for it to come up, but eventually did. I think google took it out of the "labs" and implemented as a permanent feature.

Is there anything wrong with the app after this update? I haven't upgraded my goose maps app at all since I got my incredible in April. just didn't want to deal with the issue some have stated.

When I was mucking around with it after the update, I found that you can finally avoid highways and tolls like the web site. Unlike the site, however, it seems that the app can only adjust the route after the route has been planned, not with the initial search.