Google Magazines UK

Users in the UK are beginning to see the first inkling of Google Play Magazines appear in Google Play on their devices. None are for sale just yet, but the fact that they are showing up (especially since many are UK specific versions) leads us to believe that it won't be too long before the people of Great Britain will be able to purchase them. 

The list of what has been seen so far runs the gamut of tastes and selection. While it is likely this is incomplete, here is what has been spotted so far --  

  • Official Xbox Magazine
  • PC Gamer (US and UK editions)
  • Cross Stitch Collections
  • Computer Music
  • Red UK
  • Total Film
  • Country Living
  • Elle Decoration
  • How It Works
  • Linux User
  • Tatler
  • Crochet Today
  • Papercraft Inspirations
  • ShortList
  • Autocar
  • Condé Nast Traveller
  • Mac Format
  • EDGE
  • Wired UK
  • Digital Photographer
  • Mini Magazine
  • X360

No word from Google on when we can expect all this to go live, and we are not about to guess. If you're in the UK and have been waiting to get your content and subscriptions onto your Android device, it looks like it is coming "soon". Hit the break for a few screenshots.

Thanks, Richard for the tip!


Reader comments

Google Magazines starts to work its way into Google Play in the UK


Except for the fact a lot of magazines on GPlay suck compared to other versions of the same magazines online elsewhere. Wired for example gives a very lackluster emag on Gplay and no one likes it, for some reason the format for the magazines suck and they don't care and will not fix even if everyone rates it 1 star and emails them to fix it, been like this since day 1. Hard to believe all these science/ tech magazines suck so bad in the play market and they don't even try to fix it.

Also the prices are higher for an emag compared to the real newsstand mag and you don't get access to the sites with a more expensive emag subscription, wtf up with that? A subscription that includes Ereading too doesn't recognize Google Play Magazines as an Ereader, EFFed up, but you can download it free from crap ios store, like to know why Play Magazines are not recognized

This is no bad thing, however to be honest I'm in the UK and would rather I could also purchase international or US editions of some magazines or purchase magazines not available in the UK.

If this isn't an option I'll stick with the Zinio app which gives me a wide range of choices wherever I am.

Nice awesome everything you want in a pdf magazine app, but, is that a Nexus 4, that is a f*kin terrible screen, the colors are awful!

It has to be the screen because the hand that it is holding phone and wood floor look natural and real.