Google IO

While you're winding down from your three-day weekend, kick your feet up and join us after the break as we re-watch the Android 2.2 keynote address from Google I/O, where Google first showed us the major features in Froyo. Then head back here for our breakdown of said features, and our own demos. Dunno about you, but it's even better watching in a second time.

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Adam Sawyer says:

Watched the first 1/5th... Good stuff in this video.

lopata says:

yeah, its better when you watch it more times :DD
nice humor there)

DroidFanTech says:

Wow very Nice Good Video..I watched it 3times lol.

Just watched it again.. its great! And funny as well :D

I loved this video. It made me look at my iPod Touch and think of how much better my HTC Evo 4G will be than it. I love the openness of Android. I can't wait to get the Evo this Friday..oh btw, I've never had time to even touch an android device. I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 right now and can't wait to get it out of my hands

fatboypup says:

that just kinda gives me a chubby

mmmtacos says:

I didn't understand, was the simplified media acquisition feature apart of Froyo or for a future update?
Thank you.

mikie_s says:

i really like how Google is striving to make the Android OS a very good platform and they're doing it fast, not waiting a year to make major updates.

Simer03 says:

oh crap.....what's the next greatest thing in Android that he was talking about at the end????????? and also, the music streaming thing he did from his computer to the Nexus, is that available now? or is that in the next update?

Saiyajin says:

I just watched this thing. I'm blown away at the potential of android! I also watched part of the keynote for RIM earlier this year too, and it's like the two presentations were actually 3 years apart. My s1 is running on low memory for the third time today. I can't wait to get my friggin Inc! Almost wish I hadn't watched this, cause it makes the wait that much harder... :mad:

homewmt says:

But I want to see the rest, what is the next step in android and where are they about to go next?

homewmt says:

But I want to see the rest, what is the next step in android and where are they about to go next?

Jeryl31 says:

this keynote is much more exciting than Apple's, love the demo's and stats of how Android is progressing