Over the past few months now, Google has been slowly rolling out new features to their Google Mobile search engine. The latest, called "Open now" allows users to search for places in their local area that are well -- open now based on their listed hours.

Be it a pizza shop, shopping center or whatever the case may be. No one likes to get ready and head out to a place only to find out they closed 15 minute before you got there. So using the open now feature while search will only show you places that are open in your local area that you may visit.

If you're looking for more information, Google will break it down further for you by distance, star ratings and you can also read reviews and see images of places especially if that place is a restaurant or hotel. Currently it's only enabled for the U.S. like most things we expect Google will roll it out to other areas over time. [Google Mobile Blog]


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Google introduces open now feature for Google Mobile search


While this is a very situational/specific feature that I won't use too terribly often, it certainly will be nice for the times that I do want it.

Specifically on my business trips.

Looks like Google "Open Now" needs some more work ... The first listing says "Closed Today" LOL.

And, all three of the choices on the screenshot are excellent! In fact, I'm sitting here trying to digest the giant slice from Oregano's that I had a couple hours ago!