Google Instant for Android

Google just announced that its Google Instant search is officially available for any device running Android 2.2. Just like on the desktop browser, you'll need to go to for this to work (and you'll need to tap the "turn on" link the first time to get it going). Then just start typing your search, and results will appear -- instantly -- below.

Of course, this would be a lot more useful on Android phones if it worked by pressing the search button -- how many of us actually go to on our phones? But we digress. Video of it in action is after the break. [Google]


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Google Instant officially on Android 2.2


If you have cyanogenmod: from main screen / menu / settings / cyanogenmod settings / user interface / status bar / check battery percentage.
you can also change the color of the text that displays the battery percentage.

I personally use Battery Percentage. I think it is $0.99 on the marketplace, but you get both a widget with the actual percentage and a notification icon with the percentage as well.

I mainly use Google from the browser. I hate that the Google widget on my homescreen always keeps history, forcing me to always have to go into my settings if I want to delete it. It's more of a hassle than a convenience.

Guy: huh? Hiding something? But I never look at porn.
Wife: I didn't mention porn.
Guy: oh.....(busted)

I can understand why they wouldn't implement Instant for the search widget/button when you're searching more than just the web, but it would be nice if they could enable Instant for widgets that only search the web.

Does anybody know how to get Google infant to work, I go to but it doesn't show me the link anywhere on the page to turn on

I had to go into the browser settings and clear all data, cookies ect. and it then gave me the option to enable it. And by the way, I go to from my phone MANY times a day.

Good call! That method got it to work for me, too. Erased my bookmarks, but with voice search, who cares? Voice search is a lot quicker going to a specific page than opening the browser and selecting the bookmark.

I access Google from the browser too. It's one icon, as opposed to a 1x4, plus if I ever need to go back to the page I was just at, I just open the browser again and there it is. If I need the voice search, I just hold the search button.