We're quickly learning that Google isn't playing around when it comes to Android--they fully expect Android to become the future pseudo-standard for all smartphones. And in order to become that relevant, Android is going to need more devices. At Google I/O, we have news that Google is expecting 18-20 NEW Android Phones to hit the market by the end of 2009. Yeah. Eighteen to Twenty Android Phones in 2009. Say it with us: oh. em. gee.

Sadly, Google expects more Android devices to hit in foreign (read: non US) countries first with US releases to lag behind the world. Why? Because US carriers seem to be a bit pickier when it comes to final firmware, customization, and the like. There wasn't any specific manufacturers named but man, 18 to 20 after months with only 1 Android Device? Simply A-Mazing.

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be what we expected it to be!

[via gizmodo]


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Google Expects 18-20 New Android Phones To Hit the Market By 2009


Come on Sprint! and don't make me sign up for an everything $99 plan when you come out with Android. I'm moving up from a Treo and want to just trade out my phone.

The U.S. carriers are like a cartel, they want to control exactly what devices the users have, and not allow people to get these smartphones without a data plan. Whereas in other countries, most people have prepaid plans and can jump from one carrier to another. Another example of unregulated industry taking advantage of the average consumer with monopolistic practices.

I'm looking forward to buying an unlocked universal GSM android phone through ebay or an importer once it's available.

"..devices to hit in foreign (read: non US) countries first.."

Yes, last I checked, that is indeed the definition of the word "foreign".

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