Google Drive

Today's update brings a new look and some powerful tools to Google Drive 

Google Drive has a big update in Google Play today, with two very cool features being added. The interface of the application has been redesigned, and now we see Google's new cards design at play, looking very much like a mashup of Google Now and Google+.

In addition, users can scan paper items like receipts or bills, and transfer them into pdf files to get stored in Drive, With the new OCR technology, you'll even be able to search through their contents. This should make things a bit easier to use Google Drive for things like expense reports, and the new sheets (spreadsheets) editing tools will make it easier to build that report.

There are also a few other small changes, like being able to download local copies to your Android device and use Google Cloud Print with any compatible printer. To get this one, just click the Google Play link above.

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Reader comments

Google Drive updated with card interface, OCR and document scanning and better sheets editing


Don't you just love Google

getting better and better month by month. Love the new "Card" view and this scanning feature

Worked great with me. EVO LTE running CM10.1.

Looks like I no longer need CamScanner. Good thing I got it when it was the free App of the Day at Amazon.

I hope something changes soon. I'm using Spring S3 with stock. I keep getting what looks like a blank page with copy marks on the far right side after scanning a document that's full of text.

I'll wait patiently.

Same here! Except Im using a GS3 (Tmo) running AOKP 4.2.2. Hope Mountain View as a quick fix for this. I can really use this feature!

I'm starting to think it's a Samsung/TouchWiz issue. When I "scan" it takes a picture but when my coworker scans (Verizon Galaxy Nexus) it seems to actually scan.

I'd use Drive more if it had a Photosphere viewer, so you aren't forced to sign up to G+ to easily share Photospheres.

If you want to take advantage of anything advanced in GoogleLand, just go with G+... personally I don't see what the big deal is with folks not doing it that already have gmail accounts.

I have an HTC Droid DNA and the Scan feature does not work. It takes a picture of the document that I am "scanning" and then it just sits there and does nothing. There are no drop down menus, no other buttons, nothing. Literally, my phone just sits there with the picture of the document on the screen. What gives?

I'm seeing exactly the same on a stock EVO 4G LTE. The image, a little blue button and.. nothing. I can back out of the the shot, but no new document is created.

Ditto HTC One X problem. Instead of the buttons shown in the Google documentation (check, re-do, +) I have a flash on/off and a big circle. When I tap the big circle the image freezes and the circle gets a ring around it. Tapping the circle again clears the ring, but nothing else happens.


Same thing here on my Droid DNA. I did a "Report an Issue" from within the App, so hopefully Google will be able to sort this out soon.

Am I the only one who sees this new OCR feature something that *could*, in conjunction with Keep, make people start thinking of Drive as a whole competition for Evernote. "Store notes in Keep, OCR'd documents in the main Drive!" If they add webclipping I don't think I'll be too surprised. After all, clipped webpages would be a great way to mine for info for ads.

The ocr really doesn't work on the phone at all.
It only gets OCRed after you sent it to Drive, and only if you select that option to convert all PDFs to Google internal format, and even then, you can only actually SEE the OCRed text by opening it for editing in the Google Doc app.

So its a lot less useful than it could be.

CamScanner has been consistently degrading their product to force you into their subscription service. It used to be fantastic quality, but now its pretty much just a snap shot embedded in a pdf.

Which device/ROM are you using? Sounds like lots of people are having issues.

It worked fine on my stock N4, except that the OCR doesn't appear to have worked. I tested it on a receipt and my business card.

OCR only works on the website. You can select an option to convert text from uploaded images and PDFs so that you can search PDFs by content.

But to actually get to the OCRed text, you have to edit a pdf in the Doc app on the website, after which you will see two entries for the document, 1) The pdf, and 2) the doc (which will have an embedded pdf image plus the OCR text).

I don't think you can do that step on the phone.

While I live Android and I haven't been "all-in" if you will with Google ecosystem. I have to say though, products like this are making it harder and harder to keep resisting. I use Dropbox, but with Google integration why continue to use that over Drive? I don't like my whole life being in one place. But. Resistance. Is. Futile.

With Dropbox, they at least pretend your document etc are secure, and not scanned and used to foist ads on you or anything else. With Drive, if you fill your drive with documents about new cars I guarantee you will starts seeing ads for new cars, and specific makes of cars.

The only people that won't deliver all your stuff to a Search Warrant or a national security letter is SpiderOak, because even they can't break their own encryption.

Other than that, Drive is getting very easy to use on all platforms.

I downloaded the update, and I'll try it when I get my next receipt that I need to track for tax deductions. I'm currently using CamScanner and uploading to Drive from that App.

The cropping is consistently too tight, leaving no margins on a scanned document, and the scan quality is abysmal.

I can't figure out how to get to the OCR'ed version of the file unless I open it in Google Docs.

I don't think I will be using this for much compared to CamScanner Pro, (but those guys are starting to price themselves out of the market with thier yearly subscription for what you used to get for free.)

I cannot see how to OCR business cards too. I expected just scan cards directly to contacts.

Yeah, this article was written for hits, not accuracy. You can't just say, "you can scan, it'll OCR and it will be searchable", when in fact you have to scan on the phone, log in to your google drive on a pc, find the file and open it in google docs, review the whole document and insert the text that it could not OCR, then edit the text that it OCR'd incorrectly. Then and only then can you search it on Drive.