Google brings All Access to South and Central America

Google has announced that it is expanding its All Access pass to South and Central America, giving select countries the ability to stream Google Play Music for a small monthly fee. In a Google+ blog post, Google says that All Access is now arriving in 9 new countries.

Residents of The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, and Uruguay will now have access to Google's subscription streaming music service.

Do you live in any of these countries? Is Google Play Music's All Access streaming something that you will subscribe to? Let us know.

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Google brings All Access to South and Central America


mimimi? I refer not only to Google Play Music, but everything related to technology. It seethes, the products do not arrive in Brazil and, when they arrive, arrive with abusive prices...

Netflix, Deezer, spotify and Amazon books is the same or less than the price of EUA, if you remove the all the taxes and dollar's quotations you can see that. I think you is talking about Apple and the price of hardware here not about all here

Off topic... But still disappointed with Google regarding 10 device limits. Probably have to jump ship.. Eventually... Ugh!

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Is Google making the statement that those areas can't afford more than 4 Google devices?

I hope not.

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Not live in the Dominican Republic yet... I think chromecast has a 3 month trial, might give it a shot.

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I live in Honduras, Central America. Google is late to the party, Spotify has been offering this service for some time, so I see no need to switch.

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