Google has just released its Q2 2014 earnings, where revenues hit $16 billion, up 22 percent from the year previous. Operating income was $4.26 billion, 27 percent of revenues, up from $3.47 billion the year earlier. Net income was $3.42 billion in the end, up just slightly from Q2 2013. Earnings Per Share (EPS) came in at $4.99, up from $4.77. This all compares to the previous quarter, where Google posted revenues of $15.4 billion and profit of $4.12 billion (27 percent of revenues).

Google sites generated $10.94 billion of the company's total revenues, a 23 percent increase over Q2 2013, while partner sites accounted for $3.42 billion of revenues. Paid clicks for ads increased 25 percent over the last year, and cost-per-click was down approximately 6 percent in the same period.

Google also announced along with earnings that the number of employees at the company has increased to 52,069 (48,584 in Google and 3,485 in Motorola Mobile), up pretty notably from 49,829 (46,170 in Google and 3,659 in Motorola Mobile) as of March 31st of this year.

There is also one big change in the executive team of Google, as Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora (who we often hear from on these earnings calls) will be leaving Google after 10 years with the company. Arora will be joining SoftBank as Vice Chairman of the company, as well as take the title of CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media. Omid Kordestani will be stepping in to take Arora's place "for now" according to the release.

We'll be bringing you all of the news from Google's earnings call, which begins at 1:30 p.m. PT / 4:30 p.m. ET.

Source: Google; +Larry Page


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Google announces its Q2 2014 earnings: $16 billion revenue leads to $4.26 billion income


Looks like the profits aren't rising as high as compared to last year. Specifically the points per click for Google. This won't be good in the long run.
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That depends. If the founders are even still involved at Google at all long after you die of course.

Posted via Android Central App

Everything dies. So will Google. So will Earth. So will the sun. So will me. So will you.

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Yeah not good at all for them.. They only own a whole wack of great new company's they spent a load buying them thats probably why and made 4.2 billion. Were not talking millions here guy
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If it wasn't for Samsung those profits for Google wouldn't exist. At the end of the day Samsung is Android period nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Yes, because Samsung did all the legwork for Google Search, you know, the thing Google was founded on and is best known for? What a delusional wackjob.

I'm having problems with downloaded music Andrew, the same albums seem to be downloading constantly, I've checked reviews on Google play, seems to be an issue for M8 users, I'm not sure if it's an Sd card issue or an all access problem.

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I've had around 20 abnormal resets on my phone in the last two weeks,) it's actually got so hot the HT from the HTC logo has melted from my device.

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Unlucky, try factory reset. But i dunno how ppls using their phones my never dropped in 2 months of use (no case), no single scratch, no lag, i dnt instaling shit apps...

Posted via HTC ONE M8 Gunmetal Gray

I wouldn't be happy either if I owned a C one (m8) it's hard to fanboy represent an anonymous phone

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