Google press event

Gee. I wonder what Google could possibly be announcing on the day we expect the Nexus One to officially become official. And right as CES begins, no less. It's gonna be a long week. [via Engadget]


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Google Android event set for Jan. 5


It's all been what you see here. Word of mouth. When did you ever see an ad for Gmail? They started out (as some say they will do for this phone) by slowly adding users through an invite system. That method never ceases to get people drooling for access as you can see from all of the Gmail, Gvoice, and Gwave invite threads of years past. Even better, this method attracts the enthusiasts, techies, and early adopters who are the ones who make the recommendations to their friends and families. If Google's goal is a slow but steady domination of the mobile ad market, it makes sense to follow the same overall strategy as they did with Mail and Voice and (to a lesser extent due to its early stages) Wave.

My prediction is this:

On January 5th Google announces their new phone and invites start trickling out, starting with registered developers.

Over the next 2-3 months there will be an ever increasing number of invites coming out that people will be able to use to get first dibs on the phone.

As the die hards all start to get hold of their phones and report any bugs or glitches, the phone will move into more general availability through T-Mobile. At that point anyone will be able to buy it through them.

Maybe by H2 of the year you will see CDMA and other variations on this current class of devices as we saw with the Magic, myTouch, Hero, Eris, etc. this year.

By year's end we will already be drooling over the next big thing on the way from whoever is smart enough to cash in on the booming smart phone market.

I don't work for Google or base this on anything but speculation and looking at the past releases by Google. When we are all waiting for something cool to come out there isn't much you can do but speculate and I guess vicariously let these companies know what we are looking for and expecting from them.

This is epic FAIL!!!!

After all the hype about Google trying to change the way things work in the Mobile world we hear tis news about $529.99. How many people can really afford to spend that much??

At $180 with 2-year activation how is this any different from any other phone with a contract?

Total FAIL!!!!

If this is true I have just lost a little bit of faith in Google. I thought Google was somehow different. Not so much....

does anyone know if this will have htc sense ui? I'm thinking that if that is included i will go for it

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