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Google proactively scanning apps uploaded to Google Play for tablet compatibility, provides feedback to developers in real-time

Google has added a new tablet optimization tips page to the developer console in order to provide feedback about apps and how they fare against the Tablet App Quality Checklist. When developers upload their apps, the Developer Console now runs a "series of checks to verify basic criteria" against the list, and displays the results in a new page. Android was built with application scalability in mind, meaning there is no need to build multiple apps designed for different device types, and instead use tools and assets designed for each under the umbrella of one app. It sounds great on paper, and works great when developers take the time to build out apps with this in mind.

Taking time is the key part. It's not easy to build mobile apps, especially ones that look good and take advantage of each device screen size and dimensions. Starting today, Google can help a little more by analyzing an app when it's uploaded, then placing some tips how it can be done "better" for tablets in the new optimization tips page.  

While this is one of those things most of us will never see, having it in place means better apps -- something we can all get behind.

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Google adds tablet optimization tips to Google Play Developer Console


good to see Google stepping up once again. thanks to Nexus 7 and 10 apps are getting tablet optimization

@Jerry Hildenbrand thanks for the post.

last time i saw there 32 apps in googleplay have malicious prob. Google must add scanning every apps while uploading their googleplay store not only compatibility (for tablet or so on)but also they should check hose out well if those have virus or malicious and so on............

Thanks in Advance

My hope is that Google prompts developers to push the screen resolutions to the Nexus 10's native settings. I know that Android 4.+ OS is scalable, but some apps tend to look better--and perform better--than others. I'm not a gamer, but I wonder if requiring tablet app developers to build their apps with Google's big tablet's CPU and GPU capabilities in mind, as many game developers must, would help my overall app experience?

They really should have pushed hard for this from day 1. Heck they aren't requiring anything so you might as well really push hard and provide whatever support tools are necessary. The iOS market for tablet apps is amazing and many of the apps are really well done. Android is really lacking in this area. I want more tablet apps for my Nexus!

Just tell all this to Swiftkey. Tapatalk finally announced they are combining their phone and tablet app into one. It makes me sick every time I see an app in the Play Store with a separate "HD" or "for Tablets" version.